Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Horse

Horse's Best and Worst Match

Best Match: Tiger, Sheep, Dog
Worst Match: Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Horse 
In terms of relationship with the people under other animal signs, the Horse people’s best companions are the Tiger, Sheep and Dog. The Horse people usually could find the life goal from the dependence of Sheep. When staying with the Tigers, the Horses can be moved by their hospitality and attracted by them. To be together with the Dogs, the Horses could make love grow like an evergreen tree because of the Dog’s patient character. 
Also, the people under the Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Pig, and Rooster signs are nice ones to be friends or partners with the Horse people. 
However, the Horses don’t like the Rat people and the Rats also can’t accept the Horse’s characters. Besides, there will be conflicts for the Horses to contact with the Ox persons, as their personalities clash with each other. When cooperate with the Rabbits, there will be many frictions for the Horses who usually lack patience. Also in love, they could understand each other completely. When two Horses make a combination, it’s hard to enjoy a stable family because both of them hate the restraint of daily trifles.

Male Horse's Relationship Compatibility

For Male Horse Match Score Note
Male Horse + Female Rat 45 You are a couple lacking cohesion. Both of you have great aptitude and strong opinions.
Male Horse + Female Ox 50 You are a couple with distinct personalities, lacking common interests and consistent style of living.
Male Horse + Female Tiger 90 You are a couple that has much in common and can interact with each other.
Male Horse + Female Rabbit 30 You are a couple with distinctive personalities and different attitude towards life.
Male Horse + Female Dragon 80 You are a lively couple that knits together naturally. Both of you yearn for a colorful and changeable life.
Male Horse + Female Snake 55 Both of you are independent, talented and efficient, so it's hard for you to make sacrifice for the other.
Male Horse + Female Horse 50 You can form a family. But both of you hate the restraint of daily trifles, so your family may be not so stable.
Male Horse + Female Sheep 85 You are able to draw upon and benefit from each other to build up a happy family.
Male Horse + Female Monkey 65 Both of you are gifted and able to get out of difficulties with perfect ease. However, you have too many similarities, which results in conflicts easily.
Male Horse + Female Rooster 60 You can treat each other open-heartedly, but lack of orchestration.
Male Horse + Female Dog 90 You will live in harmony and mutual respect and grow old together. Both of you are outgoing, generous and vigorous, which makes your family life full of joy.
Male Horse + Female Pig 60 You can tolerate each other, but are not able to fully accept each other.

Female Horse's Relationship Compatibility

For Female Horse Match Score Note
Female Horse + Male Rat 30 You can't accept the other party's points at usual time. When encountering an obstacle, it seems hard to avoid finding ways out individually.
Female Horse + Male Ox 50 You can't be an ideal match, since it's hard for you to cooperate harmoniously and to understand each other.
Female Horse + Male Tiger 90 Both of you are open-minded, enthusiastic and good at communication, which makes you a happy and vigorous combination.
Female Horse + Male Rabbit 50 You are a couple requiring constant encouragement and long-term joint efforts to make your relationship harmonious.
Female Horse + Male Dragon 70 The female horse is resourceful, smart and capable of being a good housewife and a good worker. The female horse's dependence on the male dragon brings him a great sense of fulfillment.
Female Horse + Male Snake 60 You come together on the spur of the moment, since your attitude towards life seems always counter-intuitive.
Female Horse + Male Horse 50 You can form a family. But both of you hate the restraint of daily trifles, so your family may be not so stable.
Female Horse + Male Sheep 85 You are true lovers and your union makes a happy and stable family.
Female Horse + Male Monkey 70 You could be good partners or friends but need mutual care and concession to have a long and happy life once get married.
Female Horse + Male Rooster 65 The course of your marriage life is bumpy, but you are able to move forward together.
Female Horse + Male Dog 90 Thanks to your mutual efforts, trust and support, you can build up a happy and vigorous family.
Female Horse + Male Pig 80 Marriage life makes you realize the value of communication and concession, so you will build up a warm and harmonious family finally.

Best Matches Based on Horse's Birth Month

Following are best matches for the Horse people born in different months. For example, if you were born in February and you are a girl, then your best match zodiac sign is the Dog.  
Birth Month of the Horse Personality of the Horse Girl's Match Boy's Match
Jan. strong-minded Pig Ox
Feb. magnanimous; broad-minded Dog Rat
Mar. full of dreams Ox Monkey
Apr. outgoing; active Snake Sheep
May. having a good head for maths Rat Rat
Jun. attractive Monkey Sheep
Jul. kind-hearted Dog Rabbit
Aug. lacking of great popularity Dog Snake
Sep. be loyal to one's friends Rabbit Rat
Oct. scrupulous; careful Ox Tiger
Nov. be satisfied with the present Sheep Horse
Dec. impulsive Pig Rat

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