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Chinese Lunar March: Dec 26, 2019 to Jan 24, 2020
The stagnant fortune will prevent you Tiger people from making progress at work. You will be marginalized by coworkers and challenged by strong opponents, for which you should look on coldly and observe carefully to figure out the evil-minded around and avoid being betrayed by a friend. Due to the damaged luck for wealth, you should be careful about money losses. In poor health, you should mind your heart and blood pressure and hide nothing from your physician.

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tiger Monthly Horoscope

Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

January (January 25th – February 22nd, 2020)
With good luck this month, you Tigers can work step by step in a neither conceited nor rash way and take a quiet approach to develop the career. Despite the favorable horoscope of wealth, you might be bothered by the messy financial problems and are not suggested to make any investment, or you will suffer losses. Also, take good care of your health and do not overlook health problems due to busy work. While working hard, you also need to pay more attention to your health, minimize staying up late, keep regular hours to improve physical fitness and be alert to any diseases.
February (February 23rd – March 23rd, 2020)
Blessed by the lucky stars, Tiger people can expect a good horoscope. Your career may seem to be prosperous yet ridden with crises. With the blessing of the lucky stars, however, you can save the day as long as you follow up the success. Besides, you might be bothered by some disputes, so try to avoid any dispute and do not involve yourself in it. In this month, you will have the best luck in love relationship throughout the year, so take the chance to start a relationship if you are single. For married Tigers, you should guard against an affair with someone, or you will stir up a fire and burn yourself.
March (March 24th – April 22nd, 2020)
This month's horoscope can be common. In terms of career, you need to play for safety, come down to earth and work prudently. No matter how heavy the workload is, you should bear it without complaint and complete the tasks perfectly. As long as you pay, you will gain. Affected by Yi Ma star in charge of people's fortune for travel, you may travel a lot and get blessed in business trip and travel, from which you can get a surprise. For the purpose of health, do alternate work with rest since you will be busy for work this month.
April (April 23rd – June 20th, 2020)
People of Tiger sign will see a fair horoscope this month. A down-to-earth, diligent and pragmatic attitude is suggested in career. If you want to change a job this month, just give mature consideration, otherwise you might as well maintain the status quo. Moreover, keep a low key, take a quiet approach and do not bring trouble on yourself. In view of the satisfactory horoscope for wealth, you can invest in venture capital appropriately and prudently and stop at the right time. The love aspect can be general and you need to communicate openly to avoid misunderstanding. As for health, you will be free from serious problems yet prone to minor illness, so accept medical treatment in time when you are sick.
May (June 21st – July 20th, 2020)
This month's horoscope can be better than last month for people born in the Tiger year. However, you may encounter many obstacles in career and need to be calm and down-to-earth, deliberate everything maturely and patiently and strive for steady progress. Even if you can't bear it anymore, don't change the profession rashly. With pretty good luck for wealth, you will get ideal income from both work and windfall, especially lottery. The love horoscope can be unstable and you should spend more time and efforts to maintain the relationship. The health aspect can be fair as long as you do more physical exercise.
June (July 21st – August 18, 2020)
Due to the inauspicious star in constellation, you will be in bad luck this month. Therefore, you should develop the cause carefully and enterprisingly to overcome difficulties in a smooth way. Also, keep a low profile and do not offend the vile, or you may make mistakes at work. The wealth aspect can be remarkably good this month, leading to the substantial income and financial resources. As a result, you can invest properly but remember not to be greedy. The health aspect will be also good. Keep an eye on gastrointestinal diseases, you will be fine.
July (August 19th – September 16th, 2020)
This month can be the worst for Tiger people. Be careful and prudent in career, and take a hands-on approach for everything to develop steadily. This month will not be a good time for business trip or outing. Drive as little as possible, and observe the traffic rules seriously. The health horoscope can be common. Pay attention to blood injury and keep a reasonable diet to prevent gastrointestinal diseases.
