Careers for Pig

Calm, resolute, kind and simple, people under the Pig sign are attentive, indomitable and brave to take the work assigned and would go all out to finish the work. Thirsty for knowledge, they are generally diligent and can give play to their talents in art and academic fields. Pigs are reluctant to compete with others and suitable for teaching or public services, in which they will make outstanding achievements. Though they usually work seriously, negligence is inevitable. As a result, they'd better choose the partners who can handle things in a soft manner and think prudently.

Suitable Jobs for Pig: singers, dancers, teachers, veterinarians, gourmets, food editors, bakers, cooks, restaurateurs, painters, specialists of pasturage, secretaries, gardeners etc.
Work Partners for Pig
→ Best Working Partners: Tiger, Rabbit and Sheep
→ Good Working Partners: Rat and Ox (The three should work together)
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Rooster
→ Bad Working Partners: Snake and Monkey
Best Age to Start a Business for Pig: Age 40 – 50
Best Career Field for Pig: Agriculture
Best Business to Do: Restaurant
Best Direction for Career: South, North and Southeast

Suitable and Ideal Jobs

Charity Work
The gentle Pigs seldom lose temper. Even if they lose temper occasionally, Pigs hate to quarrel with others. Once they have a dispute, they would exercise forbearance to get it over. For them, the life belief is to get along well with everyone. In addition, they have no desire to steal the show or seek personal gain, thus suitable for social charity or welfare services.
People born in the Pig years are generous and often forgive rather than blame someone who makes a mistake. Therefore, they are quite popular among the public and can maintain a friendly relationship with everyone around. Meanwhile, Pigs can apply their endurance in work and be good teachers.
For Pigs in business, they might be bolder to invest carefully in the area they choose. Once they let go, the money will fly away; after going through a few hardships, their business will get better. When they have extra money and want to do business, the investment in real estate or stock will be a good choice. Usually, Pig people enjoy better luck in later years. 
Food Related Work
As foodies, Pigs love food and enjoy life. They are persistent about food and love to study on it, thus fit to be gourmets. What's more, they are talented in text editing and can be great food editors.
Animal Husbandry
Pigs are also fit to work in the animal husbandry, such as veterinarian, and to deal with animals or forestry affairs. This kind of life, ordinary yet free, is what they dream of.

Best Field: Agriculture

Agriculture, the foundation of people's livelihood and the top priority in national economy, is a broad and promising field. Pig people, meticulous, diligent, patient and most importantly, thoughtful, will find it less stressed in the field of agriculture. Also, they can get self-cultivation in the field. Sometimes, they are so persistent that they live a hard life. Once they relax and see the vitality, they will get something different.

Best Business to Do: Restaurant

Only foodies can really understand food. Trusting to their love and knowledge for food, Pigs can always impress others for the food they cook or they develop! Running a restaurant, the taste and style of dishes are the most important and Pigs will attract a continuous stream of customers to the restaurant they run.

Unsuitable Work for Pig

Pigs often readily believe in others and what others say. Sometimes, they are so honest, naive and soft that they are vulnerable to deception and losses. Also, they are not good at money management. Therefore, people born in Pig years should avoid the work related to business trade and finance.
The character of Pig people determines that they are not suitable for the highly competitive industry and business: not because of their physical strength or fighting will, but because they can hardly adapt to the complicated society.

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