Tiger in Love

The unyielding and independent Tiger people are natural optimists who are generous in dealing with people and things, and wise, a little bossy and possessive in love relationship. 
In the eyes of Tiger people, career is more important than love and they would lean to career if they must make a choice between the two. 
Dapper in appearance, people born in the year of the Tiger are typical face judgers and they overemphasize the look of their lovers. Many times, it is such an impulse that makes them lose the loved ones in heart. 
People of Tiger sign are actually simple and love the innocent children and warm living space - this is the most authentic description of them. Once in love, they will show the passion as intense as fire. The casual Tigers would show their love in the most straightforward manner. 
Love needs to be cultivated with dedication and time. Even if two people love each other, they can go farther and farther if the Tiger ignore love because of work.
The 3-minute passion should be avoided for Tigers in love. The tender feeling following the passion is the plainest happiness.
How to make a Tiger love you more? Since Tigers enjoy the feeling of being admired in the crowd, you have to be outstanding at work and rock-solid financially, and possess the capital to stand out in society. If you share the same career goals or interests, you will be more likely to get into his/her heart. 

Tiger Man in Love

The overbearing Tiger men are passionate and impulsive in love relationship and love can go to their heads easily. They know clearly what to love and what to hate and can bring the most intense love to their sweethearts. Seemingly careless and unreliable, male Tigers are bold, vigorous and caring in marriage. They are considerate in all matters, whether important or trivial, and almost take their partners as the center of their life - all they think is about their loved ones. → Male Tiger's Attitude Towards Love   

Tiger Woman in Love

Tiger women value freedom, lack of confidence and wish to get the return equal to the pay. Unconfident in love, female Tigers need to be encouraged and responded in love. Only in this way can they move on. If you keeps evading and refuses to pay for your girlfriend under the Tiger sign, she may break up with you. → Female Tiger's Attitude Towards Love

How to Know a Tiger is in Love with You?

What will Tiger people do when they fall in love with someone? How to find out if a Tiger man or woman have a crush on you? If you’re a Tiger person has the following signs, he/she must have a crush on you. Otherwise, as Tiger sign is most incapable of expressing love, he/she will not do these seemingly boring yet romantic things. → How to Know a Tiger is in Love with You?

Tiger Love Compatibility

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