Personality Traits of Rabbit


1. Thoughtful, tender and considerate
2. Kind-hearted, merciful and not apt to lose temper;
3. Eloquent and talented in language, quite popular;
4. Sociable, polite, talk cheerfully and humorously, graceful bearing, cautious, dislike to dispute with others, have the gentle temperament of converting enemies into friends;
5. Delicate and family-oriented;
6. Beauty-valued and love to design and decorate the house elegantly;
7. Hospitable, courteous, compassionate and helpful;
8. Shrewd, witty and imaginative.


1. Unambitious and tend to drift along;
2. Peacocky, sometimes timid, weak-willed and self-satisfied with joy;
3. Emotional;
4. Unwilling to study hard;
5. Tend to be bureaucratic;
6. Fickle in love and prone to love disputes, indecisive, and often fail out of amorous matter;
7. Overly scrupulous, unwilling to unbosom but escape from reality, and often lose an opportunity due to the over-conservative character.

Male and Female Rabbits Personality

Male Rabbit Personality: Rabbit men are gentle, modest, kind, optimistic, sensitive and considerate. The sociable and polite male Rabbits usually talk cheerfully and humorously and boast a personable and prudent style. Also, they are modest, tolerant, family-oriented and less argumentative. As for shortcomings, they are vain, emotional and content with the status quo.

Female Rabbit Personality: Female Rabbits are considerate, quick-witted and easy-going. They love the group living and always behave in a courteous manner, thus popular with everyone. The only flaw is that they are jealous and often trapped in love.

Rabbit People's Personality by Five Elements

The Rabbit people of different elements have different personalities. Click the following links to get personalities for five types of Rabbits.
Wood Rabbit: 1975 (Feb. 11, 1975 - Jan. 30, 1976)
Water Rabbit: 1963 (Jan. 25, 1963 - Feb. 12, 1964)
Metal Rabbit: 1951 (Feb. 06, 1951 - Jan. 26, 1952) and 2011 (Feb. 03, 2011 - Jan. 22, 2012)
Earth Rabbit: 1939 (Feb. 19, 1939 - Feb. 08, 1940) or 1999 (Feb. 16, 1999 - Feb. 04, 2000)
Fire Rabbit: 1927 (Feb. 02, 1927 - Jan. 22, 1928) or 1987 (Jan. 29, 1987 - Feb. 16, 1988)

Rabbit People's Personality by Blood Types

Rabbit People Born in Different Periods of a Day

The rabbit people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune:

The rabbit people born in the morning are quick and strong-minded. They are independent and never go with the tide. Once deciding to do something, they will take action immediately without hesitation. Because of this, they are usually driven from pillar to post as lacking of comprehensive consideration beforehand. However, they are quick-minded to adjust soon. They are studious of their business and enjoy their work well. So, salesmen or businessmen instead of civil servants are good occupation for them. Besides, they are always dressed to the nines and dainty about eating.
Not like the rabbit people born in the morning, those born at noon are weak and made of excellent human dough. They usually win popular with masses as they are with a feeble personality and seldom to make enemies. Most of them are gentlemen who are quite affable, well-spoken and never give offence to others. While, once quick in action, they are regarded reckless. So, pay attention to their behaviors is important.
The rabbit people born during the evening are smart and outgoing but also have no definite views of their own and are of weak characters. These personalities can be shown from their habit of changing jobs frequently. They are usually unable to resist the temptation from outside, so are fickle in love and work. Therefore, they should keep in minds that never change easily under any circumstances and stay grounded to live.

Detailed Character Analysis of Rabbits

In Chinese myths and legends, rabbit is a symbol of longevity and an elf of the moon. Therefore, people born in the year of Rabbit are one of the luckiest in Chinese Zodiac. If the quiet Rabbit people could choose their own life path, they will certainly choose the comfortable and leisurely lifestyle because they believe the plain life is the greatest happiness.

You can identify the Rabbit people simply from their appearance and dressing up because they love the loose, comfortable and high-quality clothes and hate the flashy geometric or dazzling design. Also, they like the coordinated and balanced state.

With an inborn love for the plain and comfortable life, Rabbit people do not have the lofty ideal like people under other animal signs and their primary goal in life is self-protection. They are contented to the easy and comfortable life and generally have no ambition of making great achievements as they are unwilling to be busy running about fame and wealth; they'd rather stand aloof from worldly success than live a luxury life.

Rabbits are gentle and quiet and they always behave dignifiedly and orderly and will never make waves. When there is a disagreement or dispute, they generally will not go head to head. They stubbornly believe that it is easy to be friendly towards each other and they always try to be polite, even towards an enemy. Unlike the Dragon, Dog, Tiger and Rooster people who love the fierce fight, they hate quarrel and any form of openly hostility and build up a fortune from this character. They have no interest in fight, thus not suitable for fighters charging forward but working behind scenes effectively.

In the nature, the weak species like rabbit has a very strong sense of security and you can rarely find it at the dangerous place. Therefore, you don't need to worry about Rabbit people's life at all because they are agile, smart, and good at escaping from harm and thinking for themselves, thus hardly be fooled and can restrain their hobby to keep secrets or personal privacy.

Rabbit is a symbol of kindness, elegant manner, good advice, affability and love of beauty. People born in the year of Rabbit like the peaceful, quiet and comfortable environment and they are highly reserved, love art and have a strong judgment. Their gentle words, charitable and timid lifestyle reflect all the ideological qualities of a successful diplomat. Rabbit people start well and end well, and like the plain life, making them outstanding scholars. Also, they are suitable for political and government work due to their gentle and kind image.

Rabbits understand life very well and they make others believe they will not do wrong, say harshly or solve problems with rude words. Sometimes, they are seemingly unhurried or overly cautious, which is decided by their nature of watching out and preferring to plain life.

Rabbit people are skilled in saving face for both sides. Where there is a dispute, they will be tolerant to others and find a way to make others unembarrassed.

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