Horse Monthly Horoscope Prediction in 2017

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    Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

    Horse 2017 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

    January (January 28th – February 25th, 2017)
    The work of you Horse people will go smoothly in the first lunar month of 2017 and your relationship with superiors and colleagues will be relatively good, leading to the gradual harmonious cooperation and almost no contradiction. Your luck in wealth is ordinary, with both loss and gain; you businessmen should rather make overall planning than limit your vision or care about the loss too much. At the beginning of the year, your luck with the opposite sex will be poor; even if you start a relationship, it will not last long. In terms of health, you should pay attention to possible trachea and lung diseases and avoid staying in the crowded and poorly ventilated places.

    February (February 26th – March 27th, 2017)
    Your luck in work will tend to decline during this month and you may encounter more troublesome problems which you cannot solve; even if with the help of benefactor, you will find it hard to handle the matters and your status in the leader's heart will be shaken, thus find your promotion frustrated. Therefore, you should go through smoothly rather than having too many ideas. Your luck in wealth will be poor and you may have more disputes with clients or regulatory departments because of the disorderly accounts or assets and operating liabilities issues which may even affect the future operation, so you need to deal with it carefully. When it comes to love relationship, you will lack of help; if you already have someone you love, you should grasp the opportunity to develop relationship rather than confessing rashly, so as to avoid failure.

    March (March 28th – April 25th, 2017)
    Everything may come to an untimely end in this month and you need to keep an eye on the villain who may cause trouble to affect your work process. You should be prudent in making investment and learn comprehensively and make a thorough market analysis into the project before making the decision. Your luck in love relationship will be complicated and the unfavorable opposite-sex friend may affect your judgment; you should keep in mind that the one you get more easily is more untruthful. While going out in daily life, you should pay attention to safety in case of an accident.

    April (April 26th - May 25th, 2017)
    You Horse people will gradually walk out of the last month's shadow in work and generally achieve the business purpose although you may have conflicts with colleagues or clients or feel dissatisfied with the signed contract. Therefore, this will be a good month as you will get rid of the bad luck. Your luck in wealth will be favorable and you should seize the opportunity to invest, which may bring you good fortune. Your luck with the opposite sex will be good and you may meet the right one with the help of relatives and friends but you should not confess rashly; instead, you should know each other and develop relationship gradually. From the perspective of health, you should pay attention to dietetic hygiene and avoid overeating; have three meals on time and focus on protecting the intestines and stomach.

    May (May 26th - June 23rd, 2017)
    You will be more likely to encounter a great change in position and possibly work on the new business which is unfamiliar to you, causing the great difficulty and lagging progress accordingly. Due to the poor luck in wealth, you should be prudent in equity and fund investment. Your luck in love relationship will be poor and you may have more quarrels and disputes with your lover after starting the relationship; once there is a crack on relationship, it will be hard to fix. You will have great pressure and your body will react intensely with nausea, emesis, headache, insomnia and other symptoms, so you should have enough rest and avoid staying up late.

    June (June 24th - July 22nd, 2017)
    Your luck in work will be better than before and you will cooperate with your superiors and colleagues harmoniously and get their help and solve the previously backlogged matters in this month. Your luck in wealth will be significantly improved and you will get windfalls; if you want to develop a sideline, you may increase the investment and manage carefully, which will bring you generous returns. Since your luck in love relationship will be favorable, you may meet the right one in travel and start the relationship from friends. In terms of health, you need to pay attention to the infection of skin and infectious diseases and avoid going to the crowded places.

    Leap 6th Month and July (July 23rd – September 19th, 2017)
    Your work in this month will be full of ups and downs: in the first half of the month, things will go smoothly while in the second half of the month, you may meet great changes and the project requiring a big decision will be changeful and unsmooth, thus your chance of getting promoted and salary increase will be slim. Your luck in wealth will be volatile and you should not gamble in making investment. In addition, your luck in love relationship will also have great changes and you will be more likely to break up, so you are suggested to understand and consider more for each other and ease the tensions through proper communication.

    August (September 20th – October 19th, 2017)
    In this August, you will find it hard to implement many of your ideas and you will be in the struggling and discouraged situation. You may have to change the scheduled plan because of a sudden change which will catch you off guard. Your luck in wealth will be poor and it will be adverse to investment and windfall; for those who are opportunistic, you should stop temporarily and avoid making investment in this month. Your luck in love relationship will be bad and you already in love may have an unfavorable affair, so you should not lose your innate mind because of the momentary desire and should be patient and faithful to your love. You will not have big troubles in health and you just need to keep exercise as usual.

    September (October 20th – November 17th, 2017)
    Comparing with the last month, your luck in work will be slightly improved: you will have corresponding solutions to the problems, no longer make detours and ease the relationship with leaders and colleagues, which will facilitate the cooperation in work. Your luck in wealth will be poor and you may suffer obvious unexpected personal financial losses, perhaps because of investment in career. You luck in love relationship will be fairly good and you singles may participate in more social activities to meet more opposite-sex friends. When it comes to health, you should keep an eye on liver and gallbladder diseases, eat more vegetables and fruits and less greasy and fried food.

    October (November 18th – December 17th, 2017)
    Your performance in career will be poor and you will suffer more and more dissenting opinions; if you want to do things according to your own ideas, you may offend someone else and make enemies since you cannot satisfy various interests. Therefore, you should creep before you walk. In making investment, you should be prudent and scrupulous in separating public from private interests and keep detailed accounts while doing business with a partner. Your luck with the opposite sex will be good and you may choose an appropriate day to confess as happiness is waiting for you to explore.

    November (December 18th, 2017 – January 16th, 2018)
    Your luck with the benefactor will be good in work but you still need to use your brain to solve the difficult problems. In this month, you should adhere to the principle of relying upon yourself is better than relying upon others. Your luck in wealth will be average: you businessmen should be careful in making investment and never act rashly before learning the project fully, so as to avoid drawing water with a bamboo basket and getting stuck. This month will be unsuitable for you to get married, also adverse to marriage. Besides, you should pay attention to endocrine dyscrasia and you males should protect the digestive system and kidney.

    December (January 17th, 2018 – February 15th, 2018)
    For you people born in the Horse year, your work will be still in a state of tension and you should not slacken your efforts at the end of the year rather than making all efforts to lay a foundation for the promotion and salary raise in the next year. Due to the average luck in wealth, you should not invest a lot in equity and fund but you may try your fortune in the second half of the month. Your relationship with family will be tense and you singles still need to wait as it will be hard for you to start a relationship successfully. From the perspective of health, you should pay attention to safety when going out and choose an auspicious date before going on a long journey to avoid an accident.
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