Rooster in Love

Rooster, one of the top four zodiac signs blessed in love relationship, is extremely popular among the opposite sex. People of Rooster sign are easy-going, brave, witty, resourceful, hardworking, passionate and decisive. With a positive attitude towards love, they pursue the warm and romantic relationship. 
No matter in love or in life, they like the praise from their lovers and only the heartfelt compliment can win their favor.
Roosters are unusual, strong-minded and sometimes too self-centered to be accepted by other people. 
For Rooster people, the biggest weakness is their pride. They are unyielding and would not take the initiative even in front of the lovers, thus miss the right one easily. It does not mean they do not love or are not so in it - they are just so proud and anxious to outdo others that even the love cannot make them bow. If a Rooster is willing to lay down self-esteem and gives up everything for you, he/she must love you to the bone and more than his/her own life.
Love is not the same as work; no one can ask others to be the same and everyone should learn to tolerate others. Love means to appreciate the merits and to accept the shortcomings of each other.
When you are romantically involved with a Rooster, you need to change the way of getting along frequently since he/she is more sensible. Passion is essential to the quality of love and it is difficult to get into his/her heart with a changeless pattern.

Rooster Man in Love

Rooster men, of complicated personality, usually live an exciting and passionate life after getting married. In pursuit of individuality and freedom, they look very charming and would become very tender and romantic once fall in love. To pursue the loved ones, they can produce romance and maintain the relationship very well. Also, male Roosters can bring the sense of security and the wealthy material living to their partners. → Male Rooster's Attitude Towards Love   

Rooster Woman in Love

Women born in Rooster years are bold, outgoing, lively and somewhat masculine. When they are romantically involved, they would take the initiative yet become quiet ladies when necessary. The attractive charm often makes men fascinated head over heels. Female Roosters cannot stand men who try to control them from every aspect. They are family-oriented and can be good wives but just would not stay at home all day. → Female Rooster's Attitude Towards Love

How to Know a Rooster is in Love with You?

Full of curiosity about everything, Roosters prefer innovation to routine, work hard and hold an active attitude towards love relationship. Then, how to figure out whether a Rooster is in love with you? → How to Know a Rooster is in Love with You?

Rooster Love Compatibility

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