Horse Personality


1. Cheerful, optimistic, romantic, passionate, and well-spoken;
2. Make friends widely, lay emphasis on friendship, heroism-oriented and defend against injustice;
3. Initiative, uncompromising, and hold on straight to the end once determined;
4. Talented in various aspects, perceptive, no sooner said than done and like to accept new things;
5. Chase after fashion, pay attention to appearance and like to dress up beautifully;
6. Insightful, act quickly, highly independent and often make a prompt decision.


1. Short-tempered, impatient, more likely to lead a life of pleasure;
2. Highly subjective, arbitrary, blind to others' advice and unwilling to be constrained;
3. Concerned about face-saving and vanity;
4. Poor ability in financial management, tend to increase income but never reduce expenditure;
5. Arrogant, unwilling to acknowledge a mistake, impulsive, seldom care about others' feelings and often offend others due to the outspoken character.

Male and Female Horses Personality

Male Horse Personality: Male Horses are independent and unrestrained. They are quick-witted, cheerful, incandescent, sincere and optimistic. The shortcomings for them is that they are hot-headed, deaf to advice and short of patience and motivation despite they are ambitious.

Female Horse Personality: Female Horses are energetic, fashionable, pretty, lively and light-headed. Some of them are gentle while some are unruly. However, they can always earn admiration from others.

Horse People's Personality by Five Elements

The Horse people of different elements have different personalities. Click the following links to get personalities for five types of Horses.
Metal Horse: 1990 (Jan. 27, 1990 - Feb. 14, 1991)
Earth Horse: 1978 (Feb. 07, 1978 - Jan. 27, 1979)
Fire Horse: 1966 (Jan. 21, 1966 - Feb. 08, 1967)
Wood Horse: 1954 (Jan. 31, 1954 - Feb. 17, 1955) or 2014 (Jan.28, 2014 - Feb. 15, 2015)
Water Horse: 1942 (Feb. 15, 1942 - Feb. 04, 1943) or 2002 (Feb. 12, 2002 - Jan. 31, 2003)

Horse People's Personality by Blood Types

Horse People Born in Different Periods of a Day

The horse people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune:

The Horse person born in the morning is flat in fortune during the whole life because the sunlight is not strong in the morning. The early years will be better than the later years. So they are suggested to get good preparation for the old age. They can insure themselves or strive to earn enough money when they are young and deposit them in the bank for later use.

The Horse people born at noon usually have strong personality. They are easy to get angry and offend others. Because of this, their life may full of frustrations no matter in work or social life. People with such characters had better try to change or believe some Eastern religions to change the fortune.
Those born in the evening are best in fortune as the cool night can weaken the flame. They may get success and have great achievements in career before thirty-five. However, never get dizzy with success. They should enrich themselves in knowledge continuously and not to be the person who looks impressive but lack real worth. For the women, to have a better planning for their career is very important.

Detailed Character Analysis of Horses

Horse people are cheerful, quick-witted, fashionable, well-spoken and insightful but tend to be short-tempered out of their changeable disposition. In the earthly branches, Horse is a symbol of pleasure-seeking playboy and playgirl who may easily start or end a relationship. There is every indication that people under the Horse sign generally go out to work or start a business in youth; even if they stay at home, they tend to start a career at a young age due to the independent spirit.

Horses are enthusiastic, generous and kind, and they often get along well with others, thus have many friends and are very popular. Therefore, they like social activities, spend a lot on this and cannot save money.

Like the optimists, Horse people always impress others for their cheerfulness and they are lively, optimistic and energetic and like to join in the fun. Also, they are talkative, humorous, like smiling, and often can make others smile, and feel they are warm and comfortable. With a cheerful and positive character, they usually stand out and make a little accomplishment in youth.

The word ''boring'' never appears in their life and they are very active even if live a very ordinary life. They keep creating fun to their life and bring freedom to themselves and winter sunshine to others, so they are very active. Besides, they are tolerant and seldom envy others.

Horse people are fond of brain training and physical activities, which can be seen from their smart move, graceful posture and fast talking speed. They have a swift response and can make a prompt decision. The flexible and cheerful character makes up for their wavering and impatient weakness.

It is hard for them to adapt to other's schedule and they are impatient to observe regulations, so they are suitable for the competent and stimulating work; they often come up with a lot of useful ideas and find the solutions and they are good at solving difficult problems. Therefore, if you have an assistant under the Horse sign, you can feel assured to give the complicated tasks to him/her.

In terms of wealth, it is easy for them to make a lot of money, but they like the luxury life and love to put on airs, so they spend a lot and cannot save money.

Once the Horse people are in love, they will be very considerate! Although they love freedom and hate to be restrained when they are single, they will change completely and show the different status once in love: they become family-oriented and take good care of their lovers, displaying the rare tender side. If you can find a lover under the Horse sign, you will be undoubtedly the happiest in the world!

They like to make friends with those who are not scheming and they are willing to help their friend at the loss of life. Once you become a friend of them, they will regard you as the one on their side and within the scope of their control. However, sometimes they will bring troubles to others because they are too clingy!

They are not the routineer; instead, they dress up fashionably and love to show off. When there is an activity or party, they tend to choose the light color, strange and gorgeous clothing of poor taste.

One of the shortcomings of Horse people lies in their short temper and stubbornness but they often forget about the unhappiness quickly. They always require others to work as fast as them and once they get unsatisfactory results, they will be full of complaints and unhappy.

Horses are always ambitious but have poor execution. In particular, they tend to be satisfied with minor achievements in the face of the important things and they are often forgetful, unmindful and sometimes talk irrelevantly.

Horse people are too straightforward and cannot keep the secret of anyone. Therefore, you'd better not tell them your secrets.

Another shortcoming is that they are a little emotional and you may find their mood changes quickly: they are happy just now but angry in the next second. They do want to control their mood but just cannot due to their nature.

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