Chinese Names for Tiger Year People/Babies

Characters Auspicious for People of Tiger Zodiac Sign

1. 山、岑、岱、峰、峻、峭、峄、岳、峦、木、朵、林、柏、柳、柱、桃、根、栩、株、梁、梭、栋、森、楠、概、荣    
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''山'' (meaning: Mountain) and ''林'' (meaning: Forest) are good to be used in name because the Tiger generally inhabits in the forest and is regarded as ''the King of Forest''. The characters with the above radicals can give their potential into full play.

2. 王、玉、珏、玲、珍、佩、琳、瑶、莹、瑾、璋、璇、环、瑷、大、夫、太、天、群
It’s auspicious to see Chinese characters with the radicals of ''王'', ''君'', ''令'' and ''大'' (which are related to king) because the Tiger is regarded as ''the King of Forest'' and always issues orders. The characters with the above radicals indicate the coming to power and authority.

3. 月、有、青、朋、朗、望、胜、必、志、念、忠、怡、恬、恒、意、愉、愫、慕、慧、忆、怀。
It’s good to use Chinese characters with the radicals of ''肉'', ''月'' and ''心'' (which are related to meat) because the Tiger is a carnivorous animal; the characters with the above radicals indicate plentiful food and rich inner world.

4. 马、冯、骏、腾、威、成、盛、状、城、猛
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''马'', ''午'' (which are related to Horse) and ''戌'', ''犬'' (which are related Dog) are suggested to use because ''寅'', ''午'' and ''戌” which are the earthly branches of Tiger, Horse and Dog respectively are compatible with each other. The characters with the above radicals in name will make you be lucky to usually get help from others.

5. Based on Bazi, the Rabbit and Dragon form an auspicious three seasonal relationship with the Tiger. That means, when the Tiger meet the Rabbit or Dragon, it would be a great help to them. So, in name it’s good to use characters with the radicals of ''卯'' (the earthly branch of Rabbit) or ''辰'' (the earthly branch of Dragon) such as ''卿'', ''宸'' etc.

6. 然、炎、炳、炫、烈、烽、焕、炽、杰、波、海、洋、凝、 净、凛
In Chinese five elements, the Tiger sign belongs to wood element and therefore it will be auspicious if the name contains radials that belong to fire (''火''、''灬'') or water (''水''、''氵''、''冫'') element as it results in generating energy. These kinds of characters indicate riches and honor in name.

7. 表、衫、衽、裴、彤、形、彦、杉、彩、彰、彭、影、巾、布、希、席、常、帜、沛、采、紫
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''衣'', ''系'', ''巾'' and ''采'' (which are related to gorgeous) can make the Tiger more mighty and pretty, thus are good to be selected.

Characters Inauspicious for People of Tiger Zodiac Sign

1. 巡、迅、造、速、进、远、迁、选、还、邦、那、邱、刑、邰、郎、郑、廷、建、川、仁、虹、蜜、蝶、融、萤、尤、尼、屯
Chinese characters with the radical related to the meaning of Snake including ''辶'', ''一'', ''丨'', ''邑'',''虫'',''廴'' should be avoided in name because Tiger and Snake are in punishment relationship of each other.

2. 人、介、今、仙、仲、任、伊、伯、余、佩、佰、来、保、俊、信、侠、俞、倍、倪、伦、倩、修、健、伟、杰、傅、侨、俭、侬、仪、亿、德
It’s a taboo to use Chinese characters with the radicals of ''人'', ''亻''or ''彳'' (meaning: human) because the Tiger doesn't like being controlled or injured by the human.

3. 闪、间、闲、闽、闰、阅
Chinese characters with the radical of ''门'' (meaning: Door) is not good to be used because the confined tiger cannot show the power.

4. 日、晶、旦、旭、昆、旺、星、昀、昭、春、昶、晨、普、景、晴、智、暖、晖、替、勖、曾、勋
Tiger doesn’t like sunshine but like to live in caves or stay under the tree. Therefore, the characters with the radical of ''日'' or ''光'' should be avoided in name.

5. 小、少、尖、亚、士、臣
The big tiger is powerful while the little tiger will be regarded as the sick cat. So, it’s better to be big than small for the tiger. Chinese characters with the radical of ''小'' (meaning: little or small) or characters with the meaning of small are not auspicious in name.

6. 虎、彪、虚、虔
As an old Chinese saying goes, two tigers couldn’t be lived together in the same mountain. So, the people born in the Tiger year should avoid using character ''虎'' or characters with the radical of ''虍''.

7. 申、绪、坤、伸、砷、袁、侯、远、媛
It’s not good to see radicals like ''申'' (the earthly branch of Monkey), ''袁'', or the phonogram of ''猴'' (Monkey)as the Tiger and Monkey clashes with each other seriously.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Surnames

It would be preferable to select the following surnames for the people born in the Tiger year.
马、冯、许、丁、成、武、盛、狄、游、潘、萧、康、沉、郑、翁、姚、梁、郭、李、孟、洪、汪、江 and etc.

It would not be good to choose the following surnames:
袁、侯、申、张、连、毛、徐、倪、佟、章、杨、熊、石、田、谷、黄、苗、顾、庞、龙、龚、农、钮、金 and etc.

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Lucky Given Names for Male and Female Born in the Year of the Tiger

Auspicious Two-Words Given Names:
For Male: 胜杰、骏朗、林森、恒斌、栋梁、望胜、希腾、炎峰、洪波、希杰
For Female: 珍瑶、采璇、玉环、佩玲、慧荣、琳玲、美莹、慧凝、恬月、恒丽、妍希

Auspicious One-Word Given Names:
For Male: 杰、骏、威、成、林、恒、斌、梁、胜、腾、猛、峰、洪、波、楠、然、炎、
For Female: 彤、采、珍、瑶、璇、玉、环、玲、慧、荣、莹、凝、恬、丽、希、瑾、慕、珏

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