August (September 17th – October 16th, 2020)
The horoscope will go up this month. The problems in career can be solved readily. Also, this month can be a good time for travel, moving or business trip, as well as working outside and investing. The wealth horoscope can be satisfactory and beneficial to income from both work and windfall. Therefore, you may invest in business properly rather than gambling and speculating. With an ordinary luck in love, you should keep an eye on your lover's abnormal behavior and communicate openly. In terms of health, pay attention to dietary hygiene.
September (October 17th – November 16th, 2020)
Tiger's horoscope will go down this month. Plan carefully and develop diligently, your career will develop steadily. Keep a low profile at work to avoid jealousy. This month can be the good time for further study and examination and you can get supernormal results. With good luck for wealth, you will get handsome income from work in many ways and need to be careful in money management. In view of the poor horoscope for windfall, you are not suggested to make venture investment. Under the influence of the inauspicious star Liu Hai, you should guard against any health and emotional problems.
October (November 15th – December 14th, 2020)
Tiger people's horoscope can be common this month. You may encounter something unexpected in career and need to mull over carefully. The wealth aspect will decline to some extent: good luck for salary and bad luck for windfall, so do not borrow or invest in venture capital. The love horoscope will go better, and you need to spend more time with your lover to further stabilize the relationship. When it comes to health, guard against accidental injury, observe traffic rules, pay attention to dietary hygiene and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.
November (December 15th, 2020 – January 12, 2021)
The inauspicious star Zai Sha will lead to an average horoscope for Tigers. Do not be radical and hasty in career but take a quiet and hands-on approach for everything. Work hard without complaint and learn about the situation at any time to shoot the arrow at the target and solve practical problems accurately and quickly. In terms of wealth, you will be blessed in work income and get a handsome pay. However, the luck for windfall can be bad and you are not suggested to lend or make venture investment. As for health, protect yourself from any blood injury.
December (January 13, 2021 – February 11, 2021)
This month's horoscope will go better and better for people of Tiger sign. Though there can be many obstacles in career, you will be helped out by someone and work calmly and steadily to solve the difficulties and develop it smoothly. The favorable horoscope of wealth means you can invest appropriately. Due to the general luck for love relationship, you will be prone to trivial conflicts and need to spend more time and efforts to communicate patiently, be tolerant and understanding to each other.
January (February 5th – March 6th, 2019)
You Tigers due to Destruction of Tai Sui in 2019 will have poor luck. Affected by the inauspicious stars, you will be unlucky and face ambiguous prospect. A lot of obstacles and disputes will prevent you from carrying forward the work smoothly. Therefore, you need to meet the difficulties calmly, be worldly-wise, play safe and stay away from the villains. With damaged fortune, you'd better not look forward to income from work or windfall. In view of the average luck for health, you should beware of falling and hurting yourself. As for love relationship, you will be bothered about personal gains or losses in the tentative relationship.
February (March 7th – April 4th, 2019)
Complicated and changeable as the fortune is, you should be on your guard to prevent a terminal trough. Your work will be full of ups and downs rather than go smoothly; what's more, the interpersonal disputes will not be subsided! In the face of adversity, hold on and do not be dispirited and give up. Your luck for wealth will be slightly improved yet still unstable, so do not make a large investment. During the month, your intestines and stomach will be quite vulnerable, for which you should pay close attention to dietetic hygiene. Also, you will probably fall in for someone this month. 
March (April 5th – May 4th, 2019)
The stagnant fortune will prevent you Tiger people from making progress at work. You will be marginalized by coworkers and challenged by strong opponents, for which you should look on coldly and observe carefully to figure out the evil-minded around and avoid being betrayed by a friend. Due to the damaged luck for wealth, you should be careful about money losses. In poor health, you should mind your heart and blood pressure and hide nothing from your physician.
