Monthly Horoscope For rooster

Chinese Lunar August: Sep 17, 2020 to Oct 16, 2020
Compared with last month, you people under the Rooster sign will have better horoscope for wealth while the luck for health will decline to some extent. With limited outgoings on basic necessities of life and good luck, you can always make a big profit and earn a lot with your flexible mind and long-term vision in investment. In general, you will be free from disease yet vulnerable to trauma, so abide by traffic rules on the way from/to work to avoid accidents; if you frequently take business trips, you'd better carry some medicine for trauma with you.

rooster Monthly Horoscope

Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

January (January 25th – February 22nd, 2020)
January can be an ordinary month for you Roosters, and many unexpected things may occur in your career. In view of the slight uptrend in wealth horoscope, you may make investment to the small extent and stop at the right time. As for love horoscope, you will be quite popular among the opposite sex; if you are single, just seize the opportunity to start a relationship. For married Rooster people, you should stay away from an unrightful relationship which can even lead to the disaster of blood. In terms of health, keep a proper diet to prevent gastrointestinal diseases and keep an eye on lumbar and kidney diseases.
February (February 23rd – March 23rd, 2020)
February means the poor horoscope of career and wealth for people born in the year of Rooster. At work, you may fail to complete the tasks assigned by the superior in time due to the limited ability, and leave a bad impression on your leader. At the same time, you may often quarrel with colleagues and need to learn more useful communication skills to become more popular. In terms of wealth, you tend to spend a lot on party, gifts, entertainment and so on, and must restrain your desire to consume. Pay attention to injury and disaster when it comes to health.
March (March 24th – April 22nd, 2020)
This month, Rooster people will see a turn for the better in love horoscope and an evident uptrend for health. For single Roosters, you will get quite popular and find more chances to meet the right one as long as you are no longer a homebody and go out to join in more social activities. For attached Rooster people, you will get along quite well yet lack passion, for which you are suggested to prepare some surprise to refresh your love and marriage. From the aspect of health, you will be in health both physically and mentally; more exercise will benefit your physical and mental health.
April (April 23rd – June 20th, 2020)
Despite the uptrend of wealth horoscope, your career fortune can remain unsatisfactory, especially in the second half of the month, and great changes may take place. You will earn more money this month, especially if you are engaged in insurance, sales, real estate and other industries related; your income will be more than offset rent, utilities, care fare and other expenditures. You will be buried under the heavy workload and many impossible tasks, and need to turn pressure into motivation and pluck up courage to take the bull by the horns.
May (June 21st – July 20th, 2020)
While the career remains gloomy in May, your health horoscope will also show an evident decline. At work, you might be framed by the vile and fail to show your ability and talent, thus miss the opportunities of business trip and study abroad. For the purpose of health, you are suggested to eat more fruits or vegetables which can relieve internal heat, and stay away from iced watermelon, beverage, ice cream or other foods harmful to your intestines and stomach. At the same time, you need to adjust your mentality and face work and life with a positive attitude.
June (July 21st – August 18, 2020)
In June, Roosters' horoscope of wealth will be better than last month while the love horoscope will be less optimistic. With a conservative attitude in investment, however, you can always buy pretty good stocks with a sharp eye, and make a lot of profits therefrom. Blessed by the God of Wealth, you Roosters in business can also make a lot of profits and do a good business this month. As for love and relationship, you married Rooster people may often disagree with your lover because of work, life, children and other issues and you are suggested to communicate more rather than hurt each other with harsh words.
July (August 19th – September 16th, 2020)
People of Rooster sign will be extremely blessed in career this month while the love horoscope will be basically the same as last month, and go stably. With a high work motivation, you can always complete the tasks independently, win the praise of the leadership and customers and get a handsome pay rise even if not promoted. From the perspective of love and relationship, you will get along with your lover better and better despite of the less time together; for single Roosters, you may not meet the destined one but can enjoy a great popularity among the opposite sex.
August (September 17th – October 16th, 2020)
Compared with last month, you people under the Rooster sign will have better horoscope for wealth while the luck for health will decline to some extent. With limited outgoings on basic necessities of life and good luck, you can always make a big profit and earn a lot with your flexible mind and long-term vision in investment. In general, you will be free from disease yet vulnerable to trauma, so abide by traffic rules on the way from/to work to avoid accidents; if you frequently take business trips, you'd better carry some medicine for trauma with you.
September (October 17th – November 16th, 2020)
The bad decline in career horoscope will affect your wealth a lot. In work, you may often conflict with superiors, colleagues and even customers, which can greatly damage the interests of your company. You must get rid of the bad habits of being stubborn, capricious and argumentative, so as not to harm the future development of your career. Due to the unstable income and increased living expenses this month, you must save money on food and expenses to survive the financial crisis.
October (November 15th – December 14th, 2020)
The love horoscope of Roosters in October will fluctuate greatly, showing a downtrend as a whole, while the health horoscope can also decline compared with last month. Even though the luck in wealth is good, you are not suitable to invest in risky products. Whether single or attached, you will be troubled by love: if you are single, you will be urged to marry by parents and other relatives this month; if you are married, you may get bogged down and maintain an ambiguous relationship with a third party. In terms of health, you will be bothered by the poor sleep and suffer from insomnia, dreaminess and shallow sleep, so do not think too much before going to bed.
November (December 15th, 2020 – January 12, 2021)
November's horoscope of career will be better than last month for Rooster people but your love horoscope will be still in a downturn. Although many unexpected things will happen in your work, you can always fix calmly, accumulate a lot of experience and feel just like a fish in water in the workplace. At the same time, the relationship with colleagues will also be improved, and you can meet many competent people beneficial to you. In terms of love and relationship, you may often neglect your lover because of career and life issues and argue more with each other. In view of the general luck in wealth and poor luck for windfall, you should not take part in venture investment. As for health, just take part in more physical exercises. 
December (January 13, 2021 – February 11, 2021)
December is an inauspicious month of this year. You are suggested to maintain and consolidate the existing property, and accumulate resources conscientiously to lay a good foundation for future development. Be cautious, keep a low key at work and do not get involved in any lawsuit or dispute, so as to keep out of trouble. With poor luck in wealth, especially windfall, you are not suggested to make any investment. From the aspect of love, you need to communicate frankly with each other to avoid misunderstandings and disputes. In particular, you male Roosters should stay away from any illegal affair which can trouble you a lot.
January (February 5th – March 6th, 2019)
In good luck, you Roosters will see everything go well. Your career will be generally smooth-going though no great development. Also, maintain good relationships with your colleagues in daily work since they are your partners. As for investment and finance, you will get certain income as long as you manage properly and take a long-term prospect. From the perspective of health, no serious problems other than cold will happen to you.

