1945, 2005 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Rooster

Years of the Wood Rooster

People born in the year of 1945 (Feb. 13, 1945 - Feb. 01, 1946) or 2005 (Feb.09, 2005 - Jan. 28, 2006) are members of the Wood Rooster. For those born before Feb. 13, 1945 or Feb.09, 2005, they belong to the zodiac animal of Wood Monkey.

Personality and Horoscope for the Wood Rooster

Wood roosters are genial and considerate, and they are willing to do anything for their friends. They are careful and dashing in work, also very vigorous. In addition, wood roosters are scrupulous and never rash or careless, and their colleagues always cannot stand their tough standards. With a strong sense of time, wood roosters hate the situation of coming to work late and leaving early. They are upright and sociable, and like to fantasize, but they need to pay attention to the feasibility if they have too many dreams.

Wood roosters like to be surrounded by others and they attach great importance to their family; they are crazy about making jokes and good at easing tensions. However, they are too dependent and lack the independence struggle spirit and confidence, so they need to cultivate their patience and perseverance and try to solve the problem on their own rather than relying on others. Female wood roosters are endowed with both beauty and talent, and they are intelligent and have good luck in wealth, as well as a good-luck face for their husband and family.

Wood roosters have unstable work and wealth. They always have favorable luck in wealth since they can compensate the lost wealth with the newly earned. Purchasing gold or some real estate is the most effective way for them to accumulate wealth. They change their jobs frequently and they are more likely to succeed if they could be down-to-earth. At the same time, they should avoid the money matters with friends in case of the disputes which may damage the friendship.

When it comes to love, wood roosters are always sentimental and have the charm to attract the opposite sex, so they are very popular among the opposite sex. However, their passion is difficult to last and they tend to fool around with the opposite sex, so they are more likely to suffer from emotional problems and they need to be careful to keep the happy family life.

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