Tiger Monthly Horoscope Prediction in 2017

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    Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

    Tiger 2017 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

    January (January 28th – February 25th, 2017)
    In January, the work of you Tiger people will go smoothly and you can get along well with leaders and colleagues and give full play to your advantages to impress your leadership and lay a foundation for the future promotion. In terms of making money, you will have an average luck because you worry a lot in starting a business or making investments, even miss the opportunity; if you invest boldly, the result may be not necessarily bad. Besides, you should focus on protecting intestines and stomach, have three meals every day on time and avoid overeating.

    February (February 26th – March 27th, 2017)
    You will easily make the mistake of having grandiose aims but puny abilities and turn a deaf ear to the warning from leaders and colleagues; also, you will offend the customer due to the improper words in communication and act rashly while working outside, thus cannot finish the tasks assigned by the superior very well. Because of the poor luck for wealth, you should never gamble in this month. You will quarrel more with your lover and have increasingly sharp family conflicts. Moreover, you may feel uncomfortable because of the great pressure and suffer from headache and insomnia, so you should go out to travel to relax.

    March (March 28th – April 25th, 2017)
    With a feeling of turnaround, you Tigers will see a favorable turn for the seemingly impossible tasks assigned by the leadership with your own efforts and the help of the benefactor and find a way out at the last moment. Therefore, you should never give up until the last moment for negotiation, contract signing or similar business. Your luck for wealth will still be poor and you'd better take a wait-and-see attitude and accumulate strength to act in the months with good luck. Physically, you should beware of the possible cardiovascular disease or skin disease, especially you senior citizens who should take more physical exercise.

    April (April 26th - May 25th, 2017)
    In April, you will work with due diligence and know your place despite the great pressure and possible business trip; you may even accomplish the unfamiliar work very well and impress your leadership deeply. Also, the hard work will improve your business ability, so this is a month during which you will make small achievements. Your luck in love relationship will be favorable: you singles may meet the right one and develop the relationship rapidly. In terms of health, you will be prone to diarrhea, gastritis or enteritis, which shall be prevented in advance and you should not eat improperly.

    May (May 26th - June 23rd, 2017)
    Some colleagues may disagree with your working style and even your leadership may feel improper; the subordinates or peers who have a bad relationship with you may criticize behind more or less, which will be very harmful to your development. However, your luck for wealth will be good and you may increase the investment and get unexpected result. At the same time, your luck with the opposite sex will be improved slightly and you singles may participate in more social activities to start a relationship. From the aspect of health, you need to notice the possible hypertension or diabetes.

    June (June 24th - July 22nd, 2017)
    You will have hidden troubles in this month and your little mistakes may be used by the villain who will catch you tripping to hit you in front of the leadership and make you in a dilemma. Due to the bad luck for wealth, you will have great risk in investment and you should increase income and reduce expenditure in advance to avoid the tight capital chain. Meanwhile, you will have an unstable love relationship and make or break up in the whole month; in particular, you young lovers without a solid emotional foundation will be more dangerous. From the perspective of health, you may hurt your liver or spleen due to improper diet or overdrinking, so you should be careful.

    Leap 6th Month and July (July 23rd – September 19th, 2017)
    Comparing with the last month, your luck for career will get better and you can make corresponding adjustment according to your personal condition in face of the sudden pressure; your relationship with the boss will be eased, especially you females who will be obviously promoted. Your luck for wealth will also get better and you can show your capability in investment boldly but may also suffer unexpected personal financial losses because of the great expenditure from family or the friends and relatives' borrowing. Physically, you should protect your ankle and elbow joints and take safety measures and warming up before doing exercise.

    August (September 20th – October 19th, 2017)
    Your work will go smoothly in this month and you can get along well with both colleagues and leaders and maintain a good relationship with customers. Although the work will be hard, the efforts will not be in vain and you will impress the leadership because of your excellent professional skills. Your luck for wealth will be good and you may have windfall in the second half of the month. Meanwhile, you will have good luck with the opposite sex: if you already have someone you love, you can pursue boldly and create a romantic environment to confess, from which you will yield twice the result with half the effort; you already in love should beware of the unfavorable opposite-sex friend and keep a proper distance.

    September (October 20th – November 17th, 2017)
    All your luck will decline in this month and you will be more likely to take a business trip and have many obstacles and various problems inside and outside, making you annoying. Also, the villain will eye covetously, for whom you will give a handle once you are careless. Your luck for wealth will be poor and you may suffer serious personal financial losses. If you run a business with others, you should keep the accounts clear to avoid unnecessary disputes. When it comes to health, you should exercise more if you have cardiovascular disease or neurasthenia and go on a long journey with the relatives.

    October (November 18th – December 17th, 2017)
    You may encounter many unforeseen circumstances at work and have to change the planned things or the terms negotiated with the customer for several reasons, which will delay the work process. Also, you will have unfavorable luck for wealth and may suffer a capital shortage in the first half of the month or a sudden withdrawal of partner for unknown reason. At the same time, you cannot get along with the family harmoniously and the conflict will be increasingly sharp. You married may suffer a scandal of office romance and you should keep in mind that harmony brings wealth and put the interests of the whole above everything else.

    November (December 18th, 2017 – January 16th, 2018)
    The Tiger people will be troubled by trivial things at work and encounter many obstacles in solving the seemingly simple things in this month; also, it will be improper to cut the knot, so you will feel tedious. However, this will be a challenge which may improve your ability of analyzing and solving problems and attract your boss's secret attention. If you want to get promotion or salary raise, you need to overcome it and then everything will be just fine. Fortunately, your luck in love relationship will be good and you may hurry up to start a relationship if you already have a crush on someone. In addition, you should go to a doctor timely once in high fever and you females should prevent the gynecological diseases.

    December (January 17th, 2018 – February 15th, 2018)
    This month will be good for you Tigers to do good deeds and you may choose an auspicious day to worship Buddha to pray for the divine protection, from which you will yield twice the result with half the effort. In terms of career, you will be under great pressure and have to solve the backlogs in this month, thus feel quite difficult. Everything will go well with your love relationship and you should pay attention to the possible nervous system and urinary system diseases, and eat less meat and more vegetables to reduce the burden of intestines and stomach.
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