Careers for Horse

Of excellent reasoning capacity, people born in the Horse years are quick-minded, sharp-witted, bold, active, frank and eloquent. Despite of the setbacks in career, they can consolidate the foundation and make remarkable achievements. The career-minded Horses have the innovation spirit but lack of patience and persistence. At the same time, they are impulsive, willful and often go to extremes. Therefore, they are suggested to train their perseverance and patience and avoid giving up halfway.
Suitable Jobs for Horse: journalists, translators, salesmen, securities traders, statesmen, critics, athletes, adventurers, architects, entertainers, authors, scientists, entrepreneurs etc.
Work Partners for Horse
→ Best Working Partners: Tiger, Sheep and Dog
→ Good Working Partners: Snake and Sheep
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Rabbit and Dragon
→ Bad Working Partners: Rat and Ox
Best Age to Start a Business for Horse: Age 30 – 50
● Best Career Field for Horse: Tourism
Best Business to Do: Gallery
Best Direction for Career: East, South, Northeast and Southeast

Suitable and Ideal Jobs

Work Requiring High Efficiency
Generally speaking, it is better for Horses to give full play to their strengths and do some efficient work than to engage in some simple and monotonous work. Jobs like journalist, interpreter, salesman and bond trader are perfect for them. Such work requiring a strong mobility and an alert response: for example, a journalist has to pick up the camera and go once something happens; an interpreter has to interpret simultaneously when the speaker delivers his speeches; a bond trader has to act immediately when something happens in the stock market full of changes. Horse people are qualified in these industries out of their efficient style. 
Work Full of Changes
With a dual personality, Horse people often make others feel complicated and mysterious. It is precisely this kind of personality that makes them better adapt to the work full of changes. Besides, they are adaptable and quick-witted, and often figure out something ahead of others, thus can be good politician and critic.
Independent Work
Horses can do some active work and may become excellent athletes if they have a love for sports and get certain training. With innate confidence, they may choose the unconstrained jobs which can give play to their talents, such as adventurer, architect and entertainer, which are very suitable for them. In these fields, Horse people tend to make remarkable achievements.

Best Field: Tourism

Agile, playful and most importantly energetic, Horse people are born for the tourism industry. They like to travel and will show the greatest enthusiasm once engage in the industry. Tourism development and management, however, are not only about interest, but also require delicate mind as well as excellent coordinating and organizing ability, which happen to be the merits of Horse people.

Best Business to Do: Gallery

First of all, Horses have a great ability and gift of artistic appreciation and an excellent intuition and illative sense; even if they cannot paint, they will find good works. Moreover, they are eloquent and have a clear advantage in making a deal. If they don't have enough money, they may consider selling others' paintings to get a commission.

Unsuitable Work for Horse

In general, Horses, of positive personality and changeable mood, are not suitable for monotonous and repetitive mechanical work which seldom changes. For them, such work cannot give their talents into full play and make them suffering. 

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