1957, 2017 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Rooster

Years of the Fire Rooster

People born in the year of 1957 (Jan. 31, 1957 - Feb. 17, 1958) or 2017 (Jan.28, 2017 - Feb. 15, 2018) are members of the Fire Rooster. For those born before Jan. 31, 1957 or Jan.28, 2017, they belong to the zodiac animal of Fire Monkey.

Personality and Horoscope for the Fire Rooster

Fire roosters have the leadership ability, and they are smart, confident but impatient. Also, they are independent and attach great importance to their privacy, so they don't like be too intimate to others. Fire roosters like to pursue freedom and stimulation rather than the well-behaved, ordinary and joyless life. They have a passion for vigorous exercise and cannot stand the static activities.

Generally, fire roosters have a strong concept of time and they are trustworthy. However, fire roosters are short-tempered and they will feel uneasy if they cannot finish something on time.

Fire roosters are enterprising and they are often successful in middle age. Fire roosters love the challenging work rather than the jobs which are steady and easy to deal with; they have the goal to pursue and the difficulties to overcome. Also, they are good at participating in the competition at work, and competition is the essential weapon in their life.

Fire roosters have good luck in wealth. However, no wealth will fall down from the sky, and they need to strive to create wealth. Fire roosters get good results regardless of the jobs they choose; they have fast luck in wealth and often have unexpected harvest; they are good at managing money matters and can maximize the interest of their money in hands, but they need to purchase some fixed assets where the money is in surplus.

In terms of love, fire roosters have a rich, colorful and romantic emotional life. However, they may meet obstacles more or less and male fire roosters have more problems than females. The disputes are easily to appear between the couples, leading to the emotional problems.

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