1962 Chinese Zodiac – Water Tiger

Year of the Water Tiger

People born in the year of 1962 (Feb. 05, 1962 - Jan. 24, 1963) which is Ren Yin Year are members of the Water Tiger. For those born before Feb. 05, 1962, they belong to the zodiac animal of Metal Ox.

Personality and Horoscope for the Water Tiger

Water tigers are quite confident about their ability and they can always go all out step by step in the face of any challenge rather than out of mind because of some trifles or mood. Being calm and careful, water tigers pay attention to humanity and they dislike the rigid and dogmatic procedure. They can always seize the current general ideas and the future popular trend. Also, water tigers are willing to adopt new ideas and techniques and they judge things clearly, rarely making mistakes. However, they need to look out for their indecision; otherwise, they will waste time and energy and delay the original plan. They should make good use of their judgment and not be too timid for the determined things to avoid losing the opportunity.

Water tigers are quick learners who love novelty, especially crafts and arts, and they can master them well. With strong self-esteem, water tigers persist their old ways and they are self-righteous and inordinately proud of their ability. Therefore, it's difficult for them to accept the opinions of others, which is the main reason for their failure. But they seldom fail, making others jealous.

In career, the water tigers have both good and bad luck in the lifetime. If they can get help from their friends or partners, they will have a new prospect. However, they need to be mindful that don't trust others easily, be especially careful in handling things and preserve some strength in advance. They should try to be thoughtful for the emergencies, so that their plan can be executed successfully. As long as they are willing to make efforts, they will get the due rewards.

In addition, water tigers should attach great importance to the love they owned, or they will lose the important lover. When dating with the lover, they should talk more about the topics both of them interested in. The married water tigers should pay attention to the dispute between the couple and try their best to solve the problems coordinately for family harmony and happiness.

Water tigers have favorable luck in wealth and they may have unexpected wealth and good part-time job opportunities in the whole life. So, they can try to make a few small investments which will bring gains to them.

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