1935, 1995 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Pig

Years of the Wood Pig

People born in the year of 1935 (Feb. 04, 1935 - Jan. 23, 1936) or 1995 (Jan. 31, 1995 - Feb. 18, 1996) are members of the Wood Pig. For those born before Feb. 04, 1935 or Jan. 31, 1995, they belong to the zodiac animal of Wood Dog.

Personality and Horoscope for the Wood Pig

Wood pigs are simple, honest and lovely. With strong endurance, they never give up easily. Wood pigs are easy-going and get along well with others, but they are relatively impetuous and often want to carry out the ideas they come out immediately. Once they start doing something, they will never give up no matter what difficulties they meet. Therefore, they need to do everything calmly in accordance with the schedule.

Wood pigs are often ambitious and they are crazy about starting up a business. If they develop in the professional research field and stick to their specialty, they will lay a certain foundation for the career. Wood pigs can get along well with their friends and they are open to the opinions proposed by their friend, so they have a lot of close friends. But sometimes they are too dependent, which may bring certain obstacles to their career.

In terms of love, wood pigs always need a sincere and long love, so they have smooth and steady emotional life and they can enjoy the happy family life if they communicate more with their partner and trust each other after marriage. The married wood pigs have deep love with their partner; the unmarried wood pigs need to pursue the loved one persistently to win the love. Since wood pigs are persistent and never half-hearted in love, they generally do not have extramarital affairs.

Water pigs have favorable luck in wealth, but they often squander randomly due to their unconstrained generous personality; they don't worry about having no money because they think everything will be fine and there is always a way out. However, just in case, they should try to cultivate the habit of saving even if there is not much money.

Personalities and Future Predictions for the Pig of Other Elements:  
Water Pig: 1983 (Feb. 13, 1983 - Feb. 01, 1984)
Metal Pig: 1971 (Jan. 27, 1971 - Feb. 24, 1972)
Earth Pig: 1959 (Feb. 08, 1959 - Jan. 27, 1960) and 2019 (Feb. 05, 2019 - Jan. 24, 2020)
Fire Pig: 1947 (Jan. 22, 1947 - Feb. 09, 1948) and 2007 (Feb.18, 2007 - Feb. 06, 2008)

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