Sheep/Goat Horoscope 2018 Predictions


* The prediction is valid for 2018 (year of the Dog) starting from February 16, 2018 and lasting to February 4, 2019.

Lucky Numbers in 2018: 4, 8, 12
Lucky Colors in 2018: White, Prussian Blue
Best Compatibility: Rabbit, Horse, Pig

In 2018 which is the year of Earth Dog in Chinese Zodiac, you people of Sheep sign will be under the influence of auspicious and inauspicious stars on a par: blessed by four auspicious stars, namely 'Tian De' (天德), 'Fu Xing' (福星), 'Ba Zuo' (八座), and 'Ban An' (板鞍), and harmed by several inauspicious stars like 'Huang Fan' (黄幡), 'Juan She' (卷舌), 'Pi Ma' (披麻), and 'Jiao Sha' (绞煞). Therefore, you will see both opportunities and challenges when it comes to luck; only if you go all out and overcome difficulties, can you see hope in various aspects. 'Tian De' is a kindly auspicious star which suggests you will get help from the influential people; 'Fu Xing' and 'Ba Zuo' indicate the cheerful and peaceful mind, which means you will get out of troubles with a positive attitude no matter how many difficulties you meet; 'Ban An' symbolizes the smooth development in a place far away from hometown, so 2018 will be the best time for you to develop somewhere else and you will get more opportunities if you go out.

It's important to note that you will be harmed by several inauspicious stars bad for interpersonal relationship and health and you should stay alert in life and work. Influenced by both 'Juan She' and 'Jiao Sha', you will have quite fragile interpersonal relationship and should not haggle over every ounce on trifles; be open-minded, positive, modest and low-profile, you will minimize the harm of inauspicious stars.

Note: In year 2018, the people born under the Sheep sign will suffer from Destruction of Tai Sui 破太岁, a kind of Fan Tai Sui. Click the link to get cures: → Chinese Zodiac 'Fan Tai Sui' with Remedies


Rating: 3 stars
'Tian De' and 'Fu Xing' will improve your luck for wealth greatly in the whole year of 2018. If you are a businessman, your business will be booming and you will get significant increase in income with the help of capable benefactor. Your luck for income from work will be quite good and you will be recognized by your boss or customers and get good returns as long as you work hard. When it comes to windfall, you may get extra investment returns but you are suggested to invest modestly and never be radical or greedy. The auspicious star 'Ban An' means you will get favorable results if you invest in a distant place, so you might as well expand your business somewhere else to get unexpected gains. Meanwhile, you should beware of financial losses caused by disputes with villains and talk less about others to prevent the contention of mouth and tongue. To improve your wealth luck in the year of 2018, you are suggested to wear a citrine bracelet with Sheep sign or red agate silver Pi Xiu charm bracelet..


Rating: 3 stars
With the help of benefactors, your career will scale new heights. 'Tian De' can improve your interpersonal relationship and it will be extremely beneficial for you engaged in the industries dealing with people, such as entertainment, service and marketing. Driven by 'Ba Zuo', you will be high-spirited in work, give full play to your talents and leadership skills, expect the recognition from your leader and get the promotion of position or power. Blessed by 'Ban An', you will get favorable results if you leave hometown to go after fame and profit; if you have a chance to take a business trip, you might as well strive for it actively; if you are a boss, you can expand the market in other places and the overall performance of your company will get a new growth.

Harmed by the inauspicious stars, your interpersonal relationship will get worse and you may quarrel with your cooperative partners and then become enemies; also, you might be envied and framed up by people around, which may cause a company litigation. Therefore, the priority among priorities for you will be maintaining a good interpersonal relationship.

To improve your interpersonal relationship and career fortune in 2018, you'd better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Sheep sign pendant


Rating: 2 stars
Sheep will have an average luck for love in this year. Under the influence of 'Gua Su' (寡宿), you singles will find it hard to change the present situation. Even if you start a new relationship, you may find it develop slowly, or break up quickly because you cannot put your heart and soul into it.

For married Sheep, you will have a worse relationship with your love because of the poor communication, long separation and less accompanying. Influenced by 'Juan She' and 'Jiao Sha', you may dislike your love and have your relationship affected because of relatives and friends making mischief. While communicating with your love in life, you should pay attention to your words and avoid provoking each other; if you reduce the frequency of meeting each other, your relationship will be relatively stable.

For Sheep in love, you should not get too close to other opposite sex, and you may break up with your lover once he/she loses the sense of security.

To improve your relationship this year, you may wear a pink crystal bracelet with Sheep sign or an Amethyst bracelet with Sheep sign. It's also good place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship.


Rating: 2 stars
When it comes to health, 'Ba Zuo' and 'Fu Xing' suggest the good mood which is beneficial for physical and mental health, so you always can turn ill luck into good and save the day. However, you should not let down your guard as you will be harmed by several inauspicious stars. Both 'Huang Fan' and 'Pi Ma' are related to family luck and symbolize the sad things. As a result, you should watch the health of yourself and elders in your family and you may probably spend a lot for health issues. 'Huang Fan' indicates the head and abdomen diseases, such as cerebral and urinary system diseases. Moreover, you will be prone to accidents and unforeseen disasters and should watch out while going out. 'Jiao Sha' suggests the respiratory infection and you are suggested to take light diet. Green agate bracelet with Sheep sign is a good lucky charm for you Sheep to exorcise evil spirits and protect health.

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