Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Rat

Rat's Best and Worst Match

Best Match: Dragon, Monkey, Ox
Worst Match: Rabbit, Horse, Sheep, Rooster

The rat people could cooperate well with the ox people as the ox is diligent and kind. In love, they are a good match. The ox is very loyal to the rat which makes the rat feel safe. When stay with the monkey, the rat should be independent in thinking instead of relying too much on the monkey. If they get married, a sweet love and happy marriage is expected. In relationship with the dragon, the rat could enjoy a joyful cooperation and achieve a great success with the dragon as they both admire each other in talent. As the rat is very thoughtful in nature and knows how to respect others which could gratify the dragon’s vanity, they could enjoy a happy marriage.

The tiger, snake, dog, pig and the other rat people can harmonize with the Rat people.

However, the horse happens to be the conflicted opposite of the rat. The rooster people is also not the proper ones to marry for the rat, as the Rooster people are easy to quarrel with them. It may also bring lots of problems for the rat people to marry those under the sheep sign, as the sheep may squander the money that the rat people make by their hard work. The rat and rabbit couldn’t be good co-operation partners because the rat doesn’t like the rabbit’s business practices. Also, the rabbit likes to act against the rat’s wishes in marriage life, so they usually have a troubled life.

Male Rat's Relationship Compatibility

For Male Rat Match Score Note
Male Rat + Female Rat 80 You will treat each other sincerely, and both of you are deeply attached by the family life.
Male Rat + Female Ox 95 You are a perfect match having a tacit agreement with each other and are willing to share more responsibilities.
Male Rat + Female Tiger 75 You are both enthusiastic, versatile and have much in common.
Male Rat + Female Rabbit 50 You will live a less happy marriage life.
Male Rat + Female Dragon 90 You will be a couple that treats each other with respect and affection.
Male Rat + Female Snake 65 You can be a good match.
Male Rat + Female Horse 30 You will be a good match if you are tolerant enough to each other, since both of you have strong sense of self and initiative.
Male Rat + Female Sheep 55 Your combination is mostly because of an impulse.
Male Rat + Female Monkey 85 You are a successful union. Both of you have a strong desire of setting up a successful career and an optimistic and enterprising attitude.
Male Rat + Female Rooster 50 You have difficulty to be together, since you lack mutual understanding.
Male Rat + Female Dog 75 You are a couple that cannot bear to part from each other. You know how to respect the other.
Male Rat + Female Pig 80 You are a couple that can share each other's pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy.

Female Rat's Relationship Compatibility

For Female Rat Match Score Note
Female Rat + Male Rat 80 You will treat each other sincerely, and both of you are deeply attached by the family life.
Female Rat + Male Ox 90 You are a mutually-beneficial couple that each takes what he/she wants according to one's needs.
Female Rat + Male Tiger 80 You can be a good match, but the female rat must stand the male tiger's bad temper.
Female Rat + Male Rabbit 50 You conflict each other in terms of Chinese Zodiac.
Female Rat + Male Dragon 95 You will be a happy union and can build up a firm and affluent family.
Female Rat + Male Snake 60 You have to make great effort to be a good couple.
Female Rat + Male Horse 45 You are a couple lacking cohesion. Both of you have great aptitude and strong opinions.
Female Rat + Male Sheep 40 You are a match that lacks in-depth understanding and communication.
Female Rat + Male Monkey 95 You are truly a match made in heaven and will have a lifetime of happiness together.
Female Rat + Male Rooster 40 You will live a cat-and-dog life, since both of you have distinctive temperament and personality and are unwilling to make concessions to the other.
Female Rat + Male Dog 85 You are a happy match that loves each other with an undying affection.
Female Rat + Male Pig 85 You are a good match. Both of you are kind, easy-going, capable and full of vigor.

Best Matches Based on Rat's Birth Month

Following are best matches for the rat people born in different months. For example, if you were born in January and you are a girl, then your best match zodiac sign is the Ox.
Birth Month of the Rat Personality of the Rat Girl's Match Boy's Match
Jan. hard-working; enthusiastic Ox Ox
Feb. intuitive Dragon Pig
Mar. complicated; intricate Snake Dragon
Apr. dignified and experienced Dog Rat
May. ambitious, having lofty ideals Dragon Ox
Jun. having a desire to lead Tiger Monkey
Jul. having an iron hand in a velvet glove Dragon Monkey
Aug. active; having a ready response Rooster Dog
Sep. self disciplined Tiger Dragon
Oct. daring Monkey Monkey
Nov. strong-willed Dragon Dragon
Dec. straightforward, frank and lenient Ox Monkey

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