1983 Chinese Zodiac – Water Pig

Year of the Water Pig

People born in the year of 1983 (Feb. 13, 1983 - Feb. 01, 1984) are members of the Water Pig. For those born before Feb. 13, 1983, they belong to the zodiac animal of Water Dog.

Personality and Horoscope for the Water Pig

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Water pigs are born smart and adaptable, and they are good at speaking. Also, they are responsible and serious in work, but sometimes too subjective, dependent, and a little stubborn.

Most of water pigs have a dual personality and it only takes a minute for them to do the good or the evil because their emotions are easily controlled by others. Water pigs are very responsible and they like to take the action subjectively. Once they are determined to do something, they will go their own way regardless of a lot of difficulties, but they will regret when there are many obstacles.

Water pigs have weak kinship, and they need to rely on their own efforts to accomplish a lot of things; they are good at social contact and they get along well with their friends. Also, water pigs have the business sense and they are likely to have good results in investment industry.

When it comes to love, water pigs are unusually serious; they respect their lover and pay attention to their lover's mental feelings. However, if their lover is insincere and say one thing but do another, they will be at a loss.

The Water pigs have favorable luck in wealth and they don't need a large amount of money, so they have the luck in windfall. Once they seize the opportunity and use the good interpersonal relationship, they will have plentiful money and treasures. However, they need to avoid extravagance after success and learn to manage money matters.

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