Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Rabbit

Rabbit's Best and Worst Match

Best Match: Sheep, Dog, Pig
Worst Match: Rat, Ox, Horse, Dragon, Rooster

The people born in the year of the Dog can be compatible with the Rabbit most. Also, the Sheep and the Pig can get along very well with the Rabbit no matter as lovers, cooperators or friends.

Other animal signs that can be harmonious with the Rabbit include the Tiger, Monkey, Snake and the other Rabbit.

If the Rabbit people get married or cooperate with the Rooster, Horse, Rat, Dragon or Ox people, it’s hard to enjoy a happy marriage life or get success in career. The people that the Rabbit couldn’t bear most are the Rooster who likes to criticize others too much. Also, they don’t like the Horse people as the horse people are changeable in character. Due to the conflicts of Rabbit and Rat in Chinese Zodiac, these two kinds of people are not a good match. When comes to the Rabbit and Ox, they often have disagreements due to their personality difference.

Male Rabbit's Relationship Compatibility

For Male Rabbit Match Score Note
Male Rabbit + Female Rat 50 You conflict each other in terms of Chinese Zodiac.
Male Rabbit + Female Ox 50 You are a couple that requires mutual trust and encouragement. Your disagreements are due to your personality difference.
Male Rabbit + Female Tiger 60 You are a good match if you are with brother and sister relationship. While, if you are lovers, you usually are out of step with each other.
Male Rabbit + Female Rabbit 70 It's easy for you to live a quiet and peaceful life together, but it's hard for you to go further.
Male Rabbit + Female Dragon 45 If you want to enjoy a happy marriage, both of you should make great sacrifice and avoid being bored in life.
Male Rabbit + Female Snake 70 You are a couple with sincere affection, but requiring to develop each other's strong points and avoid the weak ones.
Male Rabbit + Female Horse 50 You are a couple requiring constant encouragement and long-term joint efforts to make your relationship harmonious.
Male Rabbit + Female Sheep 90 You are an ideal match that can compromise with each other. Both of you are easy-going, amiable and romantic.
Male Rabbit + Female Monkey 65 You are a quarrelsome but loving couple that may irritate each other easily.
Male Rabbit + Female Rooster 30 You are a couple that usually conflict and quarrel with each other.
Male Rabbit + Female Dog 95 You complement to each other very well. Both of you can fully understand and support the other's demand, and are willing to try your best to satisfy each other.
Male Rabbit + Female Pig 90 You are a close couple that both of you are very satisfied with each other and can arouse each other's interests and sympathy.

Female Rabbit's Relationship Compatibility

For Female Rabbit Match Score Note
Female Rabbit + Male Rat 50 You will live a less happy marriage life. You pay too much attention to yourselves, but are unwilling to pay more attention to the other party.
Female Rabbit + Male Ox 50 You are a couple that needs frequent communication and adjustment to make your marriage happy.
Female Rabbit + Male Tiger 60 Although you sometimes have conflicts, you could understand each other. Also, the female rabbit knows how to be a good wife and mother in family
Female Rabbit + Male Rabbit 70 It's easy for you to live a quiet and peaceful life together, but it's hard for you to go further.
Female Rabbit + Male Dragon 55 You can be a happy couple if you can resist the outside interference with your joint efforts.
Female Rabbit + Male Snake 65 You can be a peaceful and harmonious match, but you are both narcissistic and pay attention to self-expression and personal desire.
Female Rabbit + Male Horse 30 You are a couple with distinctive personalities and different attitude towards life.
Female Rabbit + Male Sheep 90 You are a perfect match. Both of you are thoughtful and know how to care about each other's feelings and wants.
Female Rabbit + Male Monkey 80 You can be a cooperative and harmonious couple finally although you may often reach the same goal by different routes.
Female Rabbit + Male Rooster 20 Your marriage life will be full of conflicts. You have difficulties in enjoying love due to your distinct personalities.
Female Rabbit + Male Dog 95 You are a couple with good cooperation and frankness. Both of you are zealous in life and good at communication, and have clear goals.
Female Rabbit + Male Pig 90 You are an enviable couple, since both of you are content with what you have and are willing to devote yourselves to your love and marriage.

Best Matches Based on Rabbit's Birth Month

Following are best matches for the Rabbit people born in different months. For example, if you were born in March and you are a girl, then your best match zodiac sign is the Pig.
Birth Month of the Rabbit Personality of the Rabbit Girl's Match Boy's Match
Jan. free and easy Snake Sheep
Feb. varied and graceful Dragon Dragon
Mar. without stability and a willingness Pig Monkey
Apr. having a strong work ability Ox Dog
May. simple-minded Rooster Monkey
Jun. realistic Rooster Sheep
Jul. rational and steady-going Rat Tiger
Aug. never giving up Rat Ox
Sep. having dual character Snake Tiger
Oct. emotional Dog Rabbit
Nov. honest and introversive Snake Dog
Dec. lacking of dependence Tiger Rooster

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