How to Know a Rabbit is in Love with You?

Rabbit people are basically gentle, good-tempered, easy-going and kind-hearted and they prefer the peaceful and comfortable life and the stable relationship. What are the signs of the sensitive and suspicious Rabbit people fall in love with you?

Express Love Bravely

Seemingly timid, people of Rabbit sign can be very courageous in love and they often hold a pure attitude towards love. Once a Rabbit person loves you, he/she will tell you from his/her own initiative. If you say yes, both will be happy; but if no, he/she will still love you and be there for you openly to treat you well, protect you and do a lot of things for you.

Care about What You Say and What You Think

Popular among the opposite sex, people born in the year of the Rabbit can be a little self-centered, have their own ideas and hate the interference of others no matter what they do. Once a Rabbit person has a crush on you, however, he/she would care about what you say and what you think, share his/her important things with you and ask your opinion. 

Watch You Silently

If your Rabbit has a thing for you, he/she would miss you and watch what you do all the time. He/she would watch you silently and be very familiar with your recent experience or fun in life. In a word, he/she will keep an eye on every update of your social APP.

Look at You Furtively

The light in the eyes of lovers cannot be hidden. This is also true for the Rabbit people who would look at their crush furtively. Actually a lot of people have looked at their crush furtively. For example, your face in a sunny morning with warm breezes is so beautiful that he/she misses you every day.

Prepare Gifts for You

Once a person born in the year of the Rabbit loves you, he/she will give you the best in the world. When he/she encounters your favorite food on the way, he/she will buy you some; when he finds an elegant dress, he will image the way you look in it; when he/she sees something new and interesting or something which looks or tastes good, he will share with you. Therefore, the Rabbit would secretly prepare many gifts for you if he/she has a crush on you.

Follow You

The most obvious sign of a Rabbit in love is that he/she would follow you no matter where you appear. He/she is used to inquiring about your whereabouts and appearing quietly; even if you are unaware of his/her presence, he/she can still feel happy. He/she gets used to following you and just cannot take his/her eyes off you!

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