1978 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Horse

Year of the Earth Horse

People born in the year of 1978 (Feb. 07, 1978 - Jan. 27, 1979) Wu Wu year are members of the Earth Horse. For those born before Feb. 07, 1978, they belong to the zodiac animal of Fire Snake.

Personality and Horoscope for the Earth Horse

Earth horses born in 1978 are gentle and honest, and they are serious and down-to-earth for everything although they don't have the creative ability; their rigorous careful work attitude wins them the trust from their friends. However, sometimes they are too indecisive, which makes them miss the opportunity. Earth horses are blessed by the God of Fortune in the whole life. Due to their respectful and polite attitude towards people, serious and down-to-earth attitude towards work, they have good fame among people, thus often supported and helped by friends, elders or superiors in career and have good achievements in work and life.

Earth horses are workaholic, optimistic, kindhearted, and they try their best to help their friends and are ready to help others. Also, their uprightness brings them many friends, and they often help their friends out and win the recognition from their boss with their strong sense of responsibility. Although they are impatient and make mistakes sometimes, they are still loved by people around.

Earth horses are easy-going and good at communicating with others, so they are suitable for those jobs requiring outside activities and more chances of making friends. The happiest thing for them is to learn the ancient culture, or to explore some new social orders they can adapt to.

The way of keeping good health is very useful for rehabilitation and fitness, so earth horses need to pay more attention to the relevant knowledge and be careful about diet and health. In addition, they need to do some proper exercise to live a healthy and safe life.

Earth horses have to make hard efforts to obtain the satisfactory results. They have average luck in making money in the whole life, and there is almost no personal financial loss for them; sometimes, they could get a huge amount of money from stock appreciation or winning the lottery. At this time, they should save up the money for unexpected needs rather than wasting it.

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