* The prediction is valid for 2019 (year of the Pig) starting from February 5, 2019 and lasting to January 24, 2020.


Rating: 4 and a half stars
Since the earthly branch of Rabbit is compatible with that of Tai Sui in 2019 - a year of Earth Pig, you Rabbit people will be compatible with Tai Sui and the overall fortunes will be on the rise, thus everything will go well in your life. Blessed by many auspicious stars, you will get help once in trouble, have things go smoothly, see many opportunities for cooperation in career, get promoted step by step, and user in a bright future. Yet, the adverse impact of several inauspicious stars will make you framed up by villains and prone to lawsuit and dispute, so be tolerant and never stir up trouble out of impulse. The excessive suspicion will be fatal to your love relationship. As for daily life, the inauspicious star 'Mo Yue' means the difficulty in adapting to environment, especially in a strange place, which will make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you'd better choose an auspicious date for moving, travel, business trip and other environment changes to counter the negative effects.


Rating: 5 stars
2019 means a year of good luck with income from work for you Rabbits. Additionally, being compatible with Tai Sui and supported by the auspicious stars will make you take less detours, know how to make money and accumulate wealth. 'San Tai', a slow auspicious star, implies you people under the Rabbit sign will make money steadily and slowly, so never dream of making fast money and throwing a sprat to catch a herring. If you are fond of gambling, you'd better keep away from high play to avoid failure. In the year compatible with Tai Sui, you may meet professional, well-known and authoritative people, with whom you will cooperate in real sense to earn more profits. But keep an eye on the contract details to avoid any interest dispute. To improve your wealth luck in the Pig year, females are suggested to wear a citrine bracelet with Rabbit sign. For males, you'd better wear a Tiger's Eye Sanhe bracelet


Rating: 5 stars
Blessed by 'San Tai' and 'Jiang Xing' good for career, you Rabbits, especially those in leadership, will have wider space for career development and a brighter future, and see the raise of power and salary. Do not ignore the details at work because you may make mistakes in a hurry under the adverse impact of inauspicious stars. Being compatible with Tai Sui means many good opportunities for cooperation, and you should keep an eye on those under the animal signs of Pig and Sheep who can bring you opportunities for career. Affected by 'Wu Gui', you will have a complex relationship in workplace and be envied by others - just do your job well and keep a low profile to dissolve the bad luck. 'Mo Yue' will make it hard for you to adapt to new environment and get along with new colleagues, so you'd better think twice if you want to change a job. To improve your career fortune and work smoothly in 2019, you are suggested to wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Rabbit sign pendant

Love Relationship

Rating: 4 stars
Since you are compatible with Tai Sui in this year, your love will be full of surprises; singles will have extremely good luck with the opposite sex and shall make a prudent choice. For married Rabbits, being compatible with Tai Sui will promote your relationship and make you get along well with your partner; if you are well-off, you may travel together with your partner to enjoy the good life but keep an eye on the alienation caused by 'Wu Gui'. Blessed by 'San Tai', you Rabbits in a relationship are supposed to have better luck but 'Mo Yue' will create a distance between you and your lover. The long-distance relationship will make you estranged from each other but it will be fine if you can visit each other frequently. To improve your relationship this year, you are suggested to wear a 925 silver necklace with rose quartz rabbit sign or a pink crystal bracelet with Rabbit sign. It's also good to place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship.


Rating: 4 stars
During 2019, you will be in good health due to the above-average luck. Suppressed by 'Fei Lian', however, you need to guard against accidental injury. Meanwhile, 'Bai Hu' will make you restless and lead to many disasters, so keep away from exciting and dangerous sports, or you will be wounded and bleed. When it comes to emotion, you may dislike communication and would rather grieve alone and suffer from secret troubles under the impact of 'Mo Yue'. Besides, 'Mo Yue' also means the maladaptation to environment. Therefore, you should pay special attention at the turn of seasons and beware of adverse effect therefrom. To be blessed with good health in 2019, you'd better wear a Green agate bracelet with Rabbit sign. If you drive more, you are suggested to hang a pig sign car rearview mirror hanging ornament for safe driving in 2019.

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