1954, 2014 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Horse

Years of the Wood Horse

People born in the year of 1954 (Jan. 31, 1954 - Feb. 17, 1955) or 2014 (Jan. 28, 2014 - Feb. 15, 2015) Jia Wu year are members of the Wood Horse. For those born before Jan. 31, 1954 or Jan. 28, 2014, they belong to the zodiac animal of Water Snake.

Personality and Horoscope for the Wood Horse

Wood horses are good at establishing good relationships with others. On many occasions, they often act as a go-between with the ability of communication and coordination. However, they usually attend to one thing and lose another because of their lack of patience, making people feel they are fickle.

They do not want to be constrained or controlled by others rather than living a free and unrestrained life. Wood horses are considerate for their friends, thus very popular. Also, they love the new and loathe the old and are full of rich imaginations, so they are suitable for development and creative industry. However, they need to improve their ability of telling right from wrong to avoid from being fooled and getting into trouble.

Full of rich imaginations, wood horses always have insightful views on things and tell the ideas of the other in advance, making the audience impressed. However, they are a little impatient and emotional although energetic; in doing things, they are diligent at first but lazy at last in an anti-climax manner, so they need to cultivate their perseverance and patience.

Wood horses are inborn leaders and they are suitable for decision makers because their cautious and determined decisions tend to be correct which make their subordinates are sincerely convinced.

In terms of love, wood horses are used to the stable relationship and they need to be careful about the extramarital love since they are popular and have good luck with the opposite sex, which is a taboo for the married people. In addition, wood horses need to pay special attention to the opposite sex customers or partners in work or business and remember to limit the contact in work only, otherwise the growing love will bring them troubles.

Wood horses have big changes in terms of the luck in wealth, and they usually earn incomes besides the major work, such as part-time job and commission. However, they cannot accumulate most of the wealth, so they need to buy gold and diamond for value preservation. It's inadvisable for wood horses to have money affairs with others.

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