Main door base on chinesw zodiac sign


My boyfriend born october 3,1987 year of the fire rabbit..his bagua number is 4. His main door in his house is inauspicious bad luck and six killings..we cannot change the main door due to its a row house..what is the alternative solution for this? Please help us..
About our love compatibility we are so much worst..he is fire rabbit and i am earth bagua 2 and my boyfriend is 4.. my lucky direction is worst direction to him and his lucky direction is worst direction for me.. i am so much worried and i dont want to loose him..please do help me..

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You can have door curtain to prevent bad Qi coming into the house. If you can, have two lions beside the main door ward off evil spirit.

As for your signs, Rabbit and Horse is okay althrough you are not the best match. In elements, Fire creates Earth, so you will be compatible. But you are a couple requiring constant encouragement and long-term joint efforts to make your relationship harmonious. When deciding the direction for good luck in the further, the one who earns much should be considered mainly.

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