1981 Chinese Zodiac – Meta Rooster

Year of the Meta Rooster

People born in the year of 1981 (Feb. 05, 1981 - Jan. 24, 1982) are members of the Metal Rooster. For those born before Feb. 05, 1981, they belong to the zodiac animal of Metal Monkey.

Personality and Horoscope for the Metal Rooster

Generally, people born in 1981the year of metal rooster have the clearest consciousness in the 12 zodiacs. With clear thinking and logical sense, they are coolheaded, thus very proud and never do something aimlessly. Metal roosters are very independent and persevering; they are indomitable in adversity and never compromise or give up easily. Also, metal roosters are very trustworthy and they often offer help to their friends in troubles. However, sometimes they are too stubborn rather than flexible and they are more likely to succeed if they can change their stubborn personality.

Metal roosters are practical, optimistic and idealistic, and they have strong expression ability. Usually, they can notice the details ignored by others and they are very observant, so they are able to mediate harmoniously with the other party in the market place and settle the problem satisfactorily as a real negotiator. Metal roosters always have outstanding performance in work.

However, the metal roosters holding authority in work often communicate with others with an ironic tone, so it's hard for them to get along with the colleagues; they need to establish good relationships with people around if they want to have a good development in work.

In finance, the Metal roosters have favorable luck in making money, but they need to remember that no pains, no gains.

Metal roosters always attach great importance to family and they are pretty nice to their family members, so they often have a happy marriage and family. In terms of love, male metal roosters are very popular among the opposite sex and it's very easy for them to find the right partner. Female metal roosters generally have the slightly inferior marriage and they often argue with their partner because of the trifles; they are very eager to be loved due to their extraordinary experience and tender feelings.

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