Monthly Horoscope For snake

Chinese Lunar November: Nov 24, 2022 to Dec 22, 2022
In November, the Snakes may need to work hard to make a living. However, they should not be too pessimistic because their income will be relatively good. Well, they still need to take special care of their health.

Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

January (February 1st - March 2nd, 2022)
In January 2022, the Snakes may need to keep low-profile and humble at all times at work. Otherwise, they will easily attract jealousy. Everything should be done in a peaceful manner and disputes should be avoided.
February (March 3rd – March 31st, 2022)
In February, the Snakes will be very lucky in all aspects. They can achieve the expected goals at work, and will be able to get help from the patrons. Additionally, their income will be very good this month.
March (April 1st – April 30th, 2022) 
In March, the Snakes can make steady progress in their career. Basically, they won’t have too much pressure. However, they may not be very lucky in wealth and they may be unable to make ends meet. So, they should take care to avoid the financial difficulties.
April (May 1st - May 29th, 2022) 
The Snakes may be busy at work this month, and they will be very likely to be criticized by their superiors due to their mistakes at work in April. As such, they should try to be cautious and fulfill their duties conscientiously.
May (May 30th- June 28th, 2022)
In May, the Snakes will be quite impatient and impetuous at work and they may also have some relationship issues with their family members due to their busy work and less time with their families this month.
June(June 29 – July 28th, 2022) 
In June, the Snakes need to take special care not to invest too much. They should have a reasonable financial management plan, yet not blindly follow suits to invest in stocks or funds. Otherwise, they may incur financial losses.
July (July 29th – August 26th, 2022)
In July, the Snakes will feel relatively relaxed. Basically, they won’t have too much work pressure, and their work goals can be completed earlier. They will also have a good luck from some sideline sources and it will be fit for business trips this month.
August (August 27th – September 25th, 2022)
The Snakes may have some emotional and relationship problems this month, and there may be a lot of relationship problems with their partners. For the older Snakes, they need to take special care of their health this month.
September (September 26th – October 24, 2022)
In September, the most important thing for the Snakes is to take care of the interpersonal relationship. In the daily life, they should keep a proper distance with their colleagues or friends and they should also have a certain sense of precaution.
October (October 25 – November 23rd, 2022)
In October, the Snakes will have an overall good luck. Particularly for the Snakes in the sales industry, if they have big customers, they will be likely to make very substantial earnings and income from these customers.
November (November 24th – December 22nd, 2022)
In November, the Snakes may need to work hard to make a living. However, they should not be too pessimistic because their income will be relatively good. Well, they still need to take special care of their health.
December (December 23rd, 2022 – January 21st, 2023)
In December, the Snakes may have various tasks to complete in the workplace, and they also need to deal with all interpersonal interactions. These things will make them feel more tired, and they need to adjust their mentality and emotions.
January (February 12th – March 12th, 2021)
This month marks the beginning of the year in which you snake people are compatible with Tai Sui. Accordingly, your career will show an uptrend and you will be more motivated, active and lucky in doing things. But your luck for wealth can be a little bad and your income may even decrease.
February (March 13th – April 11th, 2021)
Snake's horoscope is not bad in this month, as your wealth will recover while your career goes well. Perhaps there is no promotion or pay rise, but your capacity for work will be improved, which will be of great help to your prospect.
March (April 12th – May 11th, 2021)
Blessed by the lucky star Jin Kui in charge of wealth, you can get a fat income from sidelines in this month. Though your wage will not rise, your income from other sources will be increased, so your life will go better and your material desire can also be gratified.
April (May 12th - June 9th, 2021)
The overall horoscope of Snake will go up in April, and best of all will be your career and wealth. Many of you may even get a pay rise and promotion at the end of the month. Since the auspicious star Zi Wei will bring you help and facilitate you to work better than before, you can work and earn very easily.
May (June 10th- July 9th, 2021)
In May, the inauspicious star Jian Feng can bring accidents and bad luck to Snakes, making things go against your will and even threatening your health and personal safety. Therefore, you need to look out and protect yourself.
June (July 10th - August 7, 2021)
This month, you will be in better health and less likely to fall ill or find yourself in accidents due to the good luck. Yet you still need to watch out and keep yourself out of harm's way as far as possible. Also, stay alert against everything in daily life.
July (August 8th – September 6th, 2021)
Things may not go well with your career this month. Though you are motivated and spare no effort in your work, you can still find yourself in rumors and have your mood and interpersonal relationship undermined due to the inauspicious stars. Therefore, you should try to keep good relations with other people and prevent the possible scandals. 
August (September 7th – October 5th, 2021)
August requires you to focus on finance. As the wealth horoscope goes down, you will get less pay but spend more, which will affect your life a lot. 
September (October 6th – November 4th, 2021)
The overall horoscope of Snake in September can be relatively stable -- at least no bad luck or accident will happen. Hence, you will lead a very peaceful life. Maybe in other people's eyes, such a life is a bit boring, but it is actually good with you since you are reserved and quiet.
October (November 5th – December 3rd, 2021)
The focus of Snake in October will be career. Although you feel quite stressful and need to do a lot of work this month, the busy job can be very helpful in improving your ability, but you have to withstand the pressure.
November (December 4th, 2021– January 2nd, 2022)
The overall horoscope of Snake in November will take a good turn. With the help of the lucky star Long De, you can meet someone who will be of great help to your career and finance. You are suggested to spend more time and efforts in work this month, so that you can win more chances for promotion and pay rise.
December (January 3rd, 2022 – January 31st, 2022)
In the last month of the year, you should focus on work. As the career horoscope goes up, you can work better and become more motivated in your job. However, do not ignore your health as the poor luck implies higher chance for illness.