Rabbit Horoscope 2018 Predictions


* The prediction is valid for 2018 (year of the Dog) starting from February 16, 2018 and lasting to February 4, 2019.

Lucky Numbers in 2018: 4, 8, 12
Lucky Colors in 2018: Turquoise Blue, Carmine Red
Best Compatibility: Sheep, Dog, Pig

In 2017, you people of Rabbit sign have been in conflict with Tai Sui and experienced unstable luck and setbacks. Fortunately, in 2018 which is the year of Wood Dog 'Wu Xu' (戊戌), you will have quite stable luck and be blessed by several powerful auspicious stars, making you dispel the clouds and see the sun.

Since Rabbit and Dog are compatible with each other in Chinese zodiac, everything will go well with you to seek both fame and wealth under the blessing of three auspicious stars, namely 'Yue De' (月德), 'Tian De' (天德) and 'Sui He' (岁合). As a symbol of kindness, 'Yue De' will bring you a good interpersonal relationship; with the support of 'Tian De', you can give full play to personal leadership and show extraordinary talents in your career; 'Sui He' is an auspicious star which will bring you good luck with the opposite sex and benefit your love and marriage.

Despite the great help of auspicious stars, you Rabbits still should pay attention to the interference of inauspicious stars, mainly 'Xiao Hao' (小耗) and 'Xian Chi' (咸池). The former represents the insignificant loss of wealth while the latter symbolizes the unfavorable luck with the opposite sex and indicates you may fall in love but break up quickly and suffer unexpected personal financial losses from emotional disputes.


Rating: 3 stars
Sheltered by the benefactor star 'Yue De', you will be quite popular with customers; in particular, you Rabbit people engaged in marketing will see the sharp increase of revenue with the help of regular customers. Assisted by the benefactor star 'Tian De', you will be helped by the capable persons, develop your career smoothly and make the satisfactory work efficiency and results, which will bring you the opportunity of salary increase and promotion and ideal income.

However, you will be prone to financial losses in 2018 due to the impact of 'Xiao Hao' but its impact is insignificant (such as buying unnecessary items) and could be solved in the ways like charitable donation at the beginning of the year. Under the influence of 'Xian Chi', you male Rabbits will be prone to financial losses due to the unfavorable luck with the opposite sex; you single females may meet a white liar and suffer losses in both money and love.

To improve your wealth luck in 2018, you are suggested to wear a citrine bracelet with Rabbit sign.


Rating: 5 stars
Blessed by the auspicious star 'Tian De', you will get recognition from your boss, partner or customer as long as you are down-to-earth and concentrate on your career; accordingly, you will improve work efficiency and get better opportunities to perform. Assisted by 'Yue De', you can get along well with your superior, subordinates or colleagues and give maximum play to the team power; once you are in troubles, you will be helped by someone and do an excellent job. The power of 'Yue De' is especially advantageous to you engaged in business and marketing.

'Sui He' is a benefactor star which will help you to overcome all sorts of difficulties in career and it also means this year will be suitable for you to develop somewhere else. If you want to change a job or develop somewhere else, everything will go well with you; but you should quit the job after signing the contract with the new company if you want to change a job or career. During this year, you will easily fall in an office romance, especially for you in love, because you may have an ambiguous relationship with an opposite-sex colleague; it will lead to problems and affect your image and reputation in the company.

To improve your career fortune and work smoothly in 2018, you are suggested to wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Rabbit sign pendant

Love and Marriage

Rating: 4 stars
You people born in Rabbit years will be blessed by the auspicious star 'Sui He' and 'Yue De' in 2018. Although 'Yue De' is not the star in charge of luck with the opposite sex, it will bring you the good interpersonal relationship and your relatives and friends may help you to meet the opposite-sex friends, from which you will meet the right one. 'Sui He' is a direct star in charge of luck with the opposite sex and it can promote you to meet the right one in workplace or social occasions and develop the relationship smoothly. If you are in love, your relationship will develop quickly and you will be quite likely to get married, even give birth to a baby in this year.

Affected by another star in charge of unfavorable luck with the opposite sex, however, you married Rabbits may have an affair due to the momentary impulse, which will invite disputes and troubles, so you should keep an eye on it.

To improve your relationship this year, you may wear a pink crystal bracelet with Rabbit sign or place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship.


Rating: 3 stars
When it comes to health, the busy work and frequent social activities may lead to physical and mental fatigue, and you should take your blood pressure and glucose, and fat intake under good control, so as to avoid triggering hypertension or diabetes. Also, gluttony will increase the burden of spleen and stomach and you will suffer from great mental pressure, so you should lead a regular life, or your body will be overwhelmed by health issues and fall short of success. Affected by 'Xian Chi', you should beware of resurgence of diseases. Green agate bracelet with Rabbit sign is a good lucky charm for you Rabbits to exorcise evil spirits and protect health in 2018.

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