Monthly Horoscope For pig

Chinese Lunar November: Nov 24, 2022 to Dec 22, 2022
In November, the Pigs may encounter personal financial crisis. So, it would be better for the Pigs who are used to investment in stocks or other financial management options to withdraw and recover their capital and funds in a timely manner. Otherwise, they will suffer losses.

Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

January (February 1st - March 2nd, 2022)
The Pigs will have a relatively good career luck in January, and they will get favor from patrons in their career. With the help of their patrons, their career development will be much smoother.
February (March 3rd - March 31st, 2022)
The Pigs will be very lucky in love and relationship. Not only will they have very good attraction to the opposite sex, but also they can meet the excellent opposite sex during their social interactions. 
March (April 1st - April 30th, 2022)
In March, the Pigs need to be low-key and cautious in the workplace. Although their performance is very good, they will be likely to attract jealousy from some villains and backstabbers. Therefore, they should be more flexible and considerate. 
April (May 1st - May 29th, 2022)
The Pigs will have a very good luck in April. However, in the beginning of this month, the Pigs may need to travel on business, and they are supposed to take care of safety when going out, and try not to go to the ominous places, and they should detour when encountering trash cans.
May (May 30th - June 28th, 2022)
The Pigs will a very good financial luck. Businessmen can obtain substantial income, and they can get a lot of opportunities to make a fortune. However, they should take care of their health during their business social engagements.
June(June 29 - July 28th, 2022) 
In June, the Pigs will have a relatively low and bad fortune in all aspects, especially in health. The Pigs will have some health problems due to busy work or life stress, and they will have some gastrointestinal problems.
July (July 29th - August 26th, 2022) 
The most important thing for the Pigs to note in July is to control their emotions. During their interaction with friends, colleagues or neighbors, they should highlight etiquette, should not quarrel over some trivial matters in the daily life.
August (August 27th - September 25th, 2022)
In August, the Pigs may have some setbacks in the relationship. It is very likely that they will encounter some unwanted romance/affairs and cause serious consequences. The married Pigs should be cautious and say no to the opposite sex around them. Otherwise, it will affect their marriage and families.
September (September 26th - October 24, 2022)
The overall fortune of the Pigs will be normal and stable in September. Everything will be smooth. During this month, they can try to trave or relax. These activities can bring them a good state of mind and make them more motivated when coming back to work.
October (October 25 - November 23rd, 2022)
In October, the Pigs will not be very lucky in all aspects, and there will be a lot of changes in career, and they may even lose their jobs due to work mistakes.
November (November 24th - December 22nd, 2022)
In November, the Pigs may encounter personal financial crisis. So, it would be better for the Pigs who are used to investment in stocks or other financial management options to withdraw and recover their capital and funds in a timely manner. Otherwise, they will suffer losses.
December (December 23rd, 2022 - January 21st, 2023)
The fortune of the Pigs in the last month of 2022 in all aspects will be average, and there will be plenty of things and troubles. Especially in the families, they may have some unpleasant verbal disputes with their family members.
January (February 12th – March 12th, 2021)
Pig's overall horoscope, especially for wealth, will be very good in January. You don't need to worry about finance and can always get some windfall benefits in life, mainly because of the help by the star Wu Qu which can bring you good luck and chance windfalls.
February (March 13th – April 11th, 2021)
The overall horoscope for you under the Pig sign in this month can be bad, and the most affected will be your career. This month, you will be off your game, less motivated and inclined to be lazy. Therefore, you can not get good results in your job, and may even be criticized by the superior.
March (April 12th – May 11th, 2021)
No big changes will happen to your horoscope as a whole, so your life will seem rather peaceful. Maybe in some people's eyes, this kind of life is very boring, but you just want a quiet life and enjoy it.
April (May 12th - June 9th, 2021)
With a pretty good horoscope in April, you Pigs will stay healthy and find no big trouble in daily life. Neither surprise nor bad luck will come to you, so you won't feel any stress and you can continue to relax and enjoy the worry-free life.  
May (June 10th- July 9th, 2021)
The 5th month needs you to watch over your finance. Although your income will not change a lot this month, you tend to spend more for many things and failure to control it properly can bring you certain stress in this aspect.
June (July 10th - August 7, 2021)
During this month, health should be your focus. As your career horoscope goes up, you need to work even harder and you are willing to take more at work. Under this circumstance, your health can be undermined and you may often feel tired, so just look out on it. 
July (August 8th – September 6th, 2021)
The focus of you Pig people should be still on career. As you get better luck in this aspect, you will work harder and have a good month. Even if you may not get substantial returns, your career will be benefited a lot. If you can seize the opportunity, you may win a rise.
August (September 7th – October 5th, 2021)
In August, you should pay attention to your health. Due to the decline in health horoscope, you will be more likely to get sick or feel fatigue and uncomfortable for no reason at all. This kind of condition may even affect your mood and produce a great impact on your life since you are spiritless for everything. 
September (October 6th – November 4th, 2021)
September is another month of poor health, which can limit the development of your career though you have the good luck at work. Such a well-meaning but ineffectual state can make you even more depressed.
October (November 5th – December 3rd, 2021)
The quality of your life will be improved in October, mainly because of the better financial horoscope this month. You can make money faster than before, and get more pay accordingly. However, the good fortune in this month mainly lies in the wage earnings, which means only if you do more can you get more. 
November (December 4th, 2021– January 2nd, 2022)
In the 11th month, the career of you Pig people may run badly but you will luck out in wealth. Therefore, you can still live a more comfortable life even if there are problems at work. Due to the good luck for sidelines, you can get windfall benefits this month. 
December (January 3rd, 2022 – January 31st, 2022)
In the last month of this year of metal Ox, you can still have good luck for wealth and expect a uptrend in finance, thus don't need to worry about money. What you really need to care about will be your health, because the poor horoscope in this aspect indicates a high chance of disease and requires you to pay special attention.