Monthly Horoscope For monkey

Chinese Lunar March: Aug 30, 2019 to Sep 28, 2019
You Monkey people may expect the mixed fortune this month. Your work will go well in the first half of month yet suffer from many problems in the second half. In view of the average luck, you need to avoid making a blind investment under the temptation of others, or you will be bothered by endless trouble. Though in sound health, you should protect yourself from fall injury. A favorable turn will occur in your love relationship, so cultivate it carefully.

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monkey Monthly Horoscope

Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

January (February 5th – March 6th, 2019)
Since you Monkeys harm the Taisui - Grand Commander of the Year, you will be in bad luck. Under the impact of several auspicious stars, you can expect a dangerous and difficult prospect full of ups and downs. New problems will crop up unexpectedly at work and you will be set up by the vile characters. In this month, meet the danger calmly and never act rashly. Also, you will be prone to money losses and need to manage the money matters prudently and never reveal it in the public, or you will be robbed. In poor health, you are suggested not to climb high and guard against falling. Nothing good will happen to your love relationship and you will find it hard to hit it off with anyone.

February (March 7th – April 4th, 2019)
Despite the slight improvement, your fortune can be still bad and you will be in a complex environment. In work, many interpersonal disputes will bother you - a worldly-wise attitude and low profile will be a good way for you to keep away from disputes. This month, you may get fair income from work yet little windfall, so do not be greedy. Otherwise, you will become poor. For the sake of health, you need to take good care of your lung and kidney. With no luck in love relationship, you may just let it be.

March (April 5th – May 4th, 2019)
You Monkey people may expect the mixed fortune this month. Your work will go well in the first half of month yet suffer from many problems in the second half. In view of the average luck, you need to avoid making a blind investment under the temptation of others, or you will be bothered by endless trouble. Though in sound health, you should protect yourself from fall injury. A favorable turn will occur in your love relationship, so cultivate it carefully.

April (May 5th - June 2nd, 2019)
Affected by the inauspicious star Da Hao (大耗), you can expect the declining fortune and endless trouble. What's more, numerous money losses can make you in low water, for which you need to money matters carefully and make both ends meet. Also, check the income and expenditure account for any loopholes and timely remedy. Due to the poor health, you should take good care of your body to prevent from any disease. As for love relationship, you will feel like sail in the head tide - do not insist on.

May (June 3rd - July 2nd, 2019)
Blessed by the lucky stars, you Monkey people will turn calamities into blessings and sweep away all the bad luck. The obstacles at work will be eliminated, so will the conflicts. With a significantly improved luck for wealth, you will get a lot of extra income. This month will be the best time for you to invest in the whole year. As for love relationship, you will feel just like a fish in water and have a crush on someone easily.

June (July 3rd - July 31st, 2019)
This month, your fortune will turn down sharply. At work, you need to consolidate at every step against the twists and turns, so as to avoid a terminal trough. A lot of blame and constraints in work will make it hard for you to display ability. Do not expect anything from salary income or windfall with respect to the poor fortune for wealth. When it comes to health, try to avoid overwork and protect your kidney and lung. In the middle of the month, keep an eye on traffic safety and do not drive fast.

July (August 1st – August 29th, 2019)
Your fortune will be on the up. A lot of block in the first half of month will be overcome in the middle of the month. Despite the reduced obstacles at work, you Monkeys will still feel stressed. Do make both ends meet even if your luck in making money is slightly improved. Also, do not be greedy for windfall, or you will be deeply troubled. As for health, nothing serious will happen but do not eat cold and dirty seafood since a closed mouth catches no flies.

August (August 30th – September 28th, 2019)
Blessed by the auspicious stars, you will be quite lucky. If you Monkey people want to do something, the opportunity shall be made good use. You will work with high proficiency and yield twice the result with half the effort with the help of others. The luck for wealth will be prosperous and you will get sufficient salary income; in view of the declining luck for windfall, you'd better stop timely. If possible, you may travel with your partner to relax.

September (September 29th – October 27th, 2019)
This month, your fortune will be like a sudden storm and you will be totally uprooted if not prepared mentally. You will be busy about the stressful work yet always make a futile effort. Not blessed in wealth, you need to guard against theft, never show your wealth in the public and beware of falling into any trap. Watch your personal safety while going out and do not flaunt your superiority in climbing.

October (October 28th – November 25th, 2019)
Your fortune can be unstable and changeful. Any mistake at work may lead to a major setback. When it comes to wealth, you will find no luck in salary income and windfall and need to be on the alert for any deception in the middle of the month. Though in mediocre health, you will have no serious problem once get enough sleep. Pay close attention to fire prevention and guard against theft at home.

