1963 Chinese Zodiac – Water Rabbit

Year of the Water Rabbit

People born in the year of 1963 (Jan. 25, 1963 - Feb. 12, 1964) which is Gui Mao Year are members of the Water Rabbit. For those born before Jan. 25, 1963, they belong to the zodiac animal of Water Tiger.

Personality and Horoscope for the Water Rabbit

The people of the Zodiac sign of rabbit and element water is mostly gentle, enduring and could adjust themselves to different kinds of environment. They could show them best to the fullest extent in most cased. However, they are persons having no principle or little awareness of principle which make them easy to be affected by others. ‘He that touches the pitch shall be defiled.’ What kind of persons they will be is sometimes decided by what kind of circumstances surround them.

Besides, in character, the water rabbit are easy to take what comes and be contented. Because of this, they tend to be passive in doing things and like peaceful life. They are pleasure seekers but would not like to do utmost efforts at the same time have no sense of urgency. If there is someone around them encourages and urges them to have a great sense of uplift, they could still get exceptional achievement.

The water rabbits are easy to rely on others, however will be low-spirited once the backing disappears. So, they need to learn how to be independent. Luckily, they have ability to solve problems. In addition with the help of friends or colleagues, they are usually never being caught on the wrong foot. So, in daily life, they need to establish a good interpersonal relationship with friends.

When comes to the career, it’s greatly related to the mood of water rabbit. When they are in bad mood, they like to lose temper with others even with their superiors. As a result, a good promotion chance may be spoiled. Therefore, if they want a smooth career, the first thing they need to do is to control the mood.

In health condition, the water rabbits need to take more importance. As long as there is any discomfort, they should go to the doctor immediately. Never neglect the physical problems due to the reason of spending a lot of money.

In love, the singles mostly feel that a suitable partner is hard to find. It’s better to change their consistent style of doing things and be active to pursue the opposite sex you like. The married or those in love may find there are a lot of problems in life which directly affect their mood and cause disputes. This requires them to learn tolerate. Besides, as the water rabbits are gentle and easy to be taken advantage of by others especially in emotion, they need to improve their observation and judgment abilities.

In terms of finance, they are good at making money especially earn a lot by using others’ capital masterly. Although they meet difficulties in turnover of funds, their ability of relying on other’s help could carry them through. Because they like to pursue pleasure in life, they are easy to spend money on unnecessary things. So, it’s better avoid wasting and save more for rainy days.

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