Personality Traits of Tiger


1. Manly, passionate, brave, with unusual spirit of adventure, love to take challenges;
2. Ambitious, energetic, optimistic, and dare to blaze new trails, think and act;
3. Trustworthy and never break promise;
4. Philanthropic, righteous, open and upright, and easy to be trusted by others;
5. Dignified and confident, born to be a leader;
6. Resolute, uncompromising, and never give up until achieve the goal.


1. Stubborn, arbitrary, like to flaunt superiority and play hard to reach the goal;
2. Quite rebellious, overconfident, poor coordination and communicate with others, like to come and go freely and tend to be extreme;
3. Lack of romantic sentiment and happy family life;
4. Many friends but no intimate friendship;
5. Arrogant, immodest and tend to be opinionated;
6. Careless, emotional and readily believe others.

Male and Female Tigers Personality

Male Tiger Personality: Male Tigers are usually serious, careful, prudent, optimistic, aggressive and adventurous. They feature good tastes, refined speech and manner and like to make friends. Sometimes, men under the Tiger sign can be dictatorial, prone to suspicion and irresolute, thus often make hasty decisions.

Female Tiger Personality: Female Tigers are charming, articulate, free, open and trendy and they often feel upset for lack of beautiful clothes.However, they often persist their old ways and they are careless, rebellious, emotional and credulous.

Tiger People's Personality by Five Elements

The Tiger people of different elements have different personalities. Click the following links to get personalities for five types of Tigers.
Wood Tiger: 1974 (Jan. 23, 1974 - Feb. 10, 1975)
Water Tiger: 1962 (Feb. 05, 1962 - Jan. 24, 1963)
Metal Tiger: 1950 (Feb. 17, 1950 - Feb. 05, 1951) and 2010 (Feb. 14, 2010 - Feb. 02, 2011)
Earth Tiger: 1938 (Jan. 31, 1938 - Feb. 18, 1939) or 1998 (Jan. 28, 1998 - Feb. 15, 1999)
Fire Tiger: 1926 (Feb. 13, 1926 - Feb. 01, 1927) or 1986 (Feb. 09, 1986 - Jan. 28, 1987)

Tiger People's Personality by Blood Types

Tiger People Born in Different Periods of a Day

The tiger people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune:

The tiger people born in the morning are ambitious. Although appears to be as tame as the cat and easy to be get along with, they are in fact on watch for others silently at times and wait for the coming of the chance to play up their accomplishments. Those kinds of tiger people are easy to be successful in their youth. However, because of the great ambition and an exaggerated idea of their own importance, there will be ups and downs in fortune. Also, due to these, friends and colleagues will keep away from them. So, they should try to change these weaknesses or they couldn’t get help from others and success for long.
For the tiger born at noon, they are most blessed. They have no backbone and are depressed. You can see most of them are honest staffs living uneventful lives. But this is not a bad thing for them as they can live with serenity for a lifetime. The female tigers are always good-tempered and have a strong sense of self-reliance. They develop their talents well and can get great achievement in work. At the same time, they are good and great mothers.
The tiger people born in the evening usually succeed late in life as the good luck favor them late. Their childhood is full of sufferings. From the middle age, the situation will turn to be better. No matter tiger men or women, they love the power and like to handle others. Besides, they are fond of busy in work thus can making great achievements in career. The male tiger like to live without restraint, so they seldom stay at home. Because of this, they’d better find a family spouse to live harmoniously.

Detailed Character Analysis of Tigers

Tiger inhabits in the wilderness and it is highly vigorous, bold and powerful. At ordinary times, it is leisurely but once finds a prey, it will pounce on quietly; with a pair of sharp eyes, the tiger looks at the world disdainfully. The body, posture and action of tiger show that it is a symbol of power. Therefore, people in the Tiger year have the same personality: they work prudently like a walking tiger and move vigorously. Once they say something, they will never go back on the words and never give up until reach the goal. This kind of people are loyal to friends and sometimes hold on to their own views because of personal loyalty, thus not flexible. When they have setbacks in career, they will make efforts to overcome rather than complaining.
Tiger people are short-tempered and impulsive. They hate rules except those made by themselves. Perhaps you often encounter Tiger people who have changed jobs many times because they don't like to stay still or be restricted by external forces.
With a strong sense of justice, Tiger people badly hate beating around the bush but sometimes people have to cater to the worldly wisdom in order to live a smooth and safe life. However, they can't do this even if the other is their boss, and they will criticize boldly once find the other is wrong.
Tigers don't care a lot about money. Although they want to have enough, even a lot of money, they will not completely submit to making money.
Tiger people try to be honest but sometimes are forced to make a small mistake by the surrounding. They can't stand the authority or any unfair laws; they hate injustice and desperately defend their ideas.
Also, they want to be in high position and power but many of them fail to find the suitable important positions at the age of 50 due to their restless and changeable nature.
People under the Tiger sign stick to their career tenaciously and will not shrink back no matter what difficulties they meet.
With a strong personality, they tend to be extreme. For example, when you come together to chat or play, they often stand by to watch but when everyone is quiet, they start to move. This kind of personality makes them quite attractive in the crowd.
Being strong-willed, Tiger people never break promise, thus suffer setbacks inevitably; besides, they have inborn dignity and strong confidence. However, they tend to excessively trust their ability and cannot cooperate with others, hence very self-dependent and exclusive; once they are determined, they will spare no expense to reach their goals and try to express their own ideas to superior or elder, even with violence despite the resistance. That is to say, they play hard to reach the goal. Sometimes, they make a decision without any preparation, thus very autocratic.
Tiger people have a strong leadership desire and they are bold and unconstrained, always the spotlight in the crowd. They may become a political or economic leader or the leader of a particular group, but they are not suitable for civil servant or the work requiring coordination and unable to play to their strengths. Tigers are open and trustworthy and they may become a leader, also make enemies.
In terms of life fortune, Tiger people will experience ups and downs: they may achieve success in youth and attract jealousy and hit; because of their complacency, they often suffer a setback or failure. Therefore, they should guard against arrogance and play safe to remain invincible.

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