April (May 5th - June 2nd, 2019)
Every cloud has a silver lining - you will be blessed by the auspicious stars and all the bad luck will go away, so take the chance to work hard and strive for innovation. Your work will go well and the disputes will be subsided. Figure out your future direction and try to enrich yourself for future development and success. Quire blessed in luck for wealth, you will usher in the best time for major investment in the year. Also, you Tigers will be popular with the opposite sex and like a duck to water in love relationship.
May (June 3rd - July 2nd, 2019)
A declining trend will happen to your fortune. For the first half of the month, it will be barely satisfactory; since the middle of the month, however, it will get worse and worse. The work progress will be back and forth and the interpersonal disputes will come again! Try to stay out of disputes and avoid getting involved in arguments. Your luck for wealth will be plausible, so do not be greedy if you don't want to suffer great losses. Drink and smoke less this month, or you might be admitted to hospital. In terms of love relationship, gossips will affect your relationship and you are suggested not to readily believe in what others say.
June (July 3rd - July 31st, 2019)
Under great work pressure, you will be on the go yet make a futile effort! In the face of difficulties, play to the score and be flexible to stand still. In view of the bad luck for wealth, you'd better not gamble or invest! In addition, be careful not to be swindled and watch your personal safety while going out, especially when climbing. In the month, do not niggle at and blame your partner, or you will fall out of love.
July (August 1st – August 29th, 2019)
Every dog has his day - you will be quite lucky and welcome a bright prospect. Your career will progress smoothly and you will work with high proficiency, yielding twice the result with half the effort. Make a prompt decision and tightly catch the opportunity this month! Do not pause and ponder and let others gain an advantage. Quite blessed in wealth, you people under the Tiger sign will make plentiful money and should manage it properly to keep it from being embezzled by someone else. Despite the significantly improved health, you still need to keep an eye on dietetic hygiene and stay away from liquor, tobacco and fatty food. Also, you will enjoy a great popularity and live a colorful emotional life.
August (August 30th – September 28th, 2019)
Fairly blessed this month, you Tigers will work well yet get involved in many disputes and conflicts for which you should try to resolve. Otherwise, all your efforts will be fruitless. In addition, guard against being betrayed by someone around you and suffering losses. With an average luck for wealth, you should make ends meet to keep away from the possible economic hardship. In fair health, you still need to keep an open eye on hone safety, especially fire and theft.
September (September 29th – October 27th, 2019)
You should be mentally prepared for the extreme bad luck. At work, you will find being squeezed, constrained and burdened by disputes. Stay coolheaded and stick to your job to survive the adverse situation. During the month, you will spend more and save less, even break the pale, thus should be extra careful in money management. Your health will be far from satisfactory and you will be prone to injury, so make sure you are on the alert and keep an eye on traffic while going out.
October (October 28th – November 25th, 2019)
Despite the rise of fortune, you will encounter many obstacles in the middle of the month. The work will not progress smoothly and you will see ups and downs. Carry out the work step by step and never be anxious for success. Otherwise, you will suffer a crushing defeat. Due to the unstable luck for wealth, you'd better not make any invest and should manage the money matters more carefully. In average health, you should beware of falling sick from overwork. With a poor interpersonal relationship, you might be marginalized and isolated.
November (November 26th – December 25th, 2019)
The good fortune will befall you. All the obstacles at work will be eliminated and you will work with high proficiency. What's more, you will be guided and promoted by someone! This month will be the best time for investment or house purchasing in view of the better luck for wealth. However, your luck for windfall will decline, especially at the end of the month and you should stop timely. Deeply attached to each other, you will enjoy the greatly improved love relationship.
December (December 26th, 2019 – January 24th, 2020)
Your fortune will nosedive at the year end and you will face one after another trouble. A lot of obstacles and disputes will fall to your work. Take it calmly, stick to your job and do not make trouble. With a view to the bad luck for wealth, you are suggested to stay away from investment or gambling, and beware of being swindled. As for health, guard against heart or blood pressure problems. Besides, your love relationship will be vulnerable and someone may sow discord between you. 

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