Rabbit Monthly Horoscope Prediction in 2017

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    Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

    Rabbit 2017 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

    January (January 28th – February 25th, 2017)
    In January, you Rabbit people will be hardly blessed by auspicious stars and have poor luck, thus find it difficult to handle all sorts of things. At work, you will encounter serious infighting, so you should not relax under any situation but be prudent, talk less and see more. With poor performance appraisal, you can hardly finish the tasks for the month and need to prepare in advance. You will have average luck for wealth and may want to invest in a certain period of time very much, so you are suggested to be calm and think twice before you act. In terms of body health, you need to pay attention to gastrointestinal and digestive system diseases and avoid eating raw or cold food.

    February (February 26th – March 27th, 2017)
    You will have mixed luck, especially in career which will be significantly improved. You will meet fewer obstacles at work and be quite capable of handling all kinds of emergency. With a relatively good mood in daily life, you can finish the tasks though this month is a little bit tough. Your luck for wealth will be good and you can try to make short-term investment. When it comes to love relationship, you may have unexpected changes and you should not act rashly if you want to confess but observe for a period of time before making the decision. Physically, you should beware of possible cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially you senior citizens.

    March (March 28th – April 25th, 2017)
    Due to many indefinite factors at work, things always cannot go as you imagined and new problems will crop up unexpectedly to the Rabbits. The boss will not be satisfied with you and your clients and colleagues will have a grudge against you, making you feel have no opportunity for serving the company despite the ambition. However, your luck for wealth will be favorable and your salary may rise. In addition, you should smoke or drink less and will easily have loose bowels, so you should avoid irritable food.

    April (April 26th - May 25th, 2017)
    You will find it hard to display your ability at work but be restricted in all aspects; you cannot handle the relationship with leaders and colleagues properly and often offend others inadvertently, so you should be very careful. Your luck for wealth will be a bit poor and you should make thorough analysis and investigation before making a decision of starting up a business, investing or financing. Your luck in love relationship will be complicated and you may have an office romance easily, which should be avoided by you married. From the aspect of health, you should pay attention to insomnia and neurasthenia caused by great work pressure and go out to relax appropriately.

    May (May 26th - June 23rd, 2017)
    Comparing with the last month, your career will be improved and you can take all sorts of things under control. For those who often make contact with government departments, you will get a breakthrough in this month. Unfortunately, your luck for wealth will be slightly poor, especially you doing business with others who may easily have contract disputes because of the disorderly accounts. Your luck with the opposite sex, however, will be favorable and you singles can take part in more social activities to start a relationship. Besides, you may have unstable illness and relapsed cerebrovascular disease which should be prevented in advance.

    June (June 24th - July 22nd, 2017)
    Under the influence of inauspicious stars, your luck will be seriously affected and you may encounter all sorts of problems at work which will seriously affect your working attitude and daily mood. What's more, you will have great pressure and suffer from villains in power, so you need to solve many things by yourself rather than with other's help. Your luck for wealth will be unfavorable and you should not invest too much. Besides, you may have unexpected personal financial losses because of the opposite sex and should resolutely resist against the unexpected temptation. In addition, you should eat more fruits and vegetables, and pay attention to protect your liver and spleen.

    Leap 6th Month and July (July 23rd – September 19th, 2017)
    Because of the great impact of inauspicious stars, you may feel nervous and like walking on thin ice at work and be threatened by growing crisis. Many flexible things will be out of your control and you'd better consult with the competent persons in your company. Since you will have poor luck for wealth, you should invest according to your ability even if you are certain enough rather than investing with a gambling attitude in case of losing all the capital invested.

    August (September 20th – October 19th, 2017)
    You will have great pressure and many obstacles at work, thus cannot finish the work assigned by the leadership smoothly; you will have disputes with leaders and colleagues, so you should try to control your emotions and let go of the impossible things at an early date. Your luck for windfall will be quite good and you may increase the investment in stocks and funds, which will bring you a favorable return; however, you should not be too greedy. Since your luck with the opposite sex will be good, you singes may find the right one at work; physically, you may suffer from insomnia or dreaminess because of great pressure.

    September (October 20th – November 17th, 2017)
    Comparing with the last two months, your luck for career will be significantly improved; you will deal with most of the things skillfully and have more opportunities to deeply discuss with the leadership on specific issues. You occupying an important position may even need to participate in the core issues such as planning the company's development direction, and win significant attention and cultivation of the leadership. Your luck for wealth will be good and you may try your fortune to invest, which may bring you a surprise. Unfortunately, your luck in love relationship will be slightly poor and you should beware of a third party interfering with your life; also, you should pay attention to possible skin disease or ankle and other joints' injury and avoid going to the crowded areas to prevent infection.

    October (November 18th – December 17th, 2017)
    During this month, you Rabbits will encounter many disputes and have your working attitude and enthusiasm affected by all sorts of gossip; working with emotions will bring you a low efficiency and relatively tense relationship with colleagues and leaders. Meanwhile, your luck for wealth will be poor and you should not invest too much if you want to start a business; instead, you should focus on investigation and study. Your luck with the opposite sex will be average and you'd rather cultivate the relationship than confess because haste makes waste. When it comes to health, you should pay attention to the possible digestive system disease and remember that a close mouth catches no flies.

    November (December 18th, 2017 – January 16th, 2018)
    Your luck will tend to rise and you are suggested to solve the conflicts with colleagues and customers out of trivial matters with a tolerant attitude and peaceful means; your job content, nature and place may be adjusted correspondingly. Since you will be helped by the benefactor, you may give feedback to the superior departments for the dissatisfactory things. Your luck in love relationship will be good, especially you married, who will enjoy a warm family life; you singles may find the opposite sex with whom you will have much to talk through the network platform and have a further developed relationship. From the perspective of health, you should watch your diet: you females should pay attention to the liver protection while you females should prevent gynecological diseases.

    December (January 17th, 2018 – February 15th, 2018)
    In the last month of this year, you will bear much pressure at work and deal with many tasks assigned by the leadership. Although the work will be seemingly complicated, many problems will be solved as long as you consider diligently, so you don't have to worry too much about it. Your relationship with family will be relatively tense and some trivial things will cause family conflicts. Also, you may have changes in love relationship: you already in love should consider more for each other from the other's perspective and never quarrel with each other endlessly because of trivial things. Besides, you will have many parties to participate in and you may eat and drink too much, so you are suggested to stop where it should stop to prevent the diseases like three-hypers.
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