1974 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Tiger

Year of the Wood Tiger

People born in the year of 1974 (Jan. 23, 1974 - Feb. 10, 1975) which is Jia Yin Year are members of the Wood Tiger. For those born before Jan. 23, 1974, they belong to the zodiac animal of Water Ox.

Personality and Horoscope for the Wood Tiger

Wood tigers like to cooperate with others and fulfill the common goal together. They can reach a consensus with others through integration and communication and cooperate together to achieve the goal, thus have good diplomacy skills. Wood tigers can correctly judge the truth of the matter but they often pay attention to the surface and lack the positivity of in-depth discussion. In this way, it is easy for them to bear the work beyond their ability due to the lack of understanding, which may lead to failures and setbacks. They'd better make good use of their diplomacy skills and gather the crowd to avoid failures.

Wood tigers are born to hate others' command, so they are not suitable for office work rather than starting a business. They are brave to fight against the strong but very sympathetic to the weak, and they will never stand by once they know others are in troubles. This personality of caring others is good, but it's easy for them to be deceived by others, so they need to be very careful. They'd better not provide guarantee for others to avoid troubles.

Wood tigers are a little bit opinionated, so they need to be more modest. Besides, they are realistic, snobbish, selfish and mean and they seldom admire others. Wood tigers are a little bit crude and rash but they are quite faithful to friends and very trustworthy, always keeping their words. Once they are determined to do something, they are rarely influenced by others. Wood tigers are quick learners and female wood tigers are very kind-hearted.

In terms of family, their parents always have poor health; the father's career often have setbacks, but no big troubles while the mother's mood is often bad. Therefore, wood tigers need to spend more time at home to accompany and comfort their parents.

Wood tigers' luck in wealth mostly lies in unexpected money and they often get help from the elder and wise women to pull through. They should not gamble rather than buying some durable value-preserving products with their money.

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