Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Rooster

Rooster's Best and Worst Match

Best Match: Ox, Dragon, Snake
Worst Match: Rat, Rabbit, Rooster, Dog

The people born in the year of the Rooster can get along well with the people born in the year of the snake, because they are complemented with each other in terms of character. The Ox people can make the Rooster's dull life more colorful. As the Rooster and Dragon people are both creative and usually have common goals, the two could be very compatible. The Rooster could assist the Dragon and benefit a lot from his achievement.

The people born in the year of the Tiger, Sheep, Monkey and Pig can be good companions to the Rooster.

However, when a Rooster is together with another Rooster or a Rat, they are easily to fight with each other. The relationship between the Rooster and Rabbit is also not good as they have different personalities. A Rabbit person likes to avoid arguing with his enemy while a Rooster will struggle and quarrel. In terms of the relationship between the Rooster and the Dog, it's changeable. Sometimes they are increasingly intimate and sometimes they are coldly indifferent with each other. They can cooperate well when they need each other. However, it is doomed to be a failure if they marriage.

Male Rooster's Relationship Compatibility

For Male Rooster Match Score  Note
Male Rooster + Female Rat 60 You will live a cat-and-dog life, since both of you have distinctive personality and are unwilling to make concessions to the other.
Male Rooster + Female Ox 90 You are a couple that will have a long life of happiness together and be admired and praised by everyone.
Male Rooster + Female Tiger 60 Your life will be full of happiness, difficulties, contradictions and quarrels.
Male Rooster + Female Rabbit 20 You have difficulties in enjoying love due to your distinct personalities.
Male Rooster + Female Dragon 90 You match with each other perfectly both in personalities and abilities.
Male Rooster + Female Snake 90 Marriage life provides you a good opportunity to reinforce each other.
Male Rooster + Female Horse 65 The course of your marriage life is bumpy, but you are able to move forward together.
Male Rooster + Female Sheep 60 To maintain your marriage, both of you have to strengthen your tolerance.
Male Rooster + Female Monkey 50 It's easy for you to attract and fall in love with each other, but hard to get along very well.
Male Rooster + Female Rooster 40 Your life together will be full of arguments.
Male Rooster + Female Dog 50 Both of you like to argue with others. If you don't learn to be considerate, it's hard for you to stay together for long.
Male Rooster + Female Pig 80 You are a couple that is centered on the male rooster as the female Pig is not good at independent thinking.

Female Rooster's Relationship Compatibility

For Female Rooster Match Score Note
Female Rooster + Male Rat 50 You have difficulty to be together, since you lack mutual understanding.
Female Rooster + Male Ox 90 Your combination will be full of happiness.
Female Rooster + Male Tiger 60 You are a couple that has your own pursuits and goals.
Female Rooster + Male Rabbit 30 You are a couple that usually conflict and quarrel with each other.
Female Rooster + Male Dragon 85 You can be a happy match. Both of you are clever, capable and independent.
Female Rooster + Male Snake 90 Your marriage benefits both of you and makes your life better.
Female Rooster + Male Horse 60 You can treat each other open-heartedly, but lack of orchestration.
Female Rooster + Male Sheep 65 Although you always hold different standpoints on problems, you are willing to finding common ground while reserving differences.
Female Rooster + Male Monkey 70 You could be a good match as you have much in common.
Female Rooster + Male Rooster 40 Your life together will be full of arguments.
Female Rooster + Male Dog 50 Your marriage will start from indifference, via easement, to the final peaceful coexistence.
Female Rooster + Male Pig 75 You need to be frank with each other to reduce your disagreements.

Best Matches Based on Birth Month

Following are best matches for the Roosters born in different months. For example, if you were born in January and you are a girl, then your best match zodiac sign is the Dog.
Birth Month of the Rooster Personality of the Rooster Girl's Match Boy's Match
Jan. alert Dog Horse
Feb. freedom-loving Dragon Rat
Mar. righteous; right-minded Dragon Rabbit
Apr. cheerful and carefree Sheep Snake
May. industrious and practical Snake Dog
Jun. sensitive Tiger Rabbit
Jul. impetuous; impatient Ox Horse
Aug. Laissez-faire Tiger Monkey
Sep. having a bravura of execution Monkey Pig
Oct. virtuous and sincere Snake Dragon
Nov. pure and lovely Horse Dragon
Dec. provocative Pig Dog

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