Chinese Zodiac Six Harmonies (Liu He - 六合)

Liu He (Six Compatible Groups 六合 - liù hé) is a species (coincidence) that secretly helps you. In intimate relationship, Liu He is just like the love between husband and wife. It is not composed of six zodiac signs. Instead, Liu He means six groups of 2 signs that secretly help each other.

The six compatible groups are established as per the combination of Yin and Yang in Five Elements:
Rat and Ox (Earth)
Rabbit and Dog (Fire)
Dragon and Rooster (Metal)
Snake and Monkey (Water)
Horse and Sheep (Earth)
The combination of each compatible group is actually the harmony of two elements, which can turn into another kind of common harmony mostly displayed thru personality, temperament and standpoint. Because of this, the two signs in the same group can get along very well, and they are the best match in marriage.
The six compatible groups of Chinese zodiac represent conjugal love in marriage or love relationship. Also, Liu He is applicable to partnership or cooperative relationship. If a boss and his/her employees are in the same group of two signs, they can complement each other, and work together very well. Any two signs in the same group can get on well with each other and they are willing to help and give to each other. They can fight together for a successful business; once they get married, they will enjoy a sweet married life.
In general, the sign in the same compatible group of Liu He can help you a lot, including strong support in work, timely directions at work, satisfactory assistance in wealth, careful care in life, mediating the hostility in interpersonal relationship, or spiritual consolation.
A good relationship with the other sign in your Liu He group will benefit your life a lot. If you lose it, your luck in work and wealth may decline.

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