Rabbit in Love

Rabbit is listed in the top four zodiac signs blessed in love relationship. The quite and gentle Rabbit people are characterized by the good look, natural and dignified behavior, and extremely good luck with the opposite sex, thus pursued by a lot of people. However, people of Rabbit sign lack of consideration and resolution, tend to fancy and are oversensitive, impulsive and emotional. Though it is easier for them to fall in love with someone, they are not fickle in love. 
As a creature of the emotions, Rabbit can easily have a crush on someone for a specific point. Although people under this sign can pursue love bravely, they are actually quite fragile and unconfident due to the sentimental nature, and worry about too many things.
Full of uncertainties for the relationship, Rabbit people are too attached to and very dependent on their love, making their partners feel tired.
Therefore, the love relationship of Rabbits is relatively unstable but this is mostly caused by their personality.
People born in the year of the Rabbit are suggested to be confident and brave in a relationship. In fact, trust is the best cure-all for love while the source of distrust is showing no sincerity because of worry. There is no need to start a relationship if they funk it. Only courage and trust can lead to a stable and happy relationship.
How to make a Rabbit love you more? If you are in love with a Rabbit person, you are supposed to be brave and persistent since he/she is emotionally vulnerable and tends to shrink and start or end the relationship willfully and impulsively, which will make your relationship unstable. Be brave and persistent if you are determined to be his/her partner, care for him/her when he/she is fragile and give him/her the courage to keep going when he/she is about to flinch.

Rabbit Man in Love

Male Rabbits are keen on the quiet and steady life, yearn for peace and dislike conflicts. The rational and practical Rabbit men tend to be obsessed and possessive in love. In addition to seeking love, they also bring deep love to their lovers. For women, the worst fear is the fading love and that their men no longer love them. But with Rabbit men, such fear is uncalled-for because male Rabbit can give the sweetest love to their partners from the start to the end! → Male Rabbit's Attitude Towards Love   

Rabbit Woman in Love

The calm, kind, gentle and honest female Rabbits have their own principles in love. Once they break up or say no to someone, they would never change their minds. So, don't act like the lovelorn fool to stay by her side because it is just knocking your head against a brick wall. Rabbit women can be good wives who can win glory for their husbands and be envied by many people. In fact, they are quite dependent and fragile in love. → Female Rabbit's Attitude Towards Love

How to Know a Rabbit is in Love with You?

Rabbit people are basically gentle, good-tempered, easy-going and kind-hearted and they prefer the peaceful and comfortable life and the stable relationship. What are the signs of the sensitive and suspicious Rabbit people fall in love with you?  → How to Know a Rabbit is in Love with You?

Rabbit Love Compatibility

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