2017 Horoscope for the Pig Born in 1995

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    Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between January 31, 1995 and February 18, 1996. If you were born before January 31, 1995, your Chinese zodiac sign is Dog. Please consult 2016 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Dog Born in 1994.

    2017 Horoscope Forecast

    *The prediction is valid for 2017 Year of the Rooster which is from January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018.

    For you people born in 1995 which is the year of 'Yi Hai' (乙亥) under the zodiac sign of Pig, you will be affected by the inauspicious stars 'Sang Men' (丧门) and 'Tian Ku' (天哭) and have bad luck for health and career. As a result, you'd better move more rather than keep still and this year may be a good time for you to have a holiday to relax. Blessed by the auspicious stars 'Hua Gai' (华盖), you will easily have special insights into philosophy, art and religion, and you may spend certain time and efforts on these aspects. Your overall fortune in 2017 will be ordinary and you may have even worse relationship with your superior who is a female, thus you should be more prudent in work to avoid the big mistakes.

    For you Pigs born in 1995 who already have a job, you should be prepared for the changes and obstacles and be careful about being framed by the villains. If your work needs to travel a lot, such as taking business trip, the impact will be relatively less. If you work in office, however, you should take more outdoor activities or travel more to reduce the bad luck in work. But you should make more efforts in this year. If you want to change a job, this year will be definitely not a proper time; you might as well wait for the proper time and try to change your job in February, May and November.    

    In 2017, you students will be more passionate in study and have stronger desire for knowledge. Perhaps due to the adverse impact of the last year, you cannot catch up quickly but you can gradually find back the good study condition after making great efforts for a period of time and make remarkable progress. In addition to the high enthusiasm for study, your knowledge absorptive capacity will also be increased and you will be more confident and relaxed in study. If you want to take part in the postgraduate entrance exams or take an exam to get a certain certificate, this year will be a good time but you should strengthen the review and make a sound plan at the beginning of the year, which will be of great help for getting good results.
    When it comes to the luck for wealth, 2017 will be neither good nor bad for you Pigs born in 1995. You should be careful on managing money matters and avoid the unnecessary cost but try to save more money for a rainy day. Due to the adverse impact of the inauspicious star 'Yue Sha' (月煞), you should keep an eye on your wealth which might be embezzled secretly. You businessmen should keep an eye on your subordinates or cooperation partners and take the financial affairs under good control, so as to avoid the transfer of your company's property or the impairment of benefit. Your family will be in poor health, especially the elders who will be prone to unexpected health problems, thus requiring spending a sum of money. You are suggested to pray for your family and make donations at the beginning of the year to dissolve the adverse situation of your family health.
    Love Relationship
    In general, you Pigs born in 1995 will not be blessed by any auspicious star and find it difficult to have a good relationship. What's more, you will easily have your mood affected by other things, which will affect your emotion indirectly and make you have no intention to start a new relationship. You already in love or married will have an ordinary relationship with your lover and sometimes quarrel on trivial things; facing the conflicts, you should make a concession to avoid destroying the harmonious relationship.
    From the perspective of health, you should pay more attention to the physical condition of the elders around in the year of 2017. You will be prone to the diseases entering by the mouth, especially during travel, so you should be double alerted on the dietetic hygiene. You will be prone to get injured in other places and you females should keep an eye on gynecology issues.

    2016 Horoscope Forecast

    * The prediction is valid for 2016 which is from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017.

    2016 Lucky Astrology Elements for the Pig People Born in 1995
    Lucky Numbers: 6, 9, 27, 38
    Lucky Colors: Orange, Blue, White, Grass Green
    Helpful Zodiac Signs: Sheep, Rabbit, Tiger
    Harmful Zodiac Signs: Ox

    For people born in 1995 (the year of YiHai Pig), being in 2016 (the year of Bing Shen Monkey), the overall fortune is smoother than that in last year, especially the career and wealth are stable and become better although the Earthly-branch Hai and the Earthly-branch Shen in BingShen year contradict each other. You just slightly clashes with the Tai Sui who is the legendary God who is in charge of people’s fortune. However, offending Jupiter means the villains in power, which shows that you will be easily framed by others. Your interpersonal relationship will be in a state of tension in the year of monkey. Even if you keep a low profile, you will still be aimed at even backbitten by others. Apart from this, most of luck tendency is actually good. In particular, the luck for wealth remains stable for better, that is, you will get rid of the situation where you couldn’t accumulate money last year and you will be likely to have a surplus of money. Your career will develop better. Although there is a fierce competition in the workplace, you still have good opportunities to show yourself and have the obvious luck for promotion. As long as you can handle affairs maturely and make the interpersonal relationship more harmonious, the year of 2016 is still an ideal year of stability. Those students who are still studying should pay attention to the accumulation of knowledge. Even if your usual results are good, you are still likely to play below par in the exam. Therefore, you should not only adjust your mindset but also master the knowledge really.

    Career / Study
    In 2016, both the students and employees whose Chinese zodiac is pig will see a new prospect. Students will be busy with studying. Although you may feel difficult, you will totally absorb what you learn. Work hard and you'll be rewarded. For the beginners in workplace, there are opportunities for you to develop your career and it is to be stable for better. In addition to good opportunities for promotion, wage increase is relatively satisfactory. However, you’d better keep a low profile and cannot be excessively blind. During this year, if you have a design on everything, you will get more misjudgments. You should not take it upon yourself to change leaders' intentions, otherwise you will work hard but get little result and make simple things complicated. You may intend to leave the present position and idea of changing job is increasingly strong. With favourable climate and geographical position and support of the people, you may have your wishes fulfilled. It is proper for you to set a full-year target in the beginning of the year and try hard to practice it. Since the year of 2016 is time for diligent labor, the seed sown in this year will have a good harvest in the future.

    In the aspect of wealth, you Pig people born in 1995 will enjoy the luck of getting money and your salary will rise. Those who intend to invest should seize the opportunity and seek wealth in a favorable month. Remember not to be too blind. You had best not to participate in gambling activities during this year and you have little chance to get the speculative wealth. Because of this, you need to do a detailed study of the various investment and don't take too much to expect. You’d best to put energy in your work and wait for a good opportunity to make a difference. For business people, the road to wealth is wide open which is conducive to investment. But you should try not to involve the field which you are not familiar with for fear of being urged by other and causing loss. To cooperate with the people under the Rabbit, Sheep or Tiger sign could be a great help to your career and business. 

    Love Relationship
    Your love life is still not smooth in the year of monkey and it is inevitable to experience on-off emotional life. You are likely to have more arguments with your partner. You might as well get more time to think and observe and let nature take its course. Since people in love are too young to deal with love maturely and usually quarrel with each other due to a trivial matter, you should forgive and cherish each other. As for singles, you will have a good luck to make friends and there are many opportunities to make new friends, even there may be someone falling in love with you secretly.
    Your health will be all right. There are many activities and parties in the year waiting you to participate, but enough is enough. Otherwise, normal pastime will become unhealthy entertainment. Pay attention to safety when having fun or else too great pleasure will bring about sadness. You should concern the disease in eyes and don't stay up too much. Your body is prone to various kinds of symptoms, particularly prone to neurological disorders, liver and gallbladder disease, respiratory infections as well as dental disease.
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