Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Tiger

Tiger's Best and Worst Match

Best Match: Horse, Dog, Pig
Worst Match: Snake, Monkey
In terms of the relationship with the people under other animal signs, the people born in the year of the Tiger can be harmonious with the people born in the year of the Pig, Dog, Horse, Rabbit, Sheep, Rooster and the Tiger itself. The honest and nice Pig can usually help the Tiger to avoid doing things rashly and make the Tiger feel safe. The practical Dog can be good partner with the Tiger and is very loyal to him. What's more, they can not only restrain the Tiger, but also make them rational. The people born in the year of the Horse are active as the Tiger, but usually can forebode the danger much faster than the Tiger. So, the Tiger can benefit from the Horse from it.
However, the Tiger should never challenge to the Ox people, for the Ox would not tolerant the misbehavior of the Tiger and may destroy him. The Tiger is not compatible with the Snake as well. As the Snake is gentle, timid and calm while the Tiger is arrogant, it is difficult for them to live harmoniously. Another person that the Tiger couldn't be friend with is the Monkey. As the smart Monkey likes to laugh at the Tiger endlessly and the Tiger only knows to be angry as a result of being fooled.

Male Tiger's Relationship Compatibility

For Male Tiger Match Score Note
Male Tiger + Female Rat 80 You can be a good match, but the female rat must stand the male tiger's bad temper.
Male Tiger + Female Ox 60 You are a couple lacking synergy. There are many contradictions in your personalities.
Male Tiger + Female Tiger 60 You have many innate common points. Thus, you will be unwilling to make concessions to the other on anything in your life.
Male Tiger + Female Rabbit 60 Your combination needs great effort from both sides. Luckily, although you sometimes have conflicts, you could understand each other.
Male Tiger + Female Dragon 65 You have to make great effort to be a happy couple. Your initial contact is always full of warmth and romance.
Male Tiger + Female Snake 30 You are unwilling to open your hearts to each other. Both of you are calculating, so you always like to reckon the other party's thoughts.
Male Tiger + Female Horse 90 Both of you are open-minded, enthusiastic and good at communication, which makes you a happy and vigorous combination.
Male Tiger + Female Sheep 65 In general, you are a couple with different personalities. But if you can be tolerant, understand and accept each other, you can step on the red carpet happily.
Male Tiger + Female Monkey 20 You two are living in a different world. Though you are both kind, friendly, open-minded and easy-going, you don't have common values.
Male Tiger + Female Rooster 60 Your combination is average. You are a couple that has your own pursuits and goals.
Male Tiger + Female Dog 90 You are a couple with a close and loving relationship. Both of you are gentle, amiable and kind, and you know to think more and to leave enough free space for the other party.
Male Tiger + Female Pig 85 You are a couple that can often encourage each other and have a long and happy life together.

Female Tiger's Relationship Compatibility

For Female Tiger Match Score Note
Female Tiger + Male Rat 75 You are both enthusiastic, versatile and have much in common.
Female Tiger + Male Ox 60 You have little in common. You may come together because of novelty.
Female Tiger + Male Tiger 60 You have many innate common points. Thus, you will be unwilling to make concessions to the other on anything in your life.
Female Tiger + Male Rabbit 60 You are a good match if you are with brother and sister relationship. While, if you are lovers, you usually are out of step with each other.
Female Tiger + Male Dragon 70 You can be a couple of mutual stimulation if you know to leave each other enough freedom and to communicate with each other deeply.
Female Tiger + Male Snake 30 It's hard for you to get along with each other, since both of you are impulsive, jealous and demanding.
Female Tiger + Male Horse 90 You are a couple that has much in common and can interact with each other.
Female Tiger + Male Sheep 65 You are not the perfect match but can be suited to each other.
Female Tiger + Male Monkey 30 It's hard for you to live a happy marriage life, since both of you are calculating, self-centered and have strong desire for leadership.
Female Tiger + Male Rooster 60 Your life will be full of happiness, difficulties, contradictions and quarrels due to your distinctive personalities.
Female Tiger + Male Dog 90 You are truly a match made by heaven. Both of you are innate idealists, kind, optimistic and warm-hearted.
Female Tiger + Male Pig 90 Based on a solid emotional foundation and common objectives, you are a couple that knows how to attract and please each other.

Best Matches Based on Tiger's Birth Month

Following are best matches for the Tiger people born in different months. For example, if you were born in March and you are a boy, then your best match zodiac sign is the Dog.
Birth Month of the Tiger Personality of the Tiger Girl's Match Boy's Match
Jan. honest and upright Rabbit Dragon
Feb. efficiency-minded Snake Rat
Mar. compassionate; sympathetic Rabbit Dog
Apr. independent Dog Snake
May. graceful with temperamental qualities Ox Snake
Jun. blind Tiger Pig
Jul. energetic Snake Ox
Aug. independent Rabbit Ox
Sep. particular about manners Rat Snake
Oct. lucky Monkey Rabbit
Nov. extroverted Tiger Rat
Dec. confident Ribbit Monkey

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