February (March 7th – April 4th, 2019)
This month, you singles will feel insecure for love and make those who have a crush on you feel stressed and cannot bear your doubt. Your luck for career will rise markedly, leading to the good opportunities at work. What you need to do is be passionate and concentrated and work hard. More social engagements in workplace will bring you something unexpected. Despite the good income from work, you'd better not increase investment and need to wait for the income.

March (April 5th – May 4th, 2019)
Due to the average luck for career, you will be arranged to do the work you're not good at and you'd better finish it independently. Otherwise, someone will make trouble and make you even more tired. Some of you Rooster people will make some choices at work and need to think carefully before making a decision of job-hopping or resignation. When it comes to wealth, make up your mind for spending or saving and do not be convinced by the salesman to buy something unnecessary. In terms of health, you Roosters will suffer from physical strength overdraft and declined immunity, so keep a good diet and routine and avoid the bad habits of staying up late and drinking.

April (May 5th - June 2nd, 2019)
Under the impact of several inauspicious stars, you will encounter many obstacles and need to be law-abiding rather than free riding in business and work. Otherwise, a single slip may cause lasting sorrow. In investment, be moderate and never choose the risky projects. In the middle of the month, guard against theft and check all safety measures before going out. For example, make sure all the windows and doors are locked and look after your belongings.
May (June 3rd - July 2nd, 2019)
With poor luck for career, you may find no mood for work and even delay the tasks, making the plan cannot be carried out. Also, someone may ask for trouble and you need to deal with it peacefully. As for wealth, you tend to spend emotionally and buy a lot of unnecessary articles; save before you spend and develop a good consumption habit. In terms of health, pay attention to sleep, do more exercise and bath with essential oil for better sleep if you suffer from insomnia.

June (July 3rd - July 31st, 2019)
This month, you need to cut expenditures and avoid partnerships which will lead to money disputes and affect your relationship. Averagely blessed in career, you will encounter some obstructions at work and more opinions from peers or customers, affecting you and making you can't make decisions calmly. In the aspect of love relationship, you Rooster people may make some decisions, talk face to face or ask indirectly if your partner hides something from you.

July (August 1st – August 29th, 2019)
Due to the possible financial losses, you'd better avoid the speculative behaviors like gambling, or you will suffer more losses. When it comes to investment, choose the moderate projects and keep away from the risky one. In work, the tasks you do are what you good at but you tend to be proud and careless. In daily work, do not gossip with your coworkers. You may catch cold because of the weather and need to see a doctor in time. After recovery, develop a healthy diet and do proper exercise to improve your physical fitness.

August (August 30th – September 28th, 2019)
Your fortune for work can be low. You will be arranged to do some tough work yet get unmatched pay, thus feel unsatisfied. In view of the average luck for wealth, you'd better wait for a while if you want to purchase a house, decorate or buy valuables and do not be convinced by others. With respect to love relationship, you need to trust your partner, make more effective communication and date more.

September (September 29th – October 27th, 2019)
This month, you may often feel exhausted and stressed, so take some massage or a travel to relax. For single Roosters, you may fall in love with someone secretly and could express your lover after more understanding. Blessed in career, you will carry out the planned work smoothly. Try to keep a low profile and avoid arguing with others. From the perspective of wealth, you may expect a windfall and think about how to spend it - the suggestion is to save it.

October (October 28th – November 25th, 2019)
With no luck for windfall, you people under the Rooster sign are suggested to increase funds for conservative savings and reduce expenses. Your luck for career will be better and you may take some new work. Do not worry - you will get familiar with it out of passion and curiosity. For Roosters in a relationship, the long-distance relationship will deepen your relationship. For single Roosters, you may join in more parties to meet some nice one.
November (November 26th – December 25th, 2019)
Down in career, you should pay attention to the errors and loopholes in documents and contracts and check carefully before submitting. Try to avoid head-on confrontation while communicating with your superior and handle the work affairs prudently to avoid mistakes. In case of someone borrowing without paying back, you'd better handle rationally rather than fall out. For single Roosters, you should avoid falling into the trap of someone with sweet words and learn more about each other before starting the relationship.
December (December 26th, 2019 – January 24th, 2020)
As for wealth, you tend to behave speculatively, so do not borrow to invest. Otherwise, you will get into more trouble. You single Roosters may desire for fresh and exciting love and be tempted by some dangerous relationships, so stay away from booze and women. Blessed in career, you will have excellent performance at work and can finish the tasks in charge smoothly. However, keep an eye on those who may take credit for your work. In terms of health, try to relax and put the stress away.

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