Careers for Rooster

People under the Rooster sign are mild, modest, prudent and highly economy-oriented yet vain, have a tendency to show off and pursue pleasure and mannerism. Roosters hold an indifferent attitude towards money and spend as they wish. At work, however, they are serious, talented and courageous, sometimes smarty and unwilling to be controlled by others. As good mind readers, Rooster people are nimble and always can come up with countermeasures immediately to any emergency. While dealing with people, they have good social skills and can get along well with new friends. They can be either mild and kind or evil and cunning. The suitable jobs for them include speeches, fashion designers, sole traders, doctors, civil servants, etc.
Suitable Jobs for Rooster: politicians, policemen, diplomats, athletes, fashion designers, cosmetologists, intelligence agents, speeches, teachers, professors, trainers, commentators, singers, etc.
Work Partners for Rooster
→ Best Working Partners: Ox, Dragon and Snake
→ Good Working Partners: Monkey and Dog (The three should work together)
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Pig and Sheep
→ Bad Working Partners: Rabbit, Rat
Best Age to Start a Business for Rooster: Age 50 – 60
Best Career Field for Rooster: Literature and Art
Best Business to Do: Daily necessities Store, Cosmetic Store
Best Direction for Career: West, South and Southeast

Suitable and Ideal Jobs

Language Related Jobs
Roosters are outstanding performers and often the center of attraction at places of activities. They usually dress up beautifully and are ready to show at any time. With impressive personality, they draw the public's attention with every act and every move. They have speech talent and writing ability, and are ready at all times to talk on any topic. Anyone who wants to debate with them on a certain topic will end in failure because they have good eloquence. So, they are fit to those language related jobs like intelligence agents, speeches, teachers, professors, trainers, commentators, singers, etc. 
Interesting Jobs
Most of Rooster people have a good reputation and know how to win the trust of superiors with intelligence and efficiency. Every Rooster can get honor, reward and good development and realize their important values from the work that they are interested in. For those they have no interest, however, they won't make any efforts. 

Best Field: Literature and Art

Unlike entertainment industry, the realm of literature and art requires real skills. The persevering Roosters can be amazingly influential once they focus on something, so they'd better stick to the literature and art road in a down-to-earth way to carve a niche. Perhaps some people would say that literature and art need talent. Don't worry, Roosters never lack of talent. In anywhere full of artistic features, people under the Rooster sign know the game rules clearly and they can properly handle any problems, thus quite talented.

Best Business to Do: Grocery/Cosmetics Store

Rooster people like to look attractive and know how to keep good looks. Since they have the hobby, they might as well use it to the maximum. Once they run a grocery/cosmetics store, they can mix with and convince customers with skill and ease. 

Career Advices

1. With a strong sense of time, Roosters are trustworthy and loyal to friends. At the same time, they are short-tempered and would have a load in their minds once fail to get something done in the first place. The short temper, however, will lead to nothing and they should learn to calm down and think twice at work.
2. People under the Rooster sign are so suspicious and jealous that a simple behavior of someone else may make them ponder for many days. Once they take someone as an enemy, the one will never have the chance to befriend with them. Such an irrational behavior is harmful and useless. They are suggested to be generous in workplace.
3. In addition, Roosters are suggested not to be arrogant or poke and pry at work, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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