The Male Rabbit in Love

Male Rabbits are keen on the quiet and steady life, yearn for peace and dislike conflicts. The rational and practical Rabbit men tend to be obsessed and possessive in love. In addition to seeking love, they also bring deep love to their lovers. For women, the worst fear is the fading love and that their men no longer love them. But with Rabbit men, such fear is uncalled-for because male Rabbit can give the sweetest love to their partners from the start to the end!

Male Rabbits' Attitude towards Love

Men born in Rabbit years of Chinese zodiac are quite kind, benevolent, refined and mild and they are demanding when it comes to the quality of life. As a result, they would lend every effort to give their darlings the best life and take care of the latter meticulously in daily life, so that their loved ones can enjoy the sweetest relationship. For the demands from their love, they would satisfy immediately and could live together till old and grey.

How Should Male Rabbits Maintain Love Relationship?

Generally speaking, Rabbit men are possessive in love due to the lack of security and the fear of being deserted by the loved ones. With the hot-tempered women, they can be beset with numerous contradictions. Male Rabbits attach great importance to love and control their partners firmly, making the latter feel uncomfortable. Therefore, they are suggested to give each other certain space and show respect to their partners, so as to enjoy a more relaxed and better relationship and to go further.

How to Know How Much a Male Rabbit Loves You

If you want to know how much your man of Rabbit sign loves you, you can identify from the material aspect. In fact, he would evaluate first before starting the relationship. If he wants to start the relationship and spend the rest of life together with you, he would figure out whether you are kind and trustworthy and whether you love him. If yes, he would be dedicated to it and share more with you, or ask you to manage his money and reveal you his financial situation. If you see these from your Rabbit man, he must be very in you. Meanwhile, he hopes you can love him equally since he takes you as an important part in life.

What Kind of Women Do Rabbit Men Like?

1) Gentle and Elegant Women
Male Rabbits are elegant gentlemen who are fond of peaceful life and don't like to solve problems in a rough way. In their eyes, the tender, graceful, generous and learned women are the ideal partners while the rude and unlearned women are highly objectionable.

2) Temperate Women Who Know When To advance or Retreat
The bright and sociable male Rabbits can always get along with everyone, thus are like-minded with women who are outgoing, smooth and slick in establishing social relations and good at dealing with complex interpersonal concerns, behave gracefully and know when to advance or retreat. In the introverted and shy women, they can hardly find any common language or get along well.

3) Good Listeners
The outgoing Rabbit men are also sensitive and dependent sometimes. As a result, women who are good listeners and can listen to them are favored by male Rabbits.

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