Horse in Love

Horse is ranked in the top four zodiac signs blessed in love relationship. People born in the year of the Horse are good at dressing up, good-looking, charming and very popular with the opposite sex. They are cheerful, gifted for words, responsible and optimistic. In love relationship, Horse people are frank and less possible to get caught up in dilemmas. When they find the relationship is impossible, they will change and find another one.
People of Horse sign like to gallop freely in the vast prairie and they believe in love. In their ideology, love is free and sweet. Therefore, they look forward to the free relationship and would keep their lovers within their control.
Due to the strong sense of crisis in love, they prefer to take the lead and the initiative. Once their lovers are out of control, they will feel very anxious. As the saying goes, ''do not do to others what you would not have them do to you''. Horses are suggested not to impose their own ideas on their partners since everyone enjoys freedom in love. Otherwise, the love will be worn down sooner or later no matter how deep it is.
In a relationship, the other side's thoughts and feelings are very important and the proper distance will make it better. Horse people are suggested to be more sensible and sober in love. 
If you have a lover whose sign is Horse, you need to be highly coordinated and enjoy the surprises he/she makes because the relationship will be hurt by the strong personality. A gentle way is easier to get into each other's heart.

Male Man in Love

Male Horses are free men living in freedom and it seems that nothing can defeat them and they are always worry-free. In love relationship, they are big-hearted and sincere and would treat their loved ones in an optimistic and sincere attitude, which in turn drives their lovers to be more optimistic about love and life. Generally, they would bear the feeling of loss alone and bring joys to the other side. → Male Horse's Attitude Towards Love   

Horse Woman in Love

Female Horses are energetic, active and open to challenges, yearning for freedom like kids and looking forward to responsive chord in the hearts. Cheerful, quick-witted and proud as they are, Horse women sometimes would bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich. Once they fall in love, they would never admit defeat. Even if their men are not the right one or do not love them, they would insist on for the purpose of making a good showing. → Female Horse's Attitude Towards Love

How to Know a Horse is in Love with You?

Horse is an energetic sign open to challenges and yearning for freedom like children. When a person under the Horse sign falls in love with you, he/she would try to display his/her strengths and confidence, care about you every now and then and keep giving attention to you. Read and figure out the signs of Horse people fall in love with you. → How to Know a Horse is in Love with You?

Horse Love Compatibility

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