2023 Chinese Horoscope For ox

ox Horoscope
Lucky Number: 5,0
Lucky Color: Yellow, brown, white, gold, silver
In 2023, the overall fortune of the Ox will be fairly good. With the help of the auspicious star of "Tian Xiang", they will develop very well in all aspects, especially in terms of career.
2023 Horoscope for ox born in: 1961 1973 1985 1997


* The prediction is valid for 2023 (year of the Rabbit) starting from Jan.22, 2023 and lasting to Feb.9, 2024.

Rating: 4 stars
In 2023, the overall fortune of the Ox will be fairly good. With the help of the auspicious star of "Tian Xiang", they will develop very well in all aspects, especially in terms of career. In addition, under the favor of the auspicious star of "Wu Qu", the Ox can get good opportunities for personal development, and they will get more resources to make a fortune on the way to wealth. Although the Ox people have a generally good fortune in 2023, they should also pay attention to the influence of the ominous star of "Di Die". They should be steadfast in their duties and learn to be patient at work. In addition, they should also take care of health, maintain a healthy and open-minded attitude, and keep a healthy diet.


Rating: 4 stars
On the whole, people born under the animal sign of the Ox will have a good financial luck in 2023. With the help of the lucky star of "Wu Qu", they will lucky enough to make a fortune, especially for those who are engaged in sales, their performance in 2023 will be fairly good. In addition, for the Ox people who are engaged in business, they will be able to make a great fortune and their business will be prosperous in 2023. Not only can they meet many patrons and partners in the business field, but they will perform very well in their own business. Although their financial luck is pretty good, they should also pay attention to their financial standings, avoid excessive spending and make rational consumption plan. Otherwise, they will be very likely to go bankrupt. For female, better wear a Yellow Citrine Bracelet with Pi Xiu in 2023 to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. And for male, better wear a Tiger’s eye bracelet with Pi Xiu or hang a Tiger's eye Pixiu pendant in the car.


Rating: 4 stars
With the help of the auspicious star of "You Bi", those born under the zodiac sign of the Ox will be able to get the full support from their patrons in career. Their work will go smooth and they will achieve very good personal results. As such, they will get plenty of opportunities for promotion and salary increase. The Ox should take care to keep a good mentality in their career development in 2023 and be proactive to work, which will hep them get good career development. In addition, they should further their education and studies during the course of work and career development and make more improvements to gain new insights, which will push their career to a higher level. To improve the luck in career in 2023, better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Ox sign pendant.

Love Relationship

Rating: 4 stars
The Ox who are single will have a fairly good luck in love and relationship in 2023. Blessed with the lucky star of "Tan Lang”, their relationship will be stable and they will meet the right one. For the married Ox people, their relationship will still be very stable in 2023, and they can be very harmonious with their other half. They are suggested to wear a Rose Quartz bracelet with Ox sign to attract good love or solve love and marriage crisis. 


Rating: 3 stars
The health fortune of the Ox will be pretty good in 2023. However, they still need to take good care of their stomach and intestines, pay attention to the regulation of the diet, avoid eating too cold food, particularly the seafood. Otherwise, it will have a great adverse impact on their stomach and intestines. In addition, they should pay attention to some minor physical diseases as prevention is better than cure. In 2023, the Ox will be affected by the star of "Tian Xing". So, they should be cautious about their health. Especially when driving a vehicle away from home, they are supposed to maintain a good state of mind, never drive fatigued. Otherwise, they will be prone to accidents. They can wear a green agate bracelet with Ox sign to keep good healthy in 2023. If they often drive, they’d better hang a Tiger's eye Pixiu pendant for Good Luck and Safe Driving in 2023. 

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