2017 Horoscope for the Pig Born in 1971

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    Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between January 27, 1971 and February 24, 1972. If you were born before January 27, 1971, your Chinese zodiac sign is Dog. Please consult 2016 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Dog Born in 1970.

    2017 Horoscope Forecast

    *The prediction is valid for 2017 Year of the Rooster which is from January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018.

    In 2017, the fortune for you people born in 1971 which is the year of 'Xin Hai' (辛亥) under the zodiac sign of Pig will tend to rise again after the adverse impact of clash with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter) in the last year. Undoubtedly, you will have good luck in this year. In general, the blessing of auspicious star 'Yi Ma' (驿马) indicates you will have a successful career but the star also means travel and being busy running about something, thus you need to run around and can hardly stop to rest despite the successful career. You will have improved luck for wealth, mostly the luck for income from work, and you will have significantly increased income. Blessed by the auspicious stars, your fortune in other aspects will also get better and you don't have to worry too much in this year. However, you cannot slack off as you will also be affected by many inauspicious stars and encounter many difficulties which cannot be resisted against by the auspicious stars. After all, you have got rid of the adverse impact of clash with Tai Sui in the last year and you will have better performance as long as you keep going.

    Due to the blessing of the auspicious star 'Yi Ma', you Pigs born in 1971 will have relatively good luck for career in 2017 but you may have big troubles in the first half of the year since you have just got rid of the adverse impact of clash with Tai Sui. For example, things may go contrary to your wishes in terms of career, which will make you frustrated and you will fail if you cannot insist on; on the contrary, you will reach a peak and have better performance with the blessing of the auspicious star 'Yi Ma' if you can insist on till the second half of the year. However, this star means travel and change, thus your work will change a lot and you cannot slack off even if the luck for career changes better; you should adapt to the new environment, or your luck for career will get worse.

    Your luck in wealth will be poor due to the lack of the blessing of auspicious star in charge of people's luck for wealth. The only auspicious star beneficial to you is still the 'Yi Ma' which can increase your income from work and slightly improve your luck for wealth from work. Therefore, you may have ordinary income in 2017 and unfavorable luck for income from both work and windfall. In particular, you often manage money matters should stop as soon as possible to avoid being hung up.

    Love Relationship
    In this year, your luck in love relationship will be passive and you will be in an inferior position. You married will be full of crisis and your relationship with your lover will be affected by the inauspicious stars 'Tian Ku' (天哭) and 'Gu Chen' (孤辰), thus a trifle may lead to the serious problem, creating distance between you and making the relationship get worse, and you may even suspect each other. You singles will also find it difficult to have a good development in love. Although you can take the initiative to find the right one due to the blessing of the auspicious star 'Yi Ma', you cannot get along well with others because of the adverse affection of the inauspicious star 'Gu Chen' (孤辰). Therefore, you cannot make in-depth communication and win the love of the opposite sex, thus cannot find the right one.

    The luck in health will be poor for you Pig people born in 1971 due to the adverse impact of many inauspicious stars which will decline your overall fortune and make you prone to minor illness. The countless family affairs in this year will easily affect the health of you and the elders and make you often annoyed and absent-minded. During this year, you may often quarrel, even fight with others, making you restless. You will find it difficult to accomplish anything, so you will have more and more pressure; once you cannot hold on, your health will get even worse. As a result, you need to adjust your mood, relax and go out more frequently to avoid the ill luck.

    2016 Horoscope Forecast

    * The prediction is valid for 2016 which is from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017.

    2016 Lucky Astrology Elements for the Pig People Born in 1971

    Lucky Colors: White, Silver, Black, Blue
    Helpful Zodiac Signs: Rabbit, Sheep, Tiger
    Harmful Zodiac Signs: Snake, Monkey, Pig
    Auspicious Direction: East, South
    Avoid Direction: Southwest, Southeast
    Position to Bring Money: South
    Position to Bring Love: North
    Position to Improve Study: North

    Those born in 1971, the year of pig, will have a good luck in study during 2016 year of the Monkey. In addition to enrolling in work-related refresher course, you will have good development. Your luck tendency in the year of monkey will stabilize and you will have a brand-new start. What you should be careful about is the undercurrents flowing in interpersonal relationship. Although it isn’t sharp dispute, you will easily produce a small misunderstanding with colleagues or friends. Therefore, you should be quite cautious in your words and deeds. Your luck for wealth will be very good during the year of monkey. Your investment is gradually to improve. However, you must remember not to guarantee for loan as a middleman, which may result in financial losses. In love, you will have a good luck this year, most of which, however is false. Married people must stay away from the invitation of the opposite sex, otherwise it will ruin your family and bring about financial losses.

    The fortune of wage-earners born in year of the pig will be better than that of businessmen in 2016, and will be appreciated and helped by superiors so that you can play your leadership well. Even if you have any problem, you can solve it. You can develop smoothly in the original company thus better not to change your job. You and your colleagues will lack understanding between each other which require you should beware of its affect on the work efficiency. In principle, you will have a good relationship with your superiors, while infighting will take place between you and your subordinates and colleagues. Avoid showing yourself too much, or you will be jealousy by your colleagues. Those administrators or copywriters born in 1971, the year of pig, will have an obvious rise in fortune. You can deal with both planning and writing with great ease and it is greatly possible for you to make a figure just because of your article.
    In money aspect, you people born in 1971 will gain wealth and get a salary increase in 2016. Those who want to invest had better not to invest in too many projects this year, as there will be big fluctuations in your luck for wealth. Also, it is difficult for you to have a long-term investment and you are prone to give up halfway. You are suggested to watch the investment market for a long time and to invest appropriately once you have a full grasp. In addition to the wrong time for speculation and investment, businessmen should pay attention to that the operational cost of this year may increase. You should be careful not to be affected by payments imbalance. In terms of the way to help you reduce the affect of losing money by move, you are suggested to relocate your office during the year. You are more suitable for small business this year. Even if you do not have enough time, you also can deal with it well with your friends and earn some extra money. You can also consider some small-scale investment and financing projects, which shouldn’t be too large. Enough is good.
    Love Relationship
    Love life of singles born in the year of pig may be quite unsatisfactory in 2016. The number of your rivals in love will increase in the middle of the year and so will barriers. Your sweetheart is easily stolen by others. Even if you have managed to determine the relationship with him/her successfully, it’s prone to have sudden changes and making it a flash in the pan finally. As the love life is unstable during this year, you should have a positive attitude. Love is ultimately a matter of predestination. You should cherish predestination and devote yourself into it without regrets in your heart. Regardless of the final outcome, your love is worthwhile. Married people should be watchful of your marriage, because you are easy to fall into the emotional conflict and there will be disputes within families. As a result, you must be psychologically prepared at the beginning of the year. Show much thought for your family and enhance communication with your family members could help lay solid foundation for family love and leave no chances for others to destroy your family. For those in love, you had better not to get married this year which is unstable. The overall principle is to spend this year steadily.
    You would have sufficient psychological preparation for the hard work and great work pressure this year, which will lead to mental stress and continuous colds. Therefore, you should have a good distribution of work and rest time. Additionally, you must be cautious when you go out for business or travel and beware of unexpected natural disasters. Also, you have more possibilities of having a great change in your weight so that you cannot eat or drink too much. Moreover, you must pay particular attention to respiratory diseases as well as hepatobiliary and limb injuries. And you are supposed to care for your head and neck as well as avoid engaging in activities of a certain risk.
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