Careers for Rabbit

Rabbits like the peaceful and stable life, and most of them are content with the status quo, never expecting the colorful life. In other words, Rabbit people are not ambitious, so they seldom make brilliant achievements. However, they attach great importance to the interpersonal relationship at work and wish to finish their work on time, thus often appreciated by their superiors and respected by colleagues. Meek and mild, Rabbits are quite popular in a team and often carry out their work smoothly.
● Suitable Jobs for Rabbit: business consultants, translators, nannies, writers, artists, nurses, house keepers, food quality inspectors, office assistants, construction engineers etc. 
● Work Partners for Rabbit
→ Best Working Partners: Sheep, Dog and Pig
→ Good Working Partners: Tiger and Dragon
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Snake and Horse
→ Bad Working Partners: Rooster, Dragon and Rat
● Best Age to Start a Business for Rabbit: Age 40-50
● Best Career Field for Rabbit: Quality Inspection
● Best Business to Do: Dessert Shop, Ice Cream Parlor
● Best Direction for Career:  East, South, Southeast, Northwest

Suitable and Ideal Jobs

Reception Work
Office clerk or other work related to reception is suitable for Rabbit people, as their excellent adaptability allows them to develop ability.
Jobs Requiring a Delicate Mind
With a keen sense of art and a perceptual outlook on life, Rabbits are suitable for jobs related to literature, art, architecture, and music, in which they can show their talents and accomplish both success and fame. Also, they can be competent for jobs requiring a delicate mind and keen observation, such as consultation, business consultant, translation and nanny.
Jobs Requiring a Sound Interpersonal Relationship
For Rabbit people, one of the major advantages at work lies in their simple mind and excellent interpersonal relationship. They can make friends with high officials and noble lords, as well as people in various trades. Naturally, jobs that require sound relationships, such as PR, are ideal for them. Also, they may try to be an industrialist in charge of decision-making but should keep in mind that, they need a reliable friend who can offer help and give wise advice to succeed.

Best Field for Rabbit:Quality Inspection

The picky Rabbits are very suitable for quality inspection which is a sector of finding faults. Bad-tempered and impatient, they are often 3-minute passion and get nowhere in society. Quality inspector, however, is an ideal job for them since they are very meticulous.

Unsuitable Work for Rabbit

Generally, people under the Rabbit sign are not suitable for jobs that involve too much manual labor or too much time. From the perspective of character, the gentle Rabbits always let nature take its course, and dislike to fight or attack others for their own interest, thus not suitable for jobs that require them to wander between right and wrong, justice and sense. Also, they need to avoid the work with fierce competition and interest, such as politics and business, which are not suitable for them in view of their personality.

Career Advice

From the perspective of overall career development, Rabbits are unlikely to experience great storms in life but live a peaceful life due to their character. A quiet and peaceful life, however, is what people want in the impetuous and busy society. Therefore, the life of Rabbit people is often envied by others and they may get just the opposite and encounter setbacks if with excessive desires. To start a business, of course, they should take the long view and grasp the long-ranger goal. All in all, the advice for Rabbits in choosing a job is: do not set goals too high, or their nature will be repressed and they will find no pleasure even if achieve something great; the most important thing is to find a job that they are interested in, competent and happy with.

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