Horse Horoscope 2018 Predictions


* The prediction is valid for 2018 (year of the Dog) starting from February 16, 2018 and lasting to February 4, 2019.

Lucky Numbers in 2018: 3, 7, 11
Lucky Colors in 2018: White, Larch Green, Blue
Best Compatibility: Tiger, Sheep, Dog

Since Dog and Horse are in one of the Four Compatible Groups, you Horse people will have a harmonious relationship with Tai Sui which is the Grand Commander of the Year and get its support in 2018, the year of Wood Dog 'Wu Xu' (戊戌). You will see many opportunities for development and your power and fame will get further promoted due to the blessing of the auspicious star 'Jiang Xing' (将星). Another auspicious star 'Tian Chu' (天厨) in charge of salary will benefit you workers but it also symbolizes indolence, so you may have expensive tastes in this year. You need to know that your luck will be unstable and you should not seek comfort, or you will be deeply troubled under the impact of inauspicious stars. It's necessary to keep an eye on the serious impact of many inauspicious stars which will harm your wealth and health.


Rating:3 stars
In 2018, you Horses will have stable luck for income from work but unfavorable luck for windfall. If you are an office worker with regular income, you will have excellent performance at work and get salary raise or award. Be down-to-earth and do your own job well, you will get the income directly proportional to your pay. However, your luck for wealth may be harmed due to the influence of inauspicious star 'Yang Ren' (羊刃); also, you may spend for some accidents under the impact of another three inauspicious stars, namely 'Bai Hu' (白虎), 'Fei Lian' (飞廉) and 'Da Sha' (大煞). What's more, you will engage in more social activities and may suffer unexpected financial losses for booze and women. Therefore, you should find ways to reduce financial expenses and ensure that you have sufficient cash in hand to deal with emergencies. You can buy some value-preserving valuables to reduce the possibility of unexpected financial losses and prevent the devaluation of money. If you are a businessman, you should always be well-funded rather than invest a lot of money, so as to avoid the difficult capital turnover. To improve your wealth luck in the year of 2018, you are suggested to wear a citrine bracelet with Horse sign.


Rating: 4 stars
The blessing of auspicious star 'Jiang Xing' in charge of power and support from benefactor means you will show your capabilities in career and be more suitable for business trip, overseas study, even immigration. In short, you are suggested to move rather than keep still and you will get more opportunities if you develop somewhere else. At the same time, the auspicious star 'Tian Chu' in charge of salary will benefit you workers; as long as you work earnestly and assiduously and do your job well, you will get the steady salary raise.

During this year, you will be harmed by three inauspicious stars, namely 'Bai Hu', 'Fei Lian' and 'Da Sha', making you suffer from many powerful villains. Therefore, you should talk less and do more, keep away from gossip mongers to avoid the malicious falsehood. Also, you will be prone to disputes in work and should keep an eye on the contract details. Influenced by the inauspicious star 'Yang Ren', you will encounter many setbacks in work and the unexpected problems will cause a heavy blow to your career, so you should not take lightly but keep in mind to take precautions even if everything goes well with your work.

To improve your career fortune and work smoothly in 2018, you are suggested to wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Horse sign pendant

Love and Marriage

Rating: 3 stars
Influenced by the inauspicious star 'Bai Hu', you single men will meet the hot-tempered women and you may start a new relationship if you can accept a sassy girlfriend; you single women will have ordinary luck with the opposite sex but will be more likely to have a favorable love relationship if your friends and relatives can help to arrange a blind date for you.

You tend to put more effort into your work for the sake of career development, have less time to accompany and care less about your love, making him/her unhappy and leading to emotional problems. In addition, you will get to know a lot of opposite-sex friends and should handle it properly to prevent an ambiguous relationship, even extramarital affair.

For you Horses in love, you will be quite emotional and often quarrel with your lover on trifles; where there is a problem, you should solve timely, or you may break up.

To improve your relationship this year, you may wear a pink crystal bracelet with Horse sign or an Amethyst bracelet with Horse sign. It's also good place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship.


Rating: 3 stars
Your luck for health will be poor and you will be more likely to get injured and bleed. In work, you should alternate work with rest, have enough sleep and avoid laboring and toiling with mind and body, or you cannot make quick response and escape from the unexpected misfortune. When going out, you should watch your personal safety and avoid the high-risk sports. Besides, you will be prone to animal bites and should minimize the contact with animals. If you get pregnant in this year, you should be careful when come in and go out, set your mind at rest, and avoid catching a cold as the inauspicious star 'Bai Hu' will increase the chance of miscarriage.

The impact of inauspicious star 'Yang Ren' means you should pay special attention to your lower body, such as gastrointestinal and gynecological diseases. In daily life, you should have a balanced diet, take more exercise and lighten your mood.

The inauspicious star 'Pi Tou' (披头) indicates you may encounter a funeral in this year. House purchasing, moving, decoration or buying new furniture can improve your family luck; also, you can make charitable donations to buy peace and accumulate good karma.

Green agate bracelet with Horse sign is a good lucky charm for you Horses to exorcise evil spirits and protect health.

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