Snake Horoscope 2018 Predictions


* The prediction is valid for 2018 (year of the Dog) starting from February 16, 2018 and lasting to February 4, 2019.

Lucky Numbers in 2018: 6, 10, 2
Lucky Colors in 2018: Turquoise Green, Cyan Blue
Best Compatibility: Ox, Rooster, Monkey

In 2018, the year of Wood Dog 'Wu Xu' (戊戌), you people of Snake sign will be blessed by several mighty auspicious stars and have favorable luck for career, wealth and interpersonal relationship. You will be blessed by four mighty auspicious stars, namely 'Zi Wei' (紫薇), 'Long De' (龙德), 'Hong Luan' (红鸾), and 'Lu Xun' (禄勋). Of which, 'Zi Wei' indicates you can give full play to your talent and ability, win the recognition from superior and get promoted; 'Lu Xun' is a symbol of fame and high salary while 'Long De' is a benefactor star helping you to overcoming difficulties. Hence, you will solve the problems with the help of someone else even if you are in trouble. Since 'Hong Luan' is the star in charge of luck with opposite sex, you single Snakes will have a particular good luck in love and can meet the right one in different occasions.

However, you need to keep an eye on the impact of the inauspicious star 'Bao Bai' (暴败) which will lead to unexpected situations. It means you cannot rest easy for the overall luck; instead, you should remain vigilant at all times to prevent the sudden accidents from making you fall short of success. At the same time, the star represents offending somebody with words, so you should talk less and do more to avoid inviting disputes or villains.


Rating: 4 stars
You people under the animal sign of Snake will be assisted by 'Zi Wei' and 'Long De' to display your talents. In particular, you will get more customers and incomes if you need to deal with clients directly. For you businessmen, you will get a significant increased market share and doubled incomes if you can innovate and seek changes actively according to market changes, launch products that satisfy customers' latest demands and interests, and use the new marketing channels to promote.

Although the overall luck for wealth is ideal, you will be affected by the inauspicious star 'Wang Shen' (亡神) and 'Bao Bai' (暴败). 'Wang Shen' is very destructive and it means investment mistakes, so you should be careful in investing and never listen to hearsay or pursue high interest and high return blindly. 'Bao Bai' indicates that you should control your consuming desire within your capability and never pursue a luxury life incompatible with your income. Besides, you may spend for happy events under the blessing of 'Hong Luan' but you don't need to worry about it. To improve your wealth luck in the year of 2018, you are suggested to wear a citrine bracelet with Snake sign.


Rating: 3 stars
Both 'Zi Wei' and 'Long De' are benefactor stars related to career, so your career will develop smoothly under the help and support of superior. Blessed by 'Lu Xun', the career of you Snakes with a stable job will rise steadily and you may expect the support from benefactor, thus get salary raise and promotion; for you businessmen, your revenue will grow substantially under the help of benefactor.

Affected by the inauspicious star 'Bao Bai', however, your luck for career will have ups and downs in the whole year and you might be at a loss for the unforeseen circumstances. At the moment, you should not panic but face difficulties calmly, find out the crux and employ various resources and relationships to solve.

If you want to resign or change a job for better development, this year will be the good opportunity and you may make a decision bravely at the right time.

To improve your career fortune and work smoothly in 2018, you are suggested to wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Snake sign pendant

Love and Marriage

Rating: 3 stars
As the saying goes, where the 'Hong Luan' governs, the marriage comes. You single Snakes will easily find an ideal one in various occasions, start a relationship and even get married. You should keep in mind that a good marriage is worth the waiting and put quality before quantity; before starting a relationship, you should learn more about each other and never act on impulse. You married Snakes should keep an eye on the influence of 'Hong Luan' as it may bring you the unfavorable luck with the opposite sex, lead to a family affair and hurt your relationship. If you are in love, you will be quite emotional due to the impact of 'Bao Bai' and experience ups and downs of relationship, especially for you Snakes starting a relationship recently, so you should make more efforts to maintain the fragile relationship. To improve your relationship this year, you may wear a pink crystal bracelet with Snake sign or an Amethyst bracelet with Snake sign. It's also good place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship.


Rating: 2 stars
The inauspicious star 'Tian E' (天厄) will bring you a lot of troubles and make you prone to scare or accidental injury, so you should be concentrated rather than absent-minded no matter go out, walk or drive. While traveling or taking a business trip, you should beware of the weather changes in your destination and watch your luggage and belongings, because 'Tian E' indicates you need to delay your trip or change temporarily due to the severe weather.

Affected by 'Bao Bai', you cannot help being down in spirits and you should adjust the state and mood in time. Doing exercise, traveling or talking to friends will be the good way to relax and eliminate negative emotions. Also, you will be prone to gastrointestinal problems and should pay more attention to personal dietetic hygiene. Green agate bracelet with Snake sign is a good lucky charm for you Snakes to exorcise evil spirits and protect health.

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