Chinese Names for Rabbit Year People/Babies

Characters Auspicious for People of Rabbit Zodiac Sign

1. 芬、芳、芙、卉、茗、茶、茹、普、菊、寂、董、葵、苇、蔡、蓉、蒋
Chinese characters with the radical of ''艹'' (meaning: Grass) are nice to be used in name as the Rabbit is a herbivore animal.  

2. 禾、秀、积、苏、获、豆、麦、麻、么、米、粉、粒、梁、精、粮、黍、黎
It’s good to select Chinese characters with the radicals of ''禾'', ''米'', ''豆'', ''麦'', ''梁'', ''翟'', ''稻'', and ''叔'' which are related to five cereals loved by the Rabbit.

3. 豪、家、毅、朱、美、善、祥、羡
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''亥'' (the earthly branch of Pig) and ''未'' (the earthly branch of Sheep) in name will be a great help and assistance for the Rabbit people since Rabbit, Pig and Sheep are compatible with each other in Chinese Zodiac.

4. 形、彦、彩、彬、彭、影、雕、红、约、级、素、统、细、练、绛、洁、丝、绿、绮、维、福、礼、祝
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''彡'', ''系'', ''衣'', ''采'', ''巾'', and ''示'' (which are related to gorgeous). As Rabbit enjoys beautiful fur, the characters with the above radicals can make the Rabbit more gorgeous.

5. 朵、李、杉、束、材、村、东、果、松、桐、桔、梅、植、叶、朴、桦、树
It’s auspicious to use Chinese characters with the radical of ''木'' (meaning: Wood) which belongs to the east while ''卯'' (the earthly branch of Rabbit) also belongs to wood. The characters with the above radical have the meaning of meeting the same kind.

6. 口、台、吉、谷、向、吕、告、含、呈、吟、吾、和、周、品、味、哈、啥、四、园、围、图、团、容、宋、定、宙、宜、尚、有、家、富
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''口'' and ''宀'' (which are related to cave or burrow) because the Rabbit likes to run in the burrow and the Chinese saying goes a wily hare has three burrows.

Characters Inauspicious for People of Rabbit Zodiac Sign

1. 西、覃、酥、醇、醒、羽、翌、翔、翡、凤、凰、鸾、金、钏、钧、铃、钰、银、录、锦、钱、镜、秋、鹏、鸿、鹄、鹃
No good to see Chinese characters with the radicals of ''酉'', ''西'', ''鸡'', ''鸟'', ''几'', ''金'', ''钅''and ''羽'' (which are related with Rooster) since Rabbit and Rooster are incompatible with each other.

2. 日、阳、明、春、旭、晨、易、旺、时、晋、晶、景、普、晚、晴、晖、暖、暑、晰、乾
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''日'' and ''阳'' (meaning: Sun). Rabbit represents moon while moon and sun are incompatible with each other, so the characters with the above radicals are not suggested.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Surnames

It would be preferable to select the following surnames for the people born in the Rabbit year.
石、吕、田、谷、黄、苗、蔡、蒋、黎、朱、董、苏、宋、孟、游、潘、温、郭、李、洪、家、象、姜、汪、江、池、沉、孙、康、盛、周 and etc.
The Rabbit people should avoid choosing the following surnames:
袁、侯、申、张、连、毛、徐、倪、佟、章、杨、熊、斐、翁、邬、金、谭、姚、顾、庞、龚、钮、郑 and etc.

Lucky Given Names for Male and Female Born in the Year of Rabbit

Following are decent and elegant given names for male and female Rabbits.

Auspicious Two-Words Given Names:
For Male: 育英、育华、家豪、家鹏、家毅、鹏飞、月清、朴树、彦红、云朋、尚礼
For Female: 善美、如影、育英、素洁、月祺、秀蓉、彩芬、秀茹、秀梅

Auspicious One-Word Given Names:
For Male: 普、梁、豪、毅、祥、彬、朋、彭、东、桐、品、尚
For Female: 芬、芳、芙、茗、茹、菊、蓉、秀、美、善、美、彩、红、洁、朵、梅

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