November (November 26th – December 25th, 2019)
Though not quite blessed, you will find this month a golden opportunity to make efforts for good results. You will work well and come out with many ideas. Despite the significantly improved luck for wealth, you Monkeys still need to take precautions and remember that enough is as good as a feast.

December (December 26th, 2019 – January 24th, 2020)
In December, you will be affected by several inauspicious stars and should be on the alert. At work, you will be crowded out by the evil-minded and challenged by the powerful competitor. The inauspicious star Po Sui (破碎) will make you prone to fall injury. With no luck for wealth, you'd better not invest or gamble this month.
January (February 16th – March 16th, 2018)
In the first month of Dog year, you Monkey people will see the rise and fall of overall luck. You will encounter unexpected troubles in work and life, and find it hard to finish a task due to the unexpected condition. Also, your love relationship will be full of changes. In view of the poor fortune, you are not suggested to make risky investments. Beware of bleeding injury as for health.
February (March 17th – April 15th, 2018)
Compared with the previous month, your luck will get better and you will make a progress at work but still need to seek improvement in stability. The previous conflict and misunderstanding in love relationship will be eased. As the luck for income from work rises steadily, you wage earners will get corresponding returns from the efforts made; with poor fast luck, you need to avoid the risky speculation. Also, you will encounter more vile characters, so avoid wagging of tongues.
March (April 16th – May 14th, 2018)
For you people under Monkey sign, this month means luck, prosperity and forging ahead with determination. With the help from someone powerful, both the efficiency and quality of your work will be improved significantly, leading to substantial returns. Meanwhile, the luck with opposite sex will be quite good and you married should properly manage the relationship with other opposite-sex friends. Since the luck for health is poor, you'd better keep a close eye on digestive system problems and beware of getting injured by a fall or sprain.
April (May 15th - June 13th, 2018)
During this month, you will be prone to mistakes at work, so obey the leadership arrangements, listen to the suggestions of your colleagues and never act rashly. Since there are no big ups and downs in love relationship, you'd better just let it be. Avoid the risky investments in light of the poor fortune and drive carefully if you often go out by car.
May (June 14th - July 12th, 2018)
Under great pressure at work, you are suggested to study and improve your professional skills and competitiveness in the fifth lunar month. The love life will be quite routine and you singles will hardly find the right one, so do not trust strangers easily, or you will be deceived. Your luck for wealth will volatile and you'd better seek money in stability rather than advance rashly. Pay more attention to cardiovascular diseases in terms of health.
June (July 13th - August 10th, 2018)
The sixth lunar month means good luck for you Monkeys. With help from others at work, you will work with high proficiency and carry out the project smoothly. If you want to change a job or profession, this month will be a good time and you will be more likely to succeed, but be sure to plan well and never act rashly. Due to the good luck for wealth, you may invest appropriately to get satisfactory income.
July (August 11th – September 9th, 2018)
In the seventh month which is the animal month of you Monkey people, you will see the big challenge of luck. Deal with the details at work to prevent the unexpected problems. You may quarrel with your partner and are not suggested to borrow or go bail for someone in view of the poor fortune. When it comes to health, you will be prone to bleeding injury.
August (September 10th – October 8th, 2018)
Though the luck gets better, you cannot completely get rid of the negative impact of last month and find it difficult to achieve the desired goal, so don't be too impatient and stabilize each step in every task. Despite the better luck for love relationship, you married Monkeys should keep away from an affair, especially in social engagement. Look out liver and gall diseases as for health.
September (October 9th – November 7th, 2018)
In this month, your luck will show an obvious upward trend. Everything will go well with your work and the backlogs will be solved gradually. Also, you will be in peace with your love and can make time to travel to improve your relationship. Benefiting from the good fortune, you may choose the financing products with higher yielding under the premise of capital preservation.
October (November 8th – December 6th, 2018)
During the smooth transition period of luck, you will lack of a strong impetus at work due to your mood and state. Generally, you will be a bit lazy and may slow down to get your idea into shape. In love relationship, you may have a few quarrels or conflicts with your partner. Taking the average luck for wealth into consideration, you'd better adopt a conservative financing strategy. Take care of your cervical vertebra for health. 
November (December 7th, 2018 – January 5th, 2019)
Thanks to the good luck, you will have a better time for development at work and should press on to the finish without letup and seize the opportunity to make a convincing performance. For Monkeys in business, you can take advantage of the active market to increase investment and launch better services or products to win more customers. You Monkeys in love will enjoy a stable relationship while you singles will have quite good luck and probably find the right one. With a better interpersonal relationship, you will make many new friends.
December (January 6th, 2019 – February 4th, 2019)
The good luck of last month will continue and you will get help from others. With a stable emotional life, you may travel with friends and you singles may easily find the right one; you married may consider to have a baby in this month and you will be more likely to succeed. As for health, note the respiratory diseases.

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