1966 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Horse

Year of the Fire Horse

People born in the year of 1966 (Jan. 21, 1966 - Feb. 08, 1967) Bing Wu year are members of the Fire Horse. For those born before Jan. 21, 1966, they belong to the zodiac animal of Wood Snake.

Personality and Horoscope for the Fire Horse

Fire horses born in 1966 are smart, lively and active, and they can lead the new trend of the fashion world. However, they are bold and cannot accept other people's opinions. With leadership skills, fire horses can manage the subordinates properly with love and strictness, so they are often respected and loved by their subordinates and they can establish a very harmonious relationship. Fire horses are very emotional, so they need to learn self-control rather than going their own way. If they can accept other people's opinions and obey the elder's teachings patiently, they will be successful.

The mercurial personality makes them charming. They can try all kinds of different jobs to improve their strain ability and professional skills. Fire horses strive for efficiency about everything, and they can quickly finish the task given by their superior. But they like the work full of changes and do not want to be dominated by the others. The work with more challenges can better stimulate their potential. However, they should not accept the challenge beyond their ability, otherwise the setback is inevitable.

Fire horses are single-minded in love and they have great appeal to the opposite sex, thus often surrounded by many pursuers and proud of this.

Fire horses approach their job with confident enthusiasm and perform excellently, thus loved by their boss. They never yield even in very difficult work or under great pressure, and they often achieve satisfactory results with their own strength and the help of friends, colleagues or boss.

In terms of health, fire horses should pay attention to the brain diseases, especially the eye diseases, and females should pay attention to gynecopathy, etc.

Fire horses have pretty good luck in wealth and they can solve the problem and get the satisfactory results with their unremitting efforts even if the luck is blocked or changes again and again. They are suggested to buy more real estate to preserve or increase the value of their money.

Personalities and Future Predictions for the Horse of Other Elements: 
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Earth Horse: 1978 (Feb. 07, 1978 - Jan. 27, 1979)
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Water Horse: 1942 (Feb. 15, 1942 - Feb. 04, 1943) or 2002 (Feb. 12, 2002 - Jan. 31, 2003)

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