Careers for Tiger

With the same courage and insight as Tigers, people under the Tiger sign are bold, broad-minded and noble, boasting the irresistibly passion and tenacity. They work impressively and always act like a leader. With many followers, Tigers are also appreciated by the elders. Males under the Tiger sign are outwardly firm but inwardly yielding and feature a sense of justice, while females are outwardly yielding but inwardly firm and talented. They tend to be the lucky dogs who overcome difficulties easily to achieve success and possess the excellent organizing ability. Whether in finance, economics, politics, culture, art and other fields, Tigers always take the top spot and cut a conspicuous figure. Suitable jobs for Tiger people include company director, general and leader.
Suitable Jobs for Tiger: leaders, company managers, adventurers, politicians, policemen, revolutionist, authors, fashion designers, factory directors, schoolmasters, journalists, actors, generals, economists etc. 
Work Partners for Tiger
→ Best Working Partners: Horse, Dog and Pig
→ Good Working Partners: Rabbit and Dragon
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Rat and Pig, Snake and Horse
→ Bad Working Partners: Monkey and Snake
Best Age to Start a Business for Tiger:Age 35 – 50
Best Career Field for Tiger: Political Career
Best Business to Do: Outdoor Sporting Goods Shop, Sports Equipment Store
Best Direction for Career: Southeast, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, East  

Tigers Are Born Leaders and Managers

Born to be a leader and manager, Tigers have a strong desire to lead and want others to follow them. Bold and unconstrained, they are always the focus of a group and make others in awe of them, as if they were the real tigers! People born in the Tiger years observe and live the philosophy of ''striving to be better'', try their best to do everything and never admit defeat. They believe that, as long as they go all out, they would achieve remarkable results. Even if they suffer a defeat or setback, they will take it as a sort of life experience and valuable lesson. They may step back temporarily to go further and longer. Therefore, you can learn a lot from them while working together. Generally speaking, Tiger people do not take making money as the ultimate goal of work; instead, they take work as a part of life. Such people are perfect managers with influence and leadership. 

Best Field for Tiger:Political Career

For Tiger people, no career is better than official career. Since they like to play on words, they will find it hard to get around in business and art circles, yet can be like a duck to water and play to their strengths in political circles. Though the political career is full of ups and downs, they find pleasure in it and take politics as an interesting game; as a player of the game, they wish to win yet accept the defeat. In a word, Tigers will show all their talents and live a happy life once they take the political career.

Best Business for Tiger: Outdoor Sporting Goods Shop

Unwilling to lag behind, Tiger people do their best while starting a business. They are born with a fighting spirit and ardently love the outdoors. Running an outdoors shop is a good choice, as they can meet the needs of their own and customers in communication and place their interest in the career.

Unsuitable Work for Tiger

Civil servant and other jobs which require coordination are not suitable for Tiger people as they cannot develop their strengths. In addition, they are not suitable for working in a rut every day.

Career Advice

1. Suspicious and irresolute by nature, people under the Tiger sign seldom trust others and often make hasty decisions. Since suspicion is the key factor which prevents Tigers from becoming a successful leader, it shall be hit off by managers under the Tiger sign.
2. Tigers are usually hot-tempered and should control the temper, or it will ruin them.

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