2023 Chinese Horoscope For sheep

sheep Horoscope
Lucky Number: 2, 7
Lucky Color: Orange Red
In 2023, the fortune of the Sheep (or “the Goat”) will be more good than bad, and their fortune in all aspects will be pretty good.
2023 Horoscope for sheep born in: 1967 1979 1991


* The prediction is valid for 2023 (year of the Rabbit) starting from Jan.22, 2023 and lasting to Feb.9, 2024.
Rating: 4 stars
In 2023, the fortune of the Sheep (or “the Goat”) will be more good than bad, and their fortune in all aspects will be pretty good. The Sheep will get favor from their patrons in the workplace, and their career will be promoted to a higher level. Their luck in gaining wealth from the full-time jobs or businesses will be fairly good. In terms of relationship, the Sheep will not have a very good fortune in 2023, and they will be troubled with bad luck in unwanted affairs. If they don’t take precautions, they will be easily affected by the bad luck in unwanted affairs, and their fortune in all aspects will get worse. They will not only suffer from financial losses but also catastrophes. Their health will be very good, and they can often avoid disasters due to the shelter of the auspicious star of "Tian Tong". It’s better to wear a red agate San He bracelet for Sheep to ward off the evil spirit and bless the whole family with happiness and good luck in 2023.


Rating: 4 stars
The Sheep will have a very good financial fortune in 2023. With the shelter of the auspicious star of "Ju Men", they will have a very good financial luck. They will accumulate a lot of wealth, and make a lot of friends and partners in business transactions. However, they still need to remember to be down-to-earth and pay attention to the establishment of personal connections in business transactions. A good network of connections can often save them a lot of costs. In addition, they are also supposed to develop ideas, broaden their horizons and personal ability and they will have a better wealth luck. For female, better wear a Yellow Citrine Bracelet with Pi Xiu in 2023 to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. And for male, better wear a Tiger’s eye bracelet with Pi Xiu or hang a Tiger's eye Pixiu pendant in the car. 


Rating: 4 stars
The Sheep will also have a very good fortune in career development. With the help of the auspicious star of "You Bi", they will be promoted and supported by patrons in work and career, and their career development will make a giant leap with the help of patrons. They will be very confident and able to have more career opportunities. In 2023, if they want to achieve a greater breakthrough in career development, they must not only be practical and hardworking at work, but also be able to handle human connections well. To further improve their luck in career in 2023, better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Sheep sign

Love Relationship

Rating: 4 stars
The Sheep will not have a very good luck in love and relationship in 2023. Not only the Sheep will be less lucky in attracting the opposite sex, but also they will be easily affected by bad luck in getting involved in the unwanted affairs. As such, they should keep a low-profile and take more care when getting along with the opposite sex. For the married Sheep, they should pay more attention to the communication with their partners and give them more care. In addition, when getting along with each other, they need to be more tolerant of each other. If they want to have a stable relationship, they and their partners need to have a common goal and jointly manage their own relationship. They are suggested to wear an amethyst bracelet with Sheep sign to attract good love or solve love and marriage crisis in 2023. 


Rating: 4 stars
Generally speaking, the health fortune of the Sheep will be not bad in 2023. They will maintain a good health state. However, they should take care not to have too much work pressure in the daily lives. Too much work pressure will affect the health, and they need to take special care not to stay up too late. In addition, they should take special care when going out, and try to avoid going to the crowded streets for fun. Otherwise, it will be very likely to cause trouble. In addition, they should not go to places with bad luck or strong evil spirits, and they should not have physical conflicts with people because of some minor disputes. Otherwise, it will be very likely to cause some accidents and unexpected disasters. They can wear a green agate bracelet with Sheep sign to keep good healthy in 2023. If they often drive, they’d better hang a Brass Copper Gourd Car Rearview Car Mirror Hanging Ornament (for male) or Natural Mahogany Lotus Car Rearview Mirror Hanging Ornament (for female) for Good Luck and Safe Driving